Insomnia is a particularly distressing disorder suffered by many adults at some time or another during their lives. Whether your problem is finding it challenging to fall or stay in la-la land, sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on both your physical and mental health.

Getting enough rest is as vital to your well-being as following a healthy diet and having an adequate exercise plan. According to research into the matter, the average adult should get between seven and eight hours of quality sleep per night. 

While the usual sleep hacks such as limiting screen time at night and aromatherapy do help, quite often, they're not enough. For this reason, insomniacs, especially in the western world, tend to turn to sleep meds. Although these drugs help, in general, they're addictive and typically come with a host of nasty side effects.

A viable and much healthier option is medical marijuana for sleep

As a 100% pure and natural product, cannabis is a highly effective antidote for insomnia. The best weed strains for sleep can relax muscles, dissolve pain, slow racing thoughts, and deliver its own set of naturally produced chemicals to aid you in falling and staying asleep.

For this reason, a growing number of people globally are turning to cannabis for their sleep problems. In areas where it's legal, you can either visit a marijuana dispensary or, if you prefer, visit Seed Supreme online for a large selection of the finest weed for sleep seeds and grow your own.

To assist you in your quest to get a good night's rest and aid you the next time you drop by the dispensary, we've compiled a list of the eight best strains for sleep.


In need of a good night's sleep? Try one of these top 8 strains


Let’s begin!


What is insomnia, and how does weed for sleep help? 

Insomnia is a reasonably common sleep disorder in which the patient has trouble falling or staying asleep. The condition can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term.) In essence, there are two types of insomnia:

  • Primary - Your sleep issues aren't caused by or linked to another health condition.
  • Secondary - Your disorder is the result of an underlying medical ailment or due to substance use.

Causes of insomnia include:

  • Stress-related or life-changing events
  • Sudden changes or alteration to your sleep schedule
  • Things around you such as temperature, humidity, light, and noise
  • Mental health problems, including anxiety and depression
  • Discomfort or pain at night
  • Endocrine problems like hyperthyroidism
  • Substance use such as medications, tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, etc.
  • Other sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea

Your body and mind need adequate rest to repair themselves and function properly. It's also critical for memory retention and learning. Insomnia leads to sleep deprivation, which in turn causes a host of problems, including:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Grumpiness
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss and concentration problems
  • Exposes you to a higher risk for health concerns such as depression, obesity, and high blood pressure
  • Reduced reaction time
  • Increased risk of falling


How can cannabis for sleep can help

Science has yet to reveal the full spectrum of benefits of medicinal marijuana. When it comes to weed for sleep, researchers have made some groundbreaking discoveries.

If you're struggling to fall and stay asleep, consuming cannabis from a decent Indica strain for your sleep problems might help. Weed's analgesic properties may provide relief for chronic pain, while its anti-anxiety properties calm a stressed-out body and mind.

Two main cannabinoids are primarily responsible for the effects of cannabis:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) - This non-psychoactive ingredient provides the user with an array of health benefits
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - The main psychoactive ingredient found in weed and is primarily responsible for creating the high associated with marijuana

THC is also responsible for inducing rest. A 2008 study showed that consuming marijuana strains containing higher THC levels usually results in a decreased amount of REM sleep in patients. As a result, people experience fewer dreams, and for folks suffering from PTSD, it may mean fewer nightmares. Sounds great, right?

In theory, people with fewer dreams spend more time in deep sleep. This state is the most restful and restorative part of the slumber cycle. 


The eight best marijuana strains for sleep problems

If you're pursuing a better night's rest, weed strains categorized as Indica-dominant hybrids or Indica will be a good starting point

While Sativa strains typically are more energizing, Indica usually has a calming sedative effect.

Finding the right Indica for your sleep problems is a personalized undertaking that may require a fair amount of trial and error

While the strains we've listed may induce sleep, you may or may not like the options. Feel free to experiment, and use the colors (terpenes) and shapes (cannabinoids), or speak to the dispensary staff for guidance to find the best weed for your sleep troubles.


In need of a good night's sleep? Try one of these top 8 strains

1 - Harlequin

If you're concerned about THC's psychoactive effects, research into the matter showed that consuming THC for your sleep troubles, combined with a fair amount of CBD, may calm things down a bit.

Being a 1:1 strain (weed that contains roughly identical amounts of THC and CBD), Harlequin is an excellent choice, especially if you're new to marijuana or prone to paranoia and anxiety. As a bonus, folks suffering from pain-related issues will appreciate the higher CBD content.


2 - 9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer is a THC-dominant strain that soothes the user's palate with mild fruity flavors of grapes and ripe berries while providing immediate and long-lasting relief from stress and pain. It's also one of the best strains for insomnia.

This pragmatic breed is ideal for insomniacs who can't escape the confines of their mind, causing them to twist and turn, preventing them from falling asleep. Like a war hammer, it hits you with a full body-stone, quickly crushing insomnia and allowing you to enter a well-deserved state of deep slumber peacefully.


3 - Girl Scout Cookies

If you're looking for a powerful indica sleep aid, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) should be at the top of your list of choices. This decadent and delicious strain has been around for years. Her unique sensory experiences and exceptional potency continue to impress, ranking her among the hardest-hitting marijuana strains money can buy.

This Indica-dominant, high-THC strain delivers a perfectly balanced high that works with equal effectiveness on both body and mind. As the initial effects wear off, the physically sedating properties of GSC sets in, allowing you to peacefully drift off to never-neverland, making it an exceptional weed for sleep.


4 - Grand Daddy Purple

When it comes to the sleeping pot, leaving Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) off of the best strains for sleep list would be a crime. Besides being widely available, GDP exhibits high myrcene (a terpene commonly associated with relaxation) levels. 

GDP entices users with its intense flavors of grapes and berries. It washes away all feelings of anxiety and pain while providing enough relaxation to fall into a deep weed sleep quickly.


5 - Tahoe OG Kush

It's commonly believed that Tahoe OG Kush (TOK) cannabis is one of the hardest-hitting, strongest-tasting marijuana varieties currently in circulation. With significantly heavier effects than the average OG Kush hybrid, TOK deserves its place amongst the best weed for insomnia, making it a blessing for many insomniacs worldwide.

Vaporizing or smoking this strain will result in fast-acting effects that cause your muscles to relax, eliminating that constant need to twist and turn all night.


6 - Grape Ape

Grape Ape is a 100% pure Indica strain that's refreshing on both the palate and nose with its beautiful grape-candy fragrance and flavor. By boasting high THC levels and rich myrcene content, it rightfully deserves to be recognized as one of the best strains for insomnia

This tranquilizing and relaxing strain will ease you into a blissful, dreamy experience. The physical effects may take a few minutes to kick in, but when they do, you'll have little choice other than to succumb to feelings of hopeless clumsiness and heaviness.


7 - Northern Lights

Aptly named, Northern Lights provides an experience similar to being wrapped in a thick, warm blanket on a cold winter night while the green lights dance overhead. Amongst the best cannabis for sleep, this old-school strain has brought relief to insomniacs for decades by lulling them into peaceful rest.

This THC-dominant strain annihilates insomnia and pain while heavy-handedly commanding sleep.


8 - Critical Kush

Critical Mass, being an Indica-dominant hybrid and also some of the strongest weed, isn't a strain for beginners.

Smoking it will hit you fast and hard. Initially, you'll experience feelings of happiness which quickly fades into an entire mind and body-stone. As a result, you'll be left couch-locked and wrapped in a haze while slowly succumbing to the distant call of sleep.

Depending on the dosage you consumed, you'll get rewarded with a restful slumber lasting several hours.


Crushing insomnia with weed for sleep

Regardless of its cause, sleep deprivation has devastating effects on both the mind and body. Over 100,000 car accidents and 1,500 crash-related deaths are associated with this problem every year in the USA alone.

There are countless positive anecdotal reports to verify that various marijuana strains do have sleep-inducing properties. The effects of a specific type of cannabis may vary between people depending on the person, meaning that you may experience a bit of trial and error to find the right product.

Are you in need of a good night's sleep? Marijuana may be the answer. Visit Seed Supreme for the broadest selection of the sleeping pot strains today.

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