What are the North Carolina marijuana laws?

Is buying cannabis legal in North Carolina?

Can I grow cannabis in North Carolina?

Is it legal to consume cannabis in North Carolina?

When will marijuana become legal in North Carolina?


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Lagging behind the more progressive states of the U.S, weed is not legal in North Carolina. Despite polls showing widespread support amongst Tar Heels for the legalization of medical and recreational use, state authorities are yet to listen to the people.


Get the lowdown on the current North Carolina marijuana laws and possible future changes that could make marijuana legal in North Carolina.


What are the North Carolina marijuana laws?

North Carolina marijuana laws in 2021 still prohibit almost all use of marijuana, both recreational and medical.

The table below breaks down the possession laws in the state.





Potential jail time

Maximum fine

0.5 oz or less




0.5 oz - 1.5 oz


1 - 45 days


1.5 oz - 10 lbs


3 - 8 months


Marijuana laws in North Carolina stipulate anyone caught distributing can expect to face a prison sentence lasting anywhere from two to eighteen years.

North Carolina medical marijuana laws are perhaps the most frustrating in the entire U.S. 

Even though medical marijuana is legal in North Carolina, its use is so restricted that it may as well not be. Some medical marijuana advocates even treat it as a state where medical marijuana isn't legal, arguing the limitations of the laws make it pointless.

According to North Carolina marijuana laws, only people who have intractable epilepsy can use medical cannabis. Specifically, epilepsy patients or their caregivers can consume or carry CBD extract of less than 0.9% THC.

At present, this type of CBD extract is the only legal marijuana in North Carolina

Unfortunately, even those allowed to use medical marijuana can't buy it in North Carolina, as the state hasn't licensed any dispensaries. So instead, patients have to travel outside the state to get it.

When medical marijuana is legalized in North Carolina more sensibly, hopefully, you'll be able to take matters into your own hands with medicinal weed seeds, like our Humboldt Feminized seeds.


Is buying cannabis legal in North Carolina?

No. Under North Carolina marijuana laws, buying and selling weed isn't legal. Possession up to half an ounce has been decriminalized and only incurs a fine, but the distribution of any amount is a felony offense.


Can I grow cannabis in North Carolina?

Not at the moment. Marijuana laws in North Carolina class cultivation of any amount as a felony offense. There are minimum mandatory prison sentences for growing any amount more than 10lbs, starting at two years. 

A recently proposed law would make it legal to buy cannabis seeds and grow marijuana in North Carolina.

Even if only medical marijuana laws are loosened, this is excellent news for people who suffer from chronic pain issues. These laws would allow patients to buy high CBD weed seeds, such as CBD Ratio (1:30) Feminized seeds.

North Carolina marijuana laws allow farmers to grow hemp, but samples of each crop must be sent to the government for checks. If the THC content is over 0.3%, the crop must be destroyed.


Is it legal to consume cannabis in North Carolina?

Unfortunately, in North Carolina, legalized weed still has a long way to go. For now, only low-THC CBD cannabis oil is legal in North Carolina, and that is only available if you have epilepsy.

The only exception is in tribal lands in western North Carolina legislated by the Cherokee council, where North Carolina marijuana laws don't apply. Anyone over the age of 21 in the Qualla Boundary can legally possess up to an ounce, though selling and growing are still illegal.


When will marijuana become legal in North Carolina?

Two new marijuana laws are currently under discussion so that weed may be legal in North Carolina sooner rather than later. Our marijuana seed bank practically has the shipping labels printed already. 

The day after 4/20 this year, four North Carolina Democrats introduced a bill that, if passed, would legalize recreational and medical marijuana in the state.

The bill is very similar to the recent marijuana legalization law passed in Virginia, which took effect on July 1st.

Bringing North Carolina marijuana laws in line with Virginia's will stop the state from losing tax revenue. Once North Carolina residents can take a short trip north to get around their state's laws, anti-weed politicians in North Carolina could cave quickly. 

The other bill wants to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina properly, extending the number of conditions it can be used to treat. It would also let patients access medical marijuana without having to travel outside the state.



How do you get medical marijuana in North Carolina?

You need to have a recommendation from a neurologist stating you have epilepsy. This is the only condition treatable with medical cannabis under North Carolina marijuana laws

The only CBD product approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Epidiolex, an epilepsy treatment. This is why North Carolina permits this use of CBD.


Is cannabis oil legal in North Carolina?

Yes, only if you have epilepsy or you are the caregiver of someone who does. Even then, you need a letter from a doctor and a certificate of analysis for the oil stating it has less than 0.9% THC. 

Caregivers and patients still can't buy the CBD extract they need in North Carolina; they have to get it elsewhere.


How much weed can you have in North Carolina without going to jail?

Up to half an ounce is a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $200. Up to one and a half ounces is still a misdemeanor, but you could go to jail for a maximum of 45 days and be hit with a $1,000 fine.


Final thought

While North Carolina marijuana laws may be stricter than its neighbor, we’re confident that change is on the horizon. 

Understanding the stances for each state can be challenging, but keep an eye on Seed Supreme to stay up to date with these changes. 

Who knows? North Carolina may be joining the 31 stages to have already legalized recreational weed, like Illinois, Montana, and New Mexico.

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