Marijuana and creativity

Indica or sativa for creativity

The best cannabis strains for sparking creativity

Release your creativity


Ever wondered which are the best marijuana strains for creativity? Don’t worry, so have many others.

At SeedSupreme, we believe weed has all the creative power and are excited to tell you why. Firstly, did you know that there are certain strains that are great for boosting creativity? Maybe your favorite strain makes the list!

Not only is it said to help with creativity but some believe it can also help with anxiety. Let’s find out which are the best marijuana strains for creativity.


Marijuana and creativity

There are many individuals who feel that weed has the ability to make them more creative but is this true? Currently, scientists are exploring the effects cannabis has on the creative part of our brain

So far studies have been inconclusive because not everyone experiences the same effects. 

Does this mean that marijuana won’t help boost your creativity? 

No, surprisingly a large majority of weed users claim to feel more relaxed and creative after toking

Some famous individuals have even credited cannabis for sparking their creativity. Unfortunately, they didn’t share their best marijuana strains for creativity with the public.

Weed is subjective, what makes one person feel more creative, won’t necessarily make the other feel the same. Many put it down to the strain they’re smoking and the situation they’re in.

Some studies have shown that cannabis can help individuals piece together somewhat unrelated ideas. This might be one of the many reasons it helps with creativity.

Finding the best marijuana strains for creativity is a personal process. You’ll have to go through a few cultivars to find the ones that work for you. Luckily we’ve made a list of the best strains for creativity.

Have you tried a variant that instantly got your creative juices flowing? Would you consider it to be the best weed strain for creativity? 

By now you may be wondering if indica and sativa play a role in boosting creativity? In the next section, we’ll take a look at which is best for the job.


Indica or sativa for creativity

So, which one is it? To understand which of the two is the best strain for creativity, we must understand each one’s effect.

First, indica strains are best known for their calming properties. If you’re an indica lover, you probably use it for relaxation and to help you sleep. So it may not be the best marijuana strain for creativity. 

That’s subjective though.


a sativa strain for creativity


When we get down to doing something creative, we want to be alert. Since indica can relax to the point of sedation, it probably won’t produce the desired creative effects.

Sativa on the other hand, can boost energy and spark creativity, making up the best strains for creativity.

The only issue is that it can be difficult to find a pure indica or sativa strain, making hybrids a popular option. When looking at the best hybrid strains for creativity it’s a matter of whether you want an indica or sativa dominant cultivar. .

Which strain has been the best for sparking your creativity?


The best cannabis strains for sparking creativity

There are so many strains of Mary Jane, that it’s difficult to put your finger on the best strains for creativity..

Since many users also report its medicinal properties, let’s look at them. This should make life a little easier when you’re looking for that perfect marijuana strain to help you get creative.

Whether you’re a beginner grower or a marijuana connoisseur, we’ve got the information you need. Without keeping you in suspense, here are the best weed strains for creativity and anxiety:


Amnesia Haze

Amnexia Haze strain for creativity

You’ll have to be the one to decide that. We think that Amnesia Haze feminized is definitely in the top 10 best strains for anxiety and creativity. This cultivar is known to promote deep, thoughtful contemplation, and an intense awareness of your surroundings.

This epic strain boosts your mood, making it the perfect strain for getting creative and beating anxiety.

As a sativa dominant strain, you can expect THC levels ranging from 16-20% and CBD levels of less than 2%. Expect your crop to take between 60–65 days to flower where you’ll harvest up to 21oz./m2 indoors or 28oz./plant outdoors.

Cultivation requires some skill and patience so tread carefully if you’re a new grower.



Chemdawg#4 strain for creativity

The beloved Chemdawg#4 feminized is known as somewhat of a black sheep in the sativa family due to its mostly indica effects. If you’re looking for the best strain to wash away stresses, look no further.

It’s the perfect strain for getting those creative juices flowing. Although, don’t expect to get much done as its potency has a sedative effect. We suggest keeping a pen and paper close to write down your thoughts before you pass out.

Chemdawg#4 takes its time to grow, you can expect it to begin flowering at 8–9 weeks but the wait is worth it.

Another strain with high THC levels, Chemdawg#4 sports a 17–28% THC level and a CBD level of less than 2%. It thrives outdoors, so expect 15–19oz./m2 indoor but 22–29oz./plant outdoor. Not bad for the black sheep in the family.


cannabis seeds


If you’re a beginner grower, this may not be the seed for you. While it isn’t terribly difficult to cultivate, it needs some skill and knowledge.


Blue Dream


Blue dream strain for creativity


This mostly sativa strain is a cross between Blueberry and a Haze. Blue Dream feminized might be one of the best hybrid strains for creativity. It has both relaxing and energizing properties and  helps you get things done

It’ll definitely get your creativity flowing and is the perfect strain to calm a buzzing mind.

You can expect Blue Dream to begin flowering between 8–10 weeks. THC levels are moderate at 16–20% and less than 2% CBD.

Yield-wise you can expect 14–21oz./m2 indoor and 14–21oz./plant outdoor (during October). This strain is known to professional growers due to its large commercial yields.



gelato strain for creativity

Perhaps the queen of creativity, Gelato autoflower is possibly the best hybrid strain for creativity. If you’re looking for a creative push, we suggest a toke of this ganja.

She’s relaxing too and is the perfect dessert cannabis for those late-night creative sessions.

This feminized autoflowering beauty takes 56–63 days to flower. You can expect THC levels to be between 19–21%. 

Her yields can be 14–17 ounces per squared meter indoor and 2–3.5 ounces per plant outdoor. As you can see, Gelato favors being grown inside and is perfect for beginners because she’s an autoflowering seed.



Jillybean strain for boosting creativity

Say goodbye to anxiety and depression with this wonderful award-winning strain. Perfect for days where creativity is a must. You’ll get all of your work done in a calm and relaxed manner. 

Jillybean regular may be a sativa-dominant strain but still possesses its fair share of indica traits.

Expect Jillybean to flower in 50–65 days with THC levels of 21–23%. If you’re looking for medium to high yields, this is the strain you need. For indoor growers, this cultivar yields 14–17oz./m2 while outdoor growers can expect 15oz./plant.

This strain is fairly easy to grow and is suitable for first-time growers.



Chocolope strain for creativity

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll get you motivated for the day ahead this is the one for you. Chocolope feminized is the perfect hybrid to promote creativity, energy, and deep thought

It may just be the strain for creativity. If you’re one to wake and bake, Chocolope gets your creativity flowing first thing in the morning.

The strain’s earthy, smoky, with hints of coffee and delectable chocolate, perfect for thosewith a sweet tooth.

Chocolope can take anywhere between 70–75 days to start flowering and has moderate THC levels of 12–17%. If you’re looking for a high yielder, this is the strain for you. Expect 15oz/m2 indoors and an amazing 21–24oz./plant outdoors.

As a beginner grower, this strain might not be the right fit for you. It takes a while to cultivate but is worth the time and skill needed to grow Chocolope.


Durban Poison

Durban Poison strain for creativity

Tokers of all creative stems, be aware that this might literally be the best sativa strain for creativity. Durban Poison feminized, if consumed during the day, it’ll leave you buzzing with creativity and energy to get through your to-do list. 

Many artists swear by this strain, giving it credit for its inspiration unlocking qualities.

It takes 55–65 days to flower and has a moderate THC level of 13–16% and a low CBD level of less than 2%.

This is a great strain for those who want a high yield. Durban Poison offers 15oz./m2 indoors and 17–21oz./plant outdoor. Its preference for growing outdoors makes it a relatively easy strain to grow, perfect for beginner growers.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain for creativity

Is Jack Herer Autoflower the best weed for creativity? Let’s find out. It’s known to provide the boost of energy and creativity you may be looking for. 

If you’re the busy type, this is the perfect strain for you. It promotes relaxation but not enough to sedate you, instead providing a sensation of attentiveness.

Is it better than Durban Poison in regards to promoting creativity? That’s for you to decide.

This autoflowering seed takes around 56–63 days to flower and has a moderate 10–16% THC level. Jack Herer favors indoors with a satisfying yield of 12–14oz./m2  and 2–3oz./outdoor plant.

It's a beginner-safe seed, which means you don’t need a green thumb to grow the legendary Jack Herer.


Berry White

Berry White strain for creativity

Berry White feminized offers tokers a delightfully balanced high and is perfect for lightweights. It helps you relax and unwind without causing drowsiness

Stress often diminishes our creativity, use this scrumptious strain to alleviate stress and get your creativity flowing.

Berry White takes a good 60 days to flower but produces 22–27% THC and less than 2% CBD. Indoor growers can expect an amazing 17–21oz./m2  and 21–24oz./ outdoor plant.

New growers, beware! This might be the perfect strain for you as it’s newbie-friendly, so don’t be shy to try it for yourself.


Kali Mist

Kali Mist strain for creativity

Finally, we have a top sativa strain with must-try effects for any cannabis connoisseur. Kali Mist is an award-winning strain and for good reason. This weed is good for focus and energy, as well. 

As one of the best weed strains for creativity, we suggest taking full advantage by waking and baking. These strains help you start your day the right way. Allow the stress and anxiety to fade away and get those creative juices flowing.

Kali Mist takes its precious time with a 70–80 day flowering time. Kali Mist seeds offer a moderate 16–19% THC and less than 2% CBD level and a magnificent yield. Indoor growers harvest around 15–19oz./m2 and 21oz./outdoor plant.

This strain can be quite a challenge to grow so is best suited to experienced cultivators.


Release your creativity

We all need a creativity booster sometimes, and what is better than toking and getting down to business? 

While marijuana is still being studied, many people give credit to using weed to help get their creativity flowing. Though subjective, we believe that cannabis has the best properties to help creativity. 


Not only do we believe in its benefits but many strong advocates trust in the medicinal properties of weed—including alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. All of these symptoms have been shown to suppress our creativity.

If cannabis can do all of these things, that’s just one more reason to try out these strains.

These are just a few of the best marijuana strains for creativity there are plenty more. And you can find all of them right here at SeedSupreme. We’ve got all of the sativa seeds you may need to boost your creativity and wash away anxiety.

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