Despite having only been on the market for a comparatively limited period of time, autoflowering cannabis seeds have proved to be a revolution in their own right. Right now, the overwhelming majority of popular cannabis strains are available in the form of autoflowering cannabis seeds, alongside regular varieties, feminised seeds and so on. And while it’s safe to say that it will always be the genetics of any given cannabis seed that determine the quality of the resulting plant, autoflowering cannabis seeds are nonetheless making it easier than ever before for growers at all levels to achieve seriously impressive results.


The Key difference
Strictly speaking, there is in fact only one major difference between autoflowering cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds. In the case of autoflowering cannabis seeds, these are the kinds of strains that have been meticulously engineered over time to produce an entirely new strain. With autoflowering, the plants are pre-programmed to begin flowering at a specific juncture during their growth cycle. Or in other words, the amount of light they are exposed to and light-dark cycles have no influence at all on when they will begin flowering.


In turn, what this boils down to is a cannabis plant which to a large extent takes over much of the responsibility on behalf of the grower. Rather than it being up to the grower or the seasons themselves to determine when and where flowering will begin, this is already predetermined in the very genetics of the seed.


Faster Flowering
In most instances, autoflowering cannabis seeds are programmed to begin flowering much earlier than they otherwise might. Generally speaking, it’s perfectly possible to invest in autoflowering cannabis seeds and go from planting to harvesting in as little as seven weeks.  When compared to the several months that may be required with certain regular cannabis seeds, this means considerably faster flowering and faster harvesting as a result.


Suffice to say therefore, autoflowering cannabis seeds come highly recommended for those that are chasing yields as quickly as possible, or those who really don’t have a great deal of time to play with. Generally speaking, there is no faster way of going from seed to harvest than with the very best autoflowering cannabis seeds – just as long as they are provided with exactly the kinds of conditions they need.


And of course, starting out with the best possible seeds is also of critical importance.


Best for Beginners?
As far as the vast majority of experts are concerned, autoflowering cannabis seeds make the very best choice for newcomers to cannabis cultivation by a wide margin. While it’s not as if you can take things for granted when it comes to providing the seeds with the conditions they need, autoflowering cannabis seeds nonetheless make it considerably easier to achieve great harvests. Not only this, but quite a lot of the strains available as autoflowering cannabis seeds are smaller, dwarf cannabis varieties that are easier to grow in small spaces. And of course, the less time the plant spends in its vegetative stage, the smaller it will be when it begins producing flowers.


But it isn’t just beginners that are reaping the benefits of the autoflowering cannabis seed revolution. Quite simply, anyone looking to produce as much cannabis as possible in the shortest time possible would be well advised to use autoflowering seeds. They not only make it possible to produce excellent results throughout the year when grown indoors, but can also be ideal for planting mid-season, when it may be far too late to get started with regular cannabis seeds.


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