Marijuana is receiving loads of medical attention, but do you know the best strains for anxiety?


There are many reports of cannabis cultivars reducing your stress, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.


Some people claim to experience the complete opposite.


With hundreds of different options available, each with varying effects, finding the best strain of weed for anxiety can become overwhelming.


Do you pick a cannabis cultivar with high THC, CBD, or both?


Here we take you through the best strains for anxiety, including their effects, flavors, and growing difficulty.


Are you ready?


THC vs. CBD strains for anxiety

The difference between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) is very straightforward.


While both these compounds are present in cannabis, only one has the power to make you feel intoxicated.


THC is responsible for these psychoactive effects triggered by marijuana, not CBD.


So, what type of weed is best for depression and anxiety?


Best marijuana for anxiety


The truth is that everyone experiences things differently. A cultivar that reduces the stress in one person may spark paranoia in another. These adverse effects usually occur when someone overindulges in a cannabis cultivar that's high in THC.

You’re unlikely to experience any of these adverse effects when consuming a marijuana strain with lots of CBD. There are also early studies suggesting this particular compound can counteract the capabilities of THC.


It’s no surprise then to find the best medical marijuana for anxiety is a cannabis strain with high levels of CBD.


That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy weed recreationally without constantly wondering if you’re about to start stressing out.


There are loads of mesmerizing options out there with a perfect blend of THC and CBD to send your mind on a blissful trip. It all comes down to knowing your limits and picking the best strain for the occasion.

Best weed strains for anxiety

Here’s our list of the best strains for anxiety containing high levels of CBD and THC, offering the best of both worlds.


Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a potent cannabis cultivar with the power to wrap you in a relaxing blanket after work. This iconic indica-dominant hybrid is responsible for eliminating stress in seconds and is perfect for late-night sessions.


Not only is it one of the best weed strains for anxiety, but it’s also one of the most visually appealing. These gorgeous buds develop a vibrant purple hue, allowing you to spot these flowers a mile off.

Anyone can grow this sweet grape-tasting cannabis at home and look forward to heavy yields indoors or out. Remember to remove any male crops from your garden to ensure quality harvests.



Send your mind on a euphoric buzz with one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety. Jillybean is an indica-heavy hybrid that keeps you smiling and laughing, even when it glues you to your sofa.


Exposing your plants to colder temperatures during late flowering turns the buds a brilliant maroon color. Curing these resinous nugs enhances their candy-like flavor, treating your tongue to a burst of mango, apple, and orange.


Just because it’s one of the best strains for anxiety doesn’t mean it’s hard to grow. Even first-time cultivators can look forward to generous yields. The small-sized plants are perfect for indoor setups, and they’ll thrive in any medium.

Best marijuana for anxiety


Purple Urkle

Take relaxation to the next level with Purple Urkle and its ability to lift your spirits no matter how stressful your day. While many fans of this indica claim to experience improved mental clarity, these buds are mainly picked for their sedating effects.


Although it has a high THC, patients use these buds to calm down, making it one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety. This cultivar is also a treat for the senses, releasing a delicious blend of flavors like berries and hash.


You don’t need any experience to raise these feminized seeds to perfection. Plants easily resist pests and pathogens, requiring very little maintenance. Crops only take eight weeks to flower and produce medium-sized harvests in a few months.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is easily one of the best strains for anxiety with the ability to display both indica and sativa traits. Breeders initially created this balanced hybrid for medicinal patients, but it quickly rose to fame in recreational circles.


Lighting these legendary buds releases a strong earthy musk into the air, filling the air with a spicy pine flavor. It’s a brilliant option for starting your morning on a positive note and socializing with friends.


While it's one of the best weed strains for anxiety, raising these autoflower seeds can get challenging. The addition of ruderalis genetics allows these crops to grow fast, producing medium yields in record time.


Take your mornings to the next level with Remedy, a sativa-dominant cultivar with an illustrious heritage. These energizing buds waste no time lifting your spirits while removing any tension or discomfort from your body.


Breeders gave this cultivar an extra dose of CBD, earning them a rightful spot as one of the best strains for anxiety. Many medicinal patients utilize these buds as a way to combat pain, nausea, and insomnia.


Beginners love growing these regular seeds at home due to their resilient nature. Crops don’t get very big, allowing you to raise them indoors without any training. Under optimal climate conditions, these plants produce massive yields.

High-CBD cannabis strains to ease anxiety

Not everyone wants to send their mind on a cerebral rollercoaster. Here we take you through some of our best weed strains for anxiety with high levels of CBD and low THC.


Best marijuana for anxiety


Blueberry feminized

CBD Blueberry feminized flowers are some of the most beautiful buds you’ll ever see, displaying shades of indigo, green, and turquoise. This gentle cultivar has 14–16% CBD slowly seeping under your skin and gradually lifting your spirits until positivity is all you feel.


The reason it's one of the best strains for anxiety is due to it triggering very mild psychoactive effects. You’re able to maintain your usual composure while feeling calm and enjoying the flavor of fresh berries in your mouth.


First-time cultivators adore the simplicity of these cannabis crops. Plants stay short in size and don’t grow a lot of foliage, so they’re virtually maintenance-free. Find a sunny spot in your garden and expect medium harvests in a few months.


It’s no shock to find ACDC on the list of the best weed strains for anxiety. This marijuana hybrid keeps you feeling cool, calm, and collected with its 20–21% CBD percentage, adding a mellow skip to your step.


A familiar dank, earthy marijuana flavor stains the air when you ignite these buds, reminiscent of skunk strains. Each puff is better than the last, and since there’s no chance of you becoming paranoid, there’s no penalty for indulging.


Keeping in line with its title as one of the best strains for anxiety, growing this cannabis cultivar is stress-free. These weed seeds can survive in most warm climates and produce medium-sized harvests after 26–30 weeks.

Critical Mass

The CBD version of Critical Mass is every bit as intoxicating as the original cannabis cultivar. Its sativa-leaning genetics induce a mellow euphoria, along with mental clarity, keeping you sharp and awake.


It’s said to be the best marijuana for anxiety, using its 5% CBD and uncanny fragrance to keep you comfortable. Fans of this cultivar say its citrus aroma is identical to the smell of gin, refreshing your senses with every whiff.


Raising these feminized seeds is an incredibly fun and rewarding task promising medium to high yields. These crops teach beginners everything they need to learn about marijuana cultivation without punishing any mistakes.



Dutch Passion

Charlotte’s Angel is without a doubt one of the best strains for anxiety from breeders Dutch Passion. These sativa-dominant buds hold 10–16% CBD and fill your body with a pleasurable sensation without ever triggering any psychoactive effects.


Breaking open these dense nugs releases a refreshing herbal aroma as if you’re standing in a forest of pine. Only when you inhale the light smoke into your lungs, do you taste the fuel-like undertones.


It’s also perfect for making edibles which is why it’s voted as one of the best marijuana strains for anxiety. Growing these cannabis seeds is incredibly easy, and they promise very generous yields within a few months.

Cherry Pie

Enjoy a relaxed yet stimulating sensation with this medical version of Cherry Pie containing around 16% CBD. Although these sweet-tasting buds come from two potent parents, breeders have managed to reduce any psychoactive effects.


Anyone can grow these marijuana seeds at home with ease, even without any previous cultivating experience. After a few weeks, you’re rewarded with medium yields of some of the best medical marijuana for anxiety.


Best marijuana for anxiety


Keep calm and pass the bong

There are loads of different cultivars available from our store that could claim the title of best weed strain for anxiety.

Picking the ultimate option comes down to whether you want to experience a cannabis high or not. It also depends on when you plan on consuming your buds and what flavor appeals to your taste buds most.


No matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee one of our CBD-heavy cultivars will catch your attention. 


So, which of these cannabis seeds do you want to grow next?


Order one of these best strains for anxiety from our online store and say goodbye to unnecessary stress for good.

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