One of the most classic ways to indulge in marijuana is to smoke a joint. But, if you're new to the 420 scene, you might need some guidance to get started. 


Did you know there’s a specific technique for lighting a joint? It's nothing like a cigarette. You have to ensure an even burn by rotating it against the flame. 


There are also several marijuana etiquette rules for puffing and passing in a group setting. Ready to discover more? Join us as we learn how to roll a smoke, take a toke and make the most of the experience. 


How does a joint compare to other forms of smoking 

There are so many ways to smoke marijuana! But, which method is best? And, where do joints rank? 


The best technique depends on the user. Some prefer vaping or bongs for the smoother hit. Others blend weed with tobacco for an intense combination. Creative tokers even opt for unusual ways to indulge, like fruit or vegetables.


Regardless of the variety of options, the concept of “roll one, smoke one” remains popular. Joints typically don’t contain tobacco or use wraps. All you need is cannabis and rolling paper. Some tokers add a filter (crutch) to help prevent burning their fingers.


How to smoke a joint


Other roll methods like spliffs and blunts contain tobacco, impacting the overall effects. Some benefits of joints include:


  • They’re small and easy to carry around.
  • They’re simple to light.
  • They’re perfect for puff and pass.
  • You can easily nip it and save it for later.


Learning how to roll a joint is an art 

When learning how to roll a joint, it’s essential to know that each component plays a vital role. Every step requires care. 



Can you smoke weed with paper? Yes, depending on which ingestion option you choose. Sizes include:


  • Singles 
  • 1 ¼ 
  • 1 ½ 
  • Wide 
  • King 
  • Slims/thins
  • Cones 


Deciding on the thickness depends on how many people will smoke a joint with you. Factor in too, how long you want your smoking experience to last. 


When using slims or singles, you don’t taste the paper as much, but they burn quicker than thicker varieties. There are also flavored options, but many tokers steer clear of these as they mess with the taste of the weed. 


Cannabis grinding

Rolling a joint takes a special skill. Seasoned tokers perfect theirs over the years. Be sure to remove any seeds or stems. To get started, break the buds using a grinder. 


Some users crush the nugs using their fingers, but using a grinder allows consistency with size and texture. It also means a smoother smoke.



Hold the rolling paper lengthwise and fill it with the crushed cannabis. Place your filter on one of the ends and pinch the paper between your fingertips. Then, roll it into a cone or tube shape, depending on your preference. 



To roll a smoke, you need: 


  • Premium cannabis (⅓ of a gram)
  • Grinder
  • Roller tray 
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch
  • A pen or chopstick


Step 1: Pick out any visible stems or seeds, working gently, so you don’t damage the trichomes.


Step 2: Use a grinder to crush the buds finely. 


Step 3: Lay the rolling paper flat on your tray. (Adhesive side down)


Step 4: Place the filter where you want the mouthpiece.


Step 5: Place the crushed cannabis into the paper in line with the crutch, evenly spread towards the back end of the joint. If you’re opting for a cone-shaped variety, taper your weed with less at the mouthpiece and more towards the tip. 


Step 6: Pick up the paper with the crushed cannabis, ensuring that the adhesive side points away from you.


Step 7: Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the paper. It may take the shape of a taco. Keep rolling it back and forth to distribute the crushed nug evenly. 


Step 8: Gently work it into a cylinder shape. Tight enough to burn evenly yet loose enough for adequate airflow. 


Step 9: Roll a smoke by starting at the non-sticky and rolling towards the adhesive side, and tuck the nugs as you do this. 


Step 10: Wet the adhesive and seal the joint starting at the mouthpiece end.


Step 11: Use a chopstick or pen to pack the cannabis toward the mouthpiece.


Step 12: Twist the extra paper to seal the joint at the tip.


How to smoke a joint 


Smoking with a filter or crush 

Before you roll a smoke, decide if you want to use a filter. Some dispensaries sell pre-made options, but you can make your own alternatively. A small piece of cardboard does the trick, and business cards are a popular choice. 


Tear out a rectangle strip that’s ½ an inch wide. Fold most of it “accordion-style,” and wrap the remaining cardboard around it. These structures aren’t essential, but they make holding the joint easier and reinforce the mouthpiece. 


Tips for how to smoke a joint 

Did you know that there are rules on how to smoke a pre-roll in a group setting? There's more to enjoying a doobie than just inhalation. You need to adhere to a set of stoner rules or risk losing your invite to 420 events. 


If it’s your first time indulging in marijuana, there are a few things to consider. Some tips include:


Check the strain you are smoking 

Each cannabis strain is unique. Some are suited to beginners, while others are potent and best left to veteran tokers. Before you learn how to smoke bud, know the difference between cultivars.


Some strains have high THC content and send you whizzing on a wave of euphoria after a single hit. Others have a more mellow impact. 


When novice users are still learning how to smoke a joint, options with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC offer satisfying results. The effects are balanced, with a relaxing buzz that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. 


Novice smokers often enjoy options like Jack Herer or Critical Kush. Avoid questions like “How much of a CBD joint should I smoke?” By researching your chosen option thoroughly. 


Roll your joint properly 

Unless you know how to smoke weed without paper, it’s essential to roll your joint properly. Unlike a cigarette, when you light a doobie, you need to rotate it against the flame gently. Once lit, these have an even burn; you might burn your fingers if you didn’t do a proper job. 


Make sure you inhale 

How do you smoke a joint? It may seem obvious, but you need to inhale. Take a slow puff with enough oxygen to not irritate your lungs. The best way to do this is by taking two-thirds of your toke followed by a deep breath of air. This method also reduces your risk of coughing. 


Join your high 

Of all the ways to smoke marijuana, enjoying a joint with friends tops the list. Let’s look at some of the etiquettes associated with this. 


Rule of the roller 

The general rule for lighting up in a group setting is that the person who rolls it lights it. They can give this privilege to another, but the ball is in their court. It’s only fair as you wouldn’t want someone else causing an uneven burn on a joint you’ve spent ages rolling.


Puff puff pass

When it’s your turn, smoke a joint by taking two good hits and pass it on. Don’t hog it or tell stories while holding it in your hand. Be respectful of the next person who wants to take a toke before the doobie burns out. Before you pass it on, ash it, so you don’t get any on the floor.


Smoke direction

Be careful where you exhale. Don’t blow smoke into anyone’s face. It isn’t polite. Leaning your head slightly upward or downward can help you avoid this common accident. You also need to be watchful of drooling on the joint. 


How to smoke a joint


All the ways to smoke weed and which methods are least harmful 

There are so many ways to smoke marijuana. All affect your lungs somehow, but tokers claim that certain methods are less irritating than others. Let’s look at three of the most common options.



Blunts are similar to joints. They’re typically bigger and use cigar wrap rather than rolling paper. The wraps contain tobacco and nicotine, making them more ‘cigarette-like.’ 



If you want to know how to smoke weed without rolling paper, pipes are the answer. Tokers also refer to them as spoons or bowls. They’re pretty simple to use and consist of a hollow bowl, stem, and mouthpiece. Some tokers state that this method is smoother and less cough-inducing. 



Bongs are water pipes that filter the smoke. They consist of a bowl and glass cylinder called the down stem. Many assert that it’s the healthiest way of smoking, but it may not be effective in reducing all toxins. 


Light it up 

When you smoke a joint, you engage in a legendary 420 activity dating back decades. Rolling it is a skill, and choosing the right strain is essential for an enjoyable experience. 

Now that you know how to roll a smoke and the etiquette of indulging in marijuana, why not grow your own? Visit Seed Supreme, our online cannabis seed store, to browse a wide selection of strains.

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