There’s really no shortage of weird and wonderful options for enjoying cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, load it into your favorite culinary creations and so on. Though increasingly, health-conscious cannabis consumers are taking THC-heavy weed and enjoying it in its purest form.

Quite literally - more folks than ever before are munching down on raw cannabis. 

But is it something you should be doing, or is it just another example of the endless fads that’ll disappear soon enough? More importantly, is there actually anything beneficial to get out of eating raw cannabis? Or is it better to stick with the standard cannabis edibles you know and love?


The Potential Benefits of Consuming Cannabis Raw

Whether or not the trend sticks around as a permanent movement remains to be seen. However, when taking a look at raw cannabis from a purely nutritional standpoint, there’s at least some logic in the whole thing. 

In its raw form, the cannabis plant contains a whole bunch of beneficial compounds and nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and even protein. All of which are the kinds of things most of us could probably do with a little more of in our daily diets.

Still, the appeal of chowing down on a salad comprised of raw cannabis leaves and sprinkled with ground stems is pretty low. But even if you could make raw cannabis tastes decent, is there any benefit to eating raw cannabis instead of (or in addition to) more traditional vegetables?


Cannabinoid Acids

The short answer is yes, for the simple reason that there are huge differences between the raw cannabis plant and a cannabis plant that’s been subjected to heat. CBD and THC in their conventional forms aren’t present in raw cannabis - they’re created through the process of decarboxylation.

Prior to setting light to weed (or heating it through other means), there’s a whole bunch of cannabinoid acids in the plant matter in their raw form. Cannabinoid acids that are non-psychoactive, though have been linked with a variety of potential therapeutic benefits.

Just a few examples of which include assisting with effective function of the nervous system, improving digestive efficiency and benefits in the body with antioxidant properties.There’s also evidence to suggest that the way raw cannabis interacts with the body can have a mood-boosting effect - one that goes far beyond the capabilities of CBD. 


Can Raw Cannabis Get You High?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s pretty much impossible to get high by consuming cannabis in its raw form. Even if you were to chow down on the biggest bag of high-THC weed in your stash box, you wouldn’t feel any of the usual effects.

This is because raw cannabis contains THCA, which is only converted into THC after being exposed to a source of heat at a certain temperature. Hence, irrespective of how much raw cannabis you eat, it’s not going to get you high. 

Whether or not that’s a good thing we’ll leave to you to decide!


How to Consume Raw Cannabis 

However much you love weed, eating raw buds, leaves and plant matter is never a pleasant experience. Instead, it’s far more palatable if you get a little creative in the kitchen, opting for one of the following standards:

  • Smoothies - Add a modest amount of raw weed to the blender when making your favorite smoothies.
  • Salads - You could also simply chop up some leaves and buds, to then be sprinkled over your favorite salad or as a garnish.
  • Juices - Stuff some big juicy leaves into your juicer with other fruits and veggies of your choosing for a slightly more interesting result than the norm.

Fad or not, it’s probably worth a shot…

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