The cultivation of cannabis has occurred since before written language could even record its use. Over thousands of years, weed farmers have nurtured, manipulated, and cross-bred genetics to bring us a cornucopia of different strains.

Each one is special in its own right. Past the difference in smell and taste, the strains offer varying levels of potency and medicinal properties

Modern breeders continue to cross pre-existing strains, and now home-growing pheno hunters have the green light in many states. As a result, new strains are popping up all the time. Admittedly, some are better than others.

Below we’ll explore weed strains and outline the top 5 in 2021 you should try. We’ve scoured cannabis strain reviews to show you the ones that have gone straight to the hall of fame rather than those which went straight in the trash can. Take a look and find your next smoke.  


The low down on Cannabis Strains 

Most Veteran tokers fall in love with marijuana as a beginner thanks to old classic strains such as Cheese, Amnesia, and G13. Many of these are a base for fancier hybrids available on the market today. 

On the opposite side of the scale, there are famous legendary strains like Granddaddy Purple, GorillaGlue, or Afghani. Many breeders aim to produce legendary mother plants whose crops will stand the test of time and join the classics list. 

In 2021 it’s impossible to determine how many marijuana strains are out there.

Experts in the field state that there are upwards of 700 unique known strains. However, since the decriminalization of cannabis in many states and countries, there are more growers and breeders than ever before, leaving the exact figure unknown and rising


5 new strains in 2021

The time has come to reveal the latest in marijuana strains. Cannabis news today shows a bounty of champions in feminized, autoflowering, and regular seed form from a variety of big-name breeders. Read on to choose your next batch of seeds. 


Top 5 Latest Cannabis Strains 2021


Runtz Muffin

This newbie to the scene packs a serious 29% THC punch. Breeders Barney’s Farm created this complex feminized hybrid by first crossing Gelato and Zkittlez strains. They then bred Orange Punch with the resulting offspring, which gave it its final citrus zing and boosted its Indica dominance to 70%.

Runtz Muffin boasts a generous yield ready to harvest in October or within 8 to 9 weeks inside. Outdoors its crop size can reach 3.5 oz per plant. The new strain has purple-hued nugs that glisten with dripping resin and tangy terpenes. One puff will make your mouth water with juicy flavors of pineapple and lavender. Sit back and expect powerful feelings of euphoric calm. 



CBG-Force is another newcomer, but this time from Dutch Passion. The new strain is the breeder’s first-ever high CBG feminized seed. Test results show it has 12-15% CBD levels and <0.15% THC making its cultivation 100% legal, the same as hemp. 

CBG-Force finishes flowering in only 7 weeks. Leaving behind dense buds and very little aroma, this plant is perfect for the discrete growers amongst us.  


Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Breeders Seedsman steps onto the podium with Strawberry Cheesecake Auto. It’s a yummy new autoflowering strain from cross-breeding Cheese Auto and Banana Auto. It’s a splendid choice for daytime smokers as it has a medium THC level of 15%. At this potency, you can expect a cerebral wave of relaxation but not feel overly sedated

The Indica-dominant strain grows into dense squat bushes with heavy yield potential. Pot reviews show that indoor growing is more suitable for dry conditions. Stripping the lower part of the plant will also encourage larger colas to form. You’ll only need to wait 12 weeks from seed to bud to enjoy this sweet but skunky cannabis. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Top 5 Latest Cannabis Strains 2021                                                                                    


Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is Paradise Seeds’ new Sativa-dominant strain that produces the breeder’s highest yields yet seen. Outdoors a whopping harvest of 2.2 lbs per plant is possible. The new marijuana strain is feminized and features high THC potency at 18-22% that will boost your energy with its electric high. 

The plants grow fast with thick solid buds within 65 days of flowering. It’s best to train the plants indoors first to control the rapid stretch. Thanks to its Sativa lineage, the new strain is resistant to gray mold. Before harvest, you’ll notice that trichome crystals practically hide the buds, and resin oozes from all directions. Powerful terpenes provide a fruit basket of flavor profiles. 


Royal Highness

Humboldt Seeds Co. has been busy refining its original version. This time a 3-way cross-breeding program went down between California Dream, Royal Kush, and Trainwreck to achieve this hybrid. Available in F6 regular seeds, this cannabis plant leans towards being Indica-dominant and produces enormous colas.  

The new strain has a 55-day flowering time, and harvest should take place from late September into early October. The potential yield of skunky, fruity bliss is as equally high as how you’ll feel after smoking it.


New strain Q&A 

  • What are the best strains to grow for beginners?

If you’re itching to get growing and toking one of these new strains, but you’ve never tried cultivating before, we suggest opting for auto or fem seeds. Autoflowering takes away the stress of having to control light exposure during the flowering stage. It also means you can grow all year round. 

Feminized seeds make cultivating easier by giving you an almost 100% guarantee that all your crops will be female plants. Using these seeds, you won’t have to worry about sexing your plants or a male intruder spoiling your yield.  


  • What’s the best outdoor strain to grow?

There are three main types of cannabis in which the strains fall under depending on what is more dominant in their makeup. 

Sativa-based strains are less favorable for outdoor growing as they have long flowering times and low yields. They grow tall and lean, needing support to flourish. However, they boast some positive qualities for outdoor growers, such as a natural resistance to molds and fungus. They can also withstand high heat better than Indica plants. 

Indica plants are the go-to for cannabis growers, especially beginners. They have a much shorter flowering time and can have high yields. For outdoor growers, this fast turnaround can be vital if temperatures plummet from fall to winter. In comparison, these plants grow short and bushy, ideal for the discrete gardener.

Cannabis plants from a hybrid background will display a mixture of Indica and Sativa traits. To grow these outdoors successfully, you’ll need to do a little homework to determine what the plant will need to thrive.  


  • What are the best autoflower strains?

Nowadays, there are tonnes of autoflowering seed strains for you to choose from. Some of the highest quality include:

  1. UK Cheese Auto 
  2. Sour Diesel Auto 
  3. White Widow Auto 
  4. Girl Scout Cookies Auto 
  5. Northern Lights Auto 

Choosing any of those mentioned above won’t leave you disappointed. 


Be Curious, Be Inventive 

Classic strains are long-lasting champions for a reason; legendary cannabis is what we all dream of, but new strains bring an entirely different level of excitement to the game. Getting hold of the newest weed allows you to indulge in a unique experience

Weed trends and the current market are moving fast in 2021. No matter what your preference for smoking or growing, there’ll be a new strain out there that ticks all your boxes. Why not start your search by looking for the ones mentioned in this article. After that, you can extend your horizons by browsing the countless modern classic crosses and legendary hybrid seeds. 

If you live in an area where weed is legal and have a tasty mix in mind, why not visit our Seed Supreme page now. Here you can delve into the world of regular seeds and start planning your newest personal strain.

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