With a name as festive as this, Wedding Cake promises a lot. Sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake was engineered by combining the genetics of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Two iconic strains that need no introduction in their own right. Popular in recreational and therapeutic cannabis circles alike, Wedding Cake isn’t particularly reminiscent of its namesake.Nevertheless, it has the potential to pack a serious punch. THC levels have been measured anywhere between 15% and a whopping 25%, making Wedding Cake a sweet and sultry treat to approach with due caution.

General Characteristics

Wedding Cake is an absolutely beautiful strain to look at, producing chunky and round buds with a quite delightful frosting of trichomes. This is perhaps where Wedding Cake bears the closest resemblance of all to confectionery - a sweet, sticky and seductive coating of frosty-white goodness. You’ll get a good indication of how potent any given batch is by the thickness and prevalence of the trichome coating.

On the nose, there’s nothing particularly cake-like about Wedding Cake. Instead, it’s a predominantly earthy affair, with a small amount of citrus in the background. When broken, the whole thing explodes with a hit of classic skunk and a distinct touch of sandalwood. Appealing to say the least, but not exactly reminiscent of a cake. It’s the same on the smoke, which blasts the back of the throat with a harsh and stinging hit of spice that regularly induces coughing fits.Admittedly, there’s a definite richness and sweetness to the exhale, though not to such an extent that you’re transported to a world of creamy desserts.

Wedding Cake Effects

Score yourself a potent batch of Wedding Cake and the high hits instantaneously…literally. There’s an immediate acceleration of cerebral activity, which along with racing thoughts also affects perceptions of surrounding stimuli. If you can handle such a heavy cerebral hit, you’ll be on your way to epic euphoria or uncontrollable giggles in no time at all. Give things a little longer and the indica genetics kick in, sending a wave of physical relaxation and heaviness throughout the body. Throughout which, the cerebral acceleration continues, making it more than possible to chat, exercise or get creative while riding Wedding Cake’s high. That said, one toke too many and couchlock is pretty much inevitable.

Wedding Cake Medical Applications

For the most part, Wedding Cake is to be avoided by those who may be prone to panic attacks or bouts of anxiety. During the initial stages at least, it has a tendency to bring on the kind of mindrace that could prove overwhelming.However, Wedding Cake comes highly recommended as a therapeutic strain for the relief of moderate stress and depression, while also combating the side effects of insomnia. Mild to moderate pain-relief can also be expected, along with powerful appetite stimulation that routinely descends into insatiable munchies.

Growing Wedding Cake

Whatever your thoughts on Wedding Cake, it’s a strain you’ll definitely want to get your hands on if circumstances permit. If only for the fact that it’s a rare and desirable specimen that’s always thin on the ground. More often than not, cultivating a batch of Wedding Cake means first locating a decent cutting from a mature mother plant. After which, it’s a case of pitting your wits against a surprisingly challenging specimen to grow.

Wedding Cake is renowned for its temperamental nature, so is typically recommended for indoor cultivation. Yields tend to be moderate at best, though the potency of a good batch of Wedding Cake can more than make up for a less than generous harvest.

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