To increase cannabis trichome production is to produce more fragrant, flavourful and potent weed. Hence, it’s the number one priority for thousands of cultivators worldwide. When you increase cannabis trichome production, you set yourself up for an exceptional harvest.

Because of this, the web is packed with weird and wonderful tips and tricks to increase cannabis trichome production. Needless to say, some are more sensible and effective than others. It’s perfectly possible to increase cannabis trichome production, but you really don’t need to resort to extremes.

Like most things, it’s the TLC you show your plants during the cultivation process that will make all the difference. They’ll produce at least some trichomes on their own, but could certainly benefit from a little encouragement.

So with this in mind, here’s a handful of tried, tested and verified techniques to increase cannabis trichome production with your next to grow:

Use quality grow lights
HPS or sodium-vapor lamps are favoured by experienced growers worldwide.But this doesn’t mean you won’t get equally impressive results using the latest LED panels. In any case, it’s simply a case of switching up to higher-quality grow lights, which give plants the full-spectrum coverage they need.

Incredibly, increasing cannabis plants’ exposure to UV-B rays can increase THC production by up to 28%. It’s the classic case of doing whatever you can to replicate the plant’s natural outdoor cultivation conditions. You’ll only get so far with low-grade synthetic lighting. Switch up to high quality grow lighting for a noticeable improvement.

Provision of nutrients
It’s technically possible to grow cannabis without throwing any additional nutrients into the soil. Nevertheless, this isn’t the way to increase cannabis trichome production. If you want your buds to be as big and potent as they can be, you need to deliver the perfect balance of nutrients at all times. This includes macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

Mercifully, delivering precise measurements of key nutrients like these doesn’t have to be difficult. There are hundreds of outstanding products available (online and in retail stores) that combine everything your plants need. All you have to do is ensure you administer them precisely and regularly, in order to keep your plants strong and healthy. There’s a direct connection between nutrient provision and trichome production - one you need to start taking seriously.

Controlled hydric stress
This can be tricky one to pull off, but can also be surprisingly effective.Extensive scientific tests have shown that controlled hydric stress - i.e. subjecting your plants to a controlled lack of moisture - can significantly boost trichome production. Get it right and THC and CBD levels can be boosted by as much as 12%.

Of course, subjecting cannabis plants to a deliberate (if temporary) drought could also prove hazardous to their health. It’s therefore a technique that needs to be researched and carefully considered, before trying out.

Temperature and humidity levels
Lastly, careful temperature and humidity control can also increase cannabis trichome production. As a rule of thumb, cannabis plants perform at their best within a temperature range of 25° C during the day and 18° C at night. Both of these values should be lowered slightly during the final 2 to 3 weeks.

In terms of humidity, keeping RH levels in the region of 50% is the way to go.Again, this can also be reduced to approximately 30% during the last few weeks.In doing so, you’ll more accurately replicate the plant’s natural growing conditions and increase cannabis trichome production in the process.

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