To buy weed seeds as a first-timer is to naturally have a head full of huge expectations and optimism. Which is all well and good, but unless you know the science behind getting things off on the right foot, you won’t. Roughly translated, get things wrong during the seedling stage and you might as well forget it!


On the plus side, there’s actually not a great deal to grasp – three basic steps to follow and you really can’t go wrong. But at the same time, it’s important to follow the rules to the letter and not allow enthusiasm to take over, wrecking your weed seeds before they even had a chance!


So if you’re planning to buy marijuana seeds in the United States with the intention of making magic, here’s how to make it happen:


1 – Growing Medium and Container

First of all, you need to determine what type of growing container and medium you’re going to need. If you pick up a batch of autoflowering seeds, then for sure you will get better results if you plant them directly into the final pot you intend to use. By contrast, feminized seeds are much safer and easier to transplant, meaning you don’t have to start off using the final pot if you’d prefer not to. The size of the pot you require will be determined by the strains you choose and how big you intend your growing effort to be. In terms of growing medium, it should be soil that is light in nutrients, 100% organic and of the best possible quality you can find.


2 – Germination

Pot seeds can be germinated in two different ways, which in both instances are pretty easy and usually make it difficult to go wrong.


Wet Paper Towels

Perhaps the most commonly-used of the two methods is that of the paper towel approach. This basically involves taking your seeds, sandwiching them between two moist pieces of kitchen towel and then placing the whole thing in a suitable plastic container. The tub should then be kept in an area with a temperature between 20-25 °C, keeping a close eye in things to ensure it stays most. It shouldn’t be sealed airtight as it is important for fresh air to find its way in. The tub should also be kept in the dark.


Water Germination

Another firm favourite, simply take your chosen seeds and place them in a glass of water for a day or two. They should be removed as soon as the husk cracks open and a couple of millimetres of roots are visible. The cup of water must be kept in the dark and the water temperature be kept at the same 20-25 °C as the above-mentioned method.


3 – Environment

When the germination process is complete, the seeds are ready to be transferred to pots. It’s only necessary to plant them around 5mm from the surface of the soil, making sure that the roots are pointing in the right direction.


During the first two weeks or so following germination, you won’t need to use strong LED or HPS lighting. For the best possible result, consider using a CFL with gentle blue light. Check lighting tips for your chosen strain and plantation size.


You should be looking to keep humidity in the region of 70%, which can be much easier when growing in small containers and propagators. If you intend to open up your plants to a grow-room, you will need to invest more time and effort in controlling humidity going forward.


Last but not least, watering is the single most important consideration of all and also the thing most newcomers to cannabis growing get 100% wrong. Try to remember that too much water is never a good thing – err instead on the side of caution. You’ll need to take note of the soil’s wet-dry cycle, in order to provide exactly how much it needs, only when it is needed.


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