So, you’re considering a weed greenhouse but aren’t sure if it’s the right idea? You’re not alone, especially if you’re a beginner grower. While greenhouse growing is fun and rewarding, it requires a few skills. Journey with us as we tell you how to grow weed in a greenhouse.


A manual on growing greenhouse marijuana

Cultivating cannabis is a wonderful activity that can take place indoors, outdoors, or both: via a greenhouse. It doesn’t have to be huge; whatever size fits your needs, space, or budget. You’re going to need a few things. First, you need a greenhouse. Size and materials will depend on your budget and your space. There are many places online to purchase materials or a fully built greenhouse for weed.


How to grow greenhouse weed

Next, you'll need marijuana seeds. To harvest your favorite strain, check if it’s the right match for greenhouse growing.

You also need top-quality soil, the right equipment, and knowledge of greenhouse growing. These things become part of a long list that will expand as you become more familiar with greenhouse growing. 

Knowledge needed ranges from basic cultivation to understanding which are the best strains for a greenhouse. Growing this way is better suited to those with some experience.

Finally, there are many reasons people enjoy growing in a greenhouse, including the many benefits.


an example of cannabis grown in a greenhouse



Benefits of growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Growing weed in a greenhouse has many benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Extend your growing cycle. You can extend the cultivation period into the fall and winter seasons. By adding more light on overcast days and heating for colder days.
  • A microclimate for your weed. Growing weed in a greenhouse provides the perfect microclimate for growing cannabis. A greenhouse can sustain higher average temperatures.
  • Cultivate year-round. In a greenhouse, you have complete control. The walls of the greenhouse lock humidity and heat inside: promoting year-round growth.
  • Consistent harvests. Most commercial medicinal growers use greenhouses because of their reliability in producing consistently high yields and quality marijuana.
  • Energy-efficient. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse is vastly more energy-efficient than growing indoors. That’s because a greenhouse uses natural lighting.
  • Your plants are protected. The elements won’t harm your cannabis, so you can rest easy when a storm is brewing. It also protects marijuana from pests and diseases
  • Inexpensive. Greenhouse grown weed is a cheaper form of cultivation. And it is more cost-effective to purchase/build one than to set up an indoor system.


Building or buying a greenhouse for weed


Deciding which route to go when growing in a greenhouse is essential. You can build or buy one. Buying one is convenient. It comes as a kit that you assemble yourself; however, even though it’s convenient, it’s more costly up-front.

Building a greenhouse takes skill and time. Choose suitable materials and learn how to assemble one. A little mistake like not sealing it properly can have dire consequences, like your plants freezing in winter.


The benefits of building a weed greenhouse


Building a weed greenhouse offers the benefit of being cheaper. This option requires a few key components:

  • Choose the right location. Environmental and geographical factors play a role when building a greenhouse. For example, the materials used for one in Colorado may not be suitable in another location.
  • Temperature control. Greenhouse heating and cooling systems must meet the needs and controls of each grow zone. On average, the temperature should be between 65–85° Fahrenheit.
  • Control humidity. Design your greenhouse in a way that you can monitor air moisture levels. Dehumidifiers are an option, and you can use misting systems to create more humidity.
  • Install proper ventilation. Adding vents on the roof, sidewalls, or installing rollup sides will work perfectly. You need a system that removes hot air from the greenhouse. Many growers like to use airflow fans.
  • Install blackout curtains for the flowering stage. Make sure to cover the greenhouse well, including the entrance and vents.
  • Make provisions to incorporate carbon dioxide into your greenhouse. Cannabis grown in a greenhouse thrive on CO2. Use liquid CO2 to boost plant growth.



building a greenhouse is a great option


An essential part of building a greenhouse for weed is using suitable materials.


  • Pop-up greenhouse. This can be bought pre-built and often comes with a few shelves, a bare frame, and a cover. Perfect if you have limited space.
  • Polytunnel greenhouse. Probably the most well-known type of greenhouse for growers. It’s in the shape of a tunnel and is often used by commercial cultivators. It offers lots of space and is easy to assemble.
  • Lean-to greenhouse. The perfect greenhouse for cannabis growers with a small garden. A lean-to greenhouse is usually slanted and built against or onto an existing structure.
  • Gable greenhouse. It can be built in any dimension and offers enough space to hold your equipment.


The types of materials you need depend on location, sunlight, and climate. If you want to start simple, there’s no need to spend a lot or go for top-shelf items. Some popular greenhouse coverings include polycarbonate, plastic, glass, and polyvinyl. For the frame, the materials you choose depend on the greenhouse you’re building. PVC piping is often used to build a polytunnel because of its flexibility. 

You want your greenhouse to last, so invest wisely in the frame materials. Greenhouse plans can be purchased online from various merchants, including a list of materials needed. Building a weed greenhouse is fun but not easy. If you aren’t thorough when building, your future grow could be a failure.


The benefits of buying a weed greenhouse

Buying a greenhouse is convenient but can be costly. It’s a good investment for cultivators who want a taste of greenhouse growing. Pre-built greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes. Some builds include Gothic, Arched, Tunnel, and Lean-to. It’s best to buy from a reputable company that understands your needs. Be clear about what you’re growing, your budget, and your space. Pre-built greenhouses come in various materials, and their price will range according to the materials they’re made from.


Growing marijuana in a greenhouse


Can you successfully grow weed in a greenhouse? Most certainly. Cultivating cannabis in a greenhouse has many perks, including higher quality and quantity yields. Generally, weed cultivation involves many variables that need to be kept in check. The same goes for growing marijuana in a greenhouse. It may seem slightly easier because of the control over the microclimate, but it’s not.