Are you struggling to doze off? Do you have vivid dreams, tossing and turning, and waking up earlier than intended? The best cannabis for sleep is coming to the rescue.

Our favorite green plant can dissolve pain and tension, calm your body, and decelerate racing thoughts. Plus, it carries several sleepy compounds in its sweet-smelling chemical makeup. As such, a puff can act as an amazing aid at bedtime.

Can all strains do the trick? Of course not.

Many types of weed get you moving and grooving while thoughts of slumber melt right off. Some soothe the system, but their hallucinogenic properties leave your brain active and oh-so-awake.

We’re here to help you make the right choice.

Join us to learn about the relationship between marijuana and rest and discover the nine best weed strains for sleep.


Cannabis for sleep: Can marijuana help with insomnia?

Cannabis has historically and contemporarily been used to alleviate many medical conditions. Given how fast-paced the modern world is becoming, it’s no wonder the best strains for sleep are such a big topic of interest.

As with many medicinal applications of cannabis, current research is limited. What we know so far is promising, though. Existing evidence suggests that marijuana can help with insomnia. Its influence seems to be two-fold.

Pain, anxiety, and nausea are the common troubles that prevent proper rest. Studies suggest that weed can alleviate them all, making you comfy so you can doze with ease.

But there’s more.

The best weed for sleep seems to restore the natural sleep cycle in the face of insomnia without underlying causes. Researchers report that people doze off easier, stay asleep longer, and wake up rejuvenated upon consuming the right types of cannabis.

On that note, let’s see what defines weed strains for sleep.


CBD vs. THC for sleep


Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep


CBD and THC are the best-known cannabis compounds. They affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates rest and many other processes. Both can assist sleep, but for different reasons.

If you have trouble dozing off, you’re free to choose weed from THC or CBD seeds. Either can ease aches and anxiety, aiding people with slumber struggles for secondary reasons. THC can also act as a sedative.

What about sleep maintenance?

A study showed that consuming buds from higher THC seeds results in a decreased amount of REM sleep, the phase where you experience dreams.

Fewer dreams mean you spend more time in the deep sleep stage, which is the most restorative. Plus, people with PTSD are less likely to have nightmares that could wake them up.

If you had to turn to one, you’d choose THC for sleep assistance. But why use compounds in isolation? The best cannabis for sleep contains CBD, THC, and nifty chemicals called terpenes.


Sedative and sleep terpenes