What are the Oklahoma marijuana laws?

Is buying cannabis legal in Oklahoma?

Can I grow cannabis in Oklahoma? 

Is it legal to consume cannabis in Oklahoma?

Is medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma?

When will marijuana be legal in Oklahoma?

FAQs about cannabis in Oklahoma


Is weed legal in Oklahoma? The cannabis legislation is tricky in the Sooner State. Medical marijuana is allowed, but adult use is prohibited. There are also distinct rules that govern the consumption, cultivation, and possession of weed.

At Seed Supreme, we know how tough it is to stay on top of the latest cannabis legislation. To keep you in the loop, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on the Oklahoma marijuana laws in 2021.

Keep reading for the full lowdown on buying, using, and growing weed in the Sooner State.


What are the Oklahoma marijuana laws?

Let’s investigate the Oklahoma marijuana laws.

In 1933, the Sooner State criminalized all forms of cannabis. The law loosened in 2015 when the state permitted the use of low-THC and high-CBD oil.

This move was rapidly followed by Oklahoma State Question 788, a 2018 initiative that fully legalized medical marijuana.

So, is weed legal in Oklahoma? Medical marijuana is allowed, provided you meet the requirements, but recreational use isn’t permitted.


Is buying cannabis legal in Oklahoma?

If you’re a registered medical cannabis user, you can buy your weed products from licensed dispensaries. Currently, marijuana laws in Oklahoma don’t permit delivery services, which means you’ll need to visit a physical pharmacy.

Sometimes, a patient’s physician may deem them unfit to complete these transactions on their own. In this case, medical users can assign one caregiver to assist them. Minors can designate two caregivers in the form of a parent or legal guardian.

There are no buyer limits on medical marijuana, but patients must abide by the possession restrictions. All sales carry a 7% tax.

To get legal weed in Oklahoma, you can purchase the following pot products:

  • Flower
  • CBD products
  • THC-infused edibles
  • Topicals
  • Accessories

As a medical cannabis cardholder, you can also buy weed seeds. Some of the most popular choices include regular, autoflower, and feminized seeds.


Can I grow cannabis in Oklahoma?

If you’re registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, you can grow your own weed plants.

The Oklahoma marijuana laws allow you to cultivate a maximum of six cannabis plants and six seedlings. If you have an assigned caregiver, they can grow them on your behalf.

It’s essential to keep your marijuana plants away from public view in a secure area. This way, you can prevent unauthorized access.

Keep in mind that growing weed plants without a medical marijuana license is illegal. If the police catch you, you’ll need to face the consequences of a fine or jail time.

Cannabis seeds are adult souvenir items in the Sooner State, which means you can still collect your favorite autoflower seeds. Hold on to them tight, as we think at-home cultivation will soon be legal for all in Oklahoma.


Is it legal to consume cannabis in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma marijuana laws are hazy when it comes to consuming cannabis, as there are no provisions on where you’re allowed to do it.

The legislation simply states that smoking or vaping your favorite medical strains like 24k Gold Feminized follows the same laws as tobacco consumption. In other words, you should stick to ingesting pot in private places.

It’s illegal to drive under the influence of weed, which includes operating a bicycle. The marijuana laws in Oklahoma also forbid the consumption of cannabis by passengers.

Patients and caregivers must adhere to the possession limits, which are as follows:

  • 3 oz. of marijuana on your person and 8 oz. of cannabis at home
  • 1 oz. of cannabis concentrates
  • 72 oz. of edible weed


Is medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma?

Is medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma? Yes. The law allows registered patients to buy, grow, possess, and consume cannabis. If you’ve been eyeing some Alien OG Feminized, now is the time to get your hands on it.

Oklahoma became the 30th state to allow medical cannabis when voters approved the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative in 2018. This ballot established the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, a division of the Department of Health.

The OMMA is in charge of maintaining a current registry of patients, physicians, and caregivers. It also issues licenses for growers, testing labs, processors, dispensaries, and transporters.

To register as a medical marijuana patient, you need to receive a written recommendation from your doctor. To make things easier, print out and follow this patient checklist. Then, you can fill in an online application.

Unlike other states, the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws don’t outline specific qualifying conditions that merit the use of cannabis. Instead, physicians can follow the usual standards of prescribing medication.


When will marijuana be legal in Oklahoma?

Is weed legal in Oklahoma? If you’re a medical cannabis cardholder, you can buy, grow, possess, and consume marijuana. Otherwise, recreational users are banned from participating in any of these pot-related activities.

If that’s the case, when will weed be legal in Oklahoma?

In 2020, residents started petitions to put recreational pot use on the ballot. However, social distancing measures halted the collection of signatures and led to the withdrawal of the petitions.

Will Oklahoma join the growing list of states where weed is legal, including California, Nevada, Montana, New York, Virginia, Illinois, and Vermont? We think it’ll happen sooner than later, but for now, you’ll need to wait until Oklahoma changes its recreational cannabis laws.

To stay in the loop, keep your eyes glued to Seed Supreme.


FAQs about cannabis in Oklahoma

Check out the answers to some of the most burning questions about marijuana in the Sooner State.


Is it legal to smoke weed in Oklahoma?

Yes, you can smoke or vape cannabis as a medical user. These activities follow the same laws as smoking tobacco.


Can I buy weed in Oklahoma?

Yes, but only if you’re a registered medical user.


Can I grow marijuana in Oklahoma?

Yes, you can cultivate six weed plants and six seedlings if you have a medical marijuana card.


Can I consume cannabis without a medical card?

No, it’s illegal to use any pot-related products if you’re not a registered patient.

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