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Is buying cannabis legal in Alabama?

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Is it legal to consume cannabis in Alabama?

When should marijuana become legal in Alabama?

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The state of Alabama is rooted in the Deep South, where Blues, Jazz, and lip-smacking barbeque are highly valued. If there’s something that the residents of The Heart of Dixie state don’t favor greatly, it’s marijuana.

Is weed legal in Alabama? For medicinal use, yes, but not for recreational use. Cannabis is a controversial topic to state residents. Even the benefits of medical weed are a topic of debate in this part of the US. 

Many argue for and against legalizing weed, but on the bright side, they’ve finally agreed to medical marijuana being legal in Alabama. 

Continue reading and learn more about weed legalization in Alabama and the impact on the patients. 


What are the Alabama marijuana laws?

The process of trying to legalize weed in Alabama over the past few years has been a tedious one. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped matters either. 

In early May 2021, the governor signed a bill that legalized medical marijuana. This was excellent news for patients. The bad news is that it won’t be available for a while.

Many rules and guidelines still need to be established before sales can commence. There are some points already set out in Alabama medical marijuana laws.

Cannabis for medicinal use will be available to patients with certain conditions described by Alabama Public Health. To qualify, patients need to have one of the following conditions:

  • Crohn's
  • Parkinsons
  • Depression
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Any condition that causes seizure
  • Other conditions as approved by the Alabama Department of Public Health

These conditions need to be diagnosed by a qualified physician. The Alabama weed laws further indicate that doctors should complete a 4-hour course and an exam with a refresher to be taken every two years.

Patients then need to apply for a medical cannabis card. You’re only allowed to purchase your meds once you have this. As a registered patient, you’ll be able to have up to 70 daily doses in your possession. The doses depend on what your physician prescribes.

The list of requirements for medicinal use continues with users only permitted to consume capsules, oils, tablets, topical patches, and suppositories. Smoking, vaping, or consumption of edibles is forbidden

At the moment, the marijuana laws in Alabama don't look very favorable, but the good news is that certain convictions could be eligible for expungement

Possession of any amount of weed in this Cotton State is a misdemeanor. It can also be seen as a felony, depending on what you intend to use it for.

Anyone caught selling weed could be charged with a felony according to the Alabama marijuana laws, irrespective of the amount. You could face a mandatory two years in prison with a maximum of 20 years and a $30,000 fine. 

This penalty increases if the buyer is a minor and the sale happened within a three-mile radius of a school or public housing.


Is buying cannabis legal in Alabama?

Unfortunately, purchasing weed in Alabama is illegal unless you’re a patient or caregiver with a medical marijuana card. Patients can purchase their cannabis at dispensaries once they’re operational.

Medicinal users can purchase up to 50mg a day. If patients don’t respond to their treatment within 90 days or have a terminal condition, then doctors can recommend an increase in the daily limit to 75mg.


Can I grow cannabis in Alabama?

Growing weed in Alabama is illegal. If you have some medicinal weed seeds, avoid trying to cultivate them. You could face charges similar to that of possession, a misdemeanor, whatever the amount, and a felony with jail time if you intend to sell.

Alabama medical marijuana laws don’t even allow patients to grow their own cannabis. Weed lovers and other interested Alabamans remain hopeful of this eventually changing. 

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Is it legal to consume cannabis in Alabama?

Consumption of weed is legal in Alabama only if it’s for medicinal purposes and in the form of CBD. This state is still awaiting the final rules for medical cannabis, but according to the Bill, you won’t be allowed to consume any marijuana on school grounds or in prison. 


When should marijuana become legal in Alabama?

It’s difficult to say when Alabama will legalize weed. Many Democrats favor this and are eager to be the first state in the Deep South to reach this milestone. Yet, there’s no exact date or time frame in sight. 

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FAQs about cannabis in Alabama

Can patients consume medical marijuana containing THC?

Yes, they can. However, according to the Alabama marijuana law, medicinal cannabis sold shouldn’t exceed 0.3% THC content per product.


If growing weed is illegal, how will medical cannabis be cultivated?

The marijuana laws in Alabama allow up to 12 licenses to be issued to weed cultivators. The licensing happens in consultation with the Department of Agriculture in Alabama. The law further indicates that pot should be grown in an enclosed and secure facility.


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Currently, 36 states have legalized cannabis for medicinal use and 18 for recreational purposes. Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon are among the 18. 

Each state has formalized its own set of rules for regulating the use of pot, and this can sometimes be confusing. At Seed Supreme, you can learn all about these details and keep abreast of the latest news and developments.

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