What are the Kansas marijuana laws?

Is buying cannabis legal in Kansas?

Can I grow cannabis in Kansas? 

Is it legal to consume cannabis in Kansas?

Is medical marijuana legal in Kansas?

When will marijuana be legal in Kansas?

FAQs about cannabis in Kansas


The Sunflower State is known for its luscious landscapes, turbulent tornado season, and sprawling wheat fields, but is weed legal in Kansas?

If the idea of buying, growing, or using cannabis has crossed your mind, you need to know what the state laws say before you act.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of the marijuana legislation, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on the weed laws in Kansas in 2021.

Let’s dig in!


What are the Kansas marijuana laws?

Kansas weed laws are harsh. The state has a no-nonsense approach, earning it the title as one of the strictest US regions regarding marijuana prohibition.

The Sunflower State banned all forms of weed in 1927. To this day, recreational and medical marijuana remain illegal, but new cannabis laws are in the works.

In 2018, Kansas approved Senate Bill 263, also known as the Alternative Crop Research Act. It paved the way for the legal use of industrial hemp—a type of cannabis that contains under 0.3% THC.

The state passed Senate Bill 282 next. It exempted cannabidiol from the legal definition of weed, as per the Kansas marijuana laws. It also gave residents access to CBD products—provided they contained 0% THC.

In 2019, Kansas approved Claire and Lola’s Law, which allowed patients to claim affirmative defense if they were found in possession of CBD products with less than 5% THC.

The Kansas State House approved a new medical cannabis bill in 2021. Now, it awaits the decision of the Senate. If all goes well, residents of the Sunflower State could have access to medical marijuana by 2022.

So, is weed legal in Kansas? No—recreational and medical marijuana is forbidden in the Sunflower State.

The closest thing to legal weed in Kansas is CBD oil, as long as it doesn't have a single trace of THC.


Is buying cannabis legal in Kansas?

Under the Kansas weed laws, you can only purchase non-THC CBD oil. Other marijuana items, like edibles, bud, and CBD products with THC, are strictly illegal.


Can I grow cannabis in Kansas?

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Kansas? We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but cultivating cannabis is outright forbidden in the Sunflower State.

If you’re caught growing more than four weed plants, you face a $300,000 fine and up to six years behind bars. The more marijuana plants you have, the higher the consequences.

However, if you’ve got a batch of high CBD weed seeds that your friend in Colorado gifted you—don’t toss them away just yet.

As per Kansas marijuana laws, you can purchase and possess cannabis seeds—so long as you don’t germinate and plant them.


Is it legal to consume cannabis in Kansas?

Weed is forbidden under the current Kansas marijuana laws, and consuming it is also illegal

If you want to smoke popular pot strains like CBD Cheese Autoflower or Alien OG Feminized, you’ll need to wait for Kansas to legalize cannabis first.

CBD products with 0% THC are the only exception to the rule, so you can buy, sell, and use them without legal repercussions.

As per the weed laws in Kansas, possessing any amount of cannabis can get you six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if it’s your first offense.

If the authorities determine that you’re selling marijuana, you could face massive penalties, including fines up to $500,000 as well as incarceration.

Distributing weed within 1,000 feet of a school could also put you away for at least four years.


Is medical marijuana legal in Kansas?

As you might’ve guessed, medical cannabis is illegal in the Sunflower State.

Under Kansas marijuana laws, the only legal alternative is CBD oil without THC. This option is available to everybody and doesn’t require a doctor’s permission.

Thanks to Claire and Lola’s Law, medical users can claim affirmative defense if they have CBD oil that contains less than 5% THC.

To qualify for this so-called loophole in the Kansas weed laws, patients require a note from their doctor stating that they suffer from a debilitating condition.

Keep in mind that affirmative defense is typically presented in court, which means that you can still get charged, arrested, and held while awaiting trial.

The Kansas State House voted in favor of a medical marijuana bill, House Substitute for Senate Bill 158, in 2021. However, to be approved, it must first enter the Senate. As such, we won’t know the outcome until 2022.


When will marijuana be legal in Kansas?

Is weed legal in Kansas? The marijuana laws are uncompromising in the Sunflower State. It’s one of the few regions where recreational and medical pot is still forbidden, barring CBD oil with 0% THC.

When is marijuana supposed to be legal in Kansas? After the introduction of H Sub for SB 158, medical cannabis could be legalized by the end of 2022, but recreational users might need to hold on a little longer.

It can be challenging to keep up with the rapidly changing cannabis laws. Weed is legal in South Dakota, New York, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Virginia— with more states expected to join the list soon.

To stay on top of the latest marijuana laws in your state, keep a close eye on Seed Supreme.


FAQs about cannabis in Kansas

Get the lowdown on the most common questions about marijuana in the Sunflower State:


Can you get a medical marijuana card in Kansas?

There isn’t a medical cannabis program in Kansas, but the H Sub for SB 158 bill might change things sooner than you think. For now, you can legally buy no-THC CBD oil.


Where can you buy legal CBD oil in Kansas?

The best place to buy 0% THC CBD oil is through reputable online stores, local dispensaries, vape shops, and natural health retailers.

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