If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll have seen our recent posts on frankly the worst places in the world to smoke weed. At least, in the sense of the kind of punishment you’re likely to be handed if caught - even with just a small quantity of the stuff on your person.

As an escape from the current doom and gloom, we thought we’d now take a look at the best places in the world to smoke weed. Not simply in terms of legalization, but the way in which cannabis has become such an important and entrenched part of the local culture.

Whether or not you’ll be boarding a plane and heading overseas anytime soon may be a different matter entirely. But when the whole cannabis tourism sector springs back to life at some point in the future, we strongly suggest packing your bags and heading to one of these pot paradises:



Attempts to legalize cannabis in Canada had all previously fallen at the final hurdle, until the country finally legalized recreational weed in 2018. Ever since, Canada has been one of the most tolerant countries in the world with regard to the possession, distribution and consumption of cannabis. Rules still apply and you can get busted for taking things too far, but it’s unlikely you’d find yourself with any real reason to do so.



This pot-friendly nation will always enjoy its place in the history books as the first country in the world to fully legalize commercial cannabis sales. It’s an industry that’s appropriately regulated to ensure its safety and the responsibility of those who play a part in it. There are limits on how much citizens can purchase per month for personal use and selling weed without the authorization to do so remains illegal. Though again, in a broad everyday sense, it’s practically impossible to find yourself in trouble for enjoying quality cannabis in Uruguay. 



Make no mistake about it - cannabis is illegal to possess and consume in India.  However, this prohibition doesn't apply to the iconic drink known as bhang, which contains generous quantities of cannabis. Not only is bhang legal in India, but cannabis prices across much of the country are cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world. Irrespective of where you are in India and how short you are on cash, it’s never particularly difficult or expensive to get high.



It’s a slightly strange picture in Mexico, where it’s somehow both legal and illegal to carry cannabis for personal consumption. While carrying and consuming recreational cannabis is technically illegal, the Mexican Supreme Court reached a ruling a while back that the law against recreational cannabis itself is illegal. So the whole thing is somewhat up in the air - you can still technically get arrested for being caught in possession of cannabis, but the Supreme Court is probably on your side. Cannabis use is rife in countless areas across Mexico and authorities really could not care less.



Last but not least, it’s primarily the culture of Jamaica that makes it one of the most fantastic places in the world to smoke weed. However, the assumption that cannabis is actually legal in Jamaica is both widespread and slickly misguided.  Small quantities for personal use were decriminalized some time ago, but recreational cannabis in all its forms is still illegal. Those who practice Rastafarianism are permitted to carry and consume small quantities in very specific settings and circumstances, but nobody can simply light up when and where they feel like it and not face the consequences. Though again, the consumption of cannabis across Jamaica is so widespread and popular that most lawmakers tend to turn a blind eye to the whole thing.

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