The diversity of the modern cannabis industry is a blessing, but it might seem like a curse for novice growers. One glance at the selection in our store could make you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.

Choosing the best cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be overwhelming — all it takes is a bit of prep work. If you’ve already mastered cannabis seeds 101, it’s time to answer some questions and pick the best kernels for the job.

Let’s explore this essential topic and recommend the best place to order cannabis seeds.


How to choose cannabis seeds - things to consider

These questions are necessary for any sound decision. If you wish to get in the nitty-gritty of the best cannabis seeds, don’t worry. We’ll go in a bit more depth soon.


How and where will you grow?

The number one thing to decide is whether you’ll grow outdoors or indoors

The first option comes with climate and land restrictions. You’ll also have to find the best outdoor cannabis seeds that agree with your immediate environment

Indoor growing is the same whether you live in Alaska or Hawaii. When your grow room’s ready, there are fewer restrictions on the best cannabis seeds you’re able to cultivate.


What effects do you want from your strain?

Different pot varieties have diverse chemical makeups that affect the flavor profile and effects. No two marijuana plants are 100% the same, but you could consider what you want from your high and narrow down your best cannabis seeds option pool accordingly. 

You might look for:

  • Herbs for wake ‘n’ bake to start the day energized
  • ‘Party strains’ that erase anxiety and get even the quietest wallflower chatting
  • Creative cultivars that expand the mind
  • Relaxing, sleepy varieties that buzz throughout your body and induce tranquility

Whatever you prefer, the best place to buy cannabis seeds has it. 


How much experience do you have as a grower?

Some cannabis strains are much fussier than others. If you’re a certified green thumb looking for a challenge, why not go for a herb rare for its delicate nature?

Novices fare better by sticking to the best cannabis seeds for beginners. It’s the best way to learn the ropes of cultivation.


How to choose the best cannabis seeds

Indica, sativa, or hybrid - what effects do you expect from your weed?

Rarely any modern marijuana strain is 100% pure sativa or indica. The best cannabis seeds combine the features of their parentage to develop into something even better than the sum of its elements. 

Let’s discuss what different types of dominance in hybrids bring to the table.


Cannabis indica

Indicas are a safer bet when it comes to the best cannabis seeds for beginners. They’re also more calming than their sativa counterparts and deliver a predominantly physical high. 

Indica-dominant flowers are drowsy and restorative. You’d usually smoke these in the evenings for some profound relaxation.


Cannabis sativa

Sativas are taller than indicas. They take a bit longer to flower, but the harvests are generally more generous, making it worth the wait. 

In general, the best cannabis seeds of the sativa variety produce higher-THC buds and more of a head buzz. Choose a sativa-dominant strain for getting things done and having an activity-intensive good time.


Hybrid weed strains

The best cannabis seeds for balanced hybrids bring together the best of both worlds. Most often, they reach the mind first, making you euphoric and talkative. The indica side hits a bit later, lulling your body into a state of calm.


Indoors or outdoors - which seeds work better where?

The best places to buy cannabis seeds in the USA disclose which products are suitable for which set of environmental factors. Here’s a rundown of the basics.


Indoor growing

The best indoor cannabis seeds let you keep gardening in the dead of winter.

You have complete control over everything. Those optimal growth conditions make your best cannabis seeds grow into the best cannabis plants.


Outdoor growing

Picking the best outdoor cannabis seeds is the first step towards a gorgeous, flourishing garden. You’ll usually go down this road in a warmer climate with a longer growing season

Do you feel eager to shop but have to wait for several months before the sprouting season?  Learn how to store marijuana seeds. They’ll be ready for germination when the last days of frost get replaced by sunny spring mornings.


How to choose the best cannabis seeds

Regular, feminized, autoflower, or photoperiod - what’s the difference? 

There’s a lot of jargon on even the most beginner-friendly, best sites to buy cannabis seeds. Check our guide for understanding regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds for more info, but here are the essentials. 


Regular or feminized seeds?

Most of the best cannabis seeds online are feminized. These beauties mature into female weed crops, producing those delicious, smokable buds.


The best cannabis seeds of the regular variety develop into a selection of male and female marijuana plants. Breeders mostly use them nowadays, but some old-school growers still prefer to keep it au naturel, too. 

In essence, there’s always the risk of spending precious time and money growing cannabis that you can’t use with regulars. Feminized is the go-to variety for most.


Autoflower or photoperiod seeds?

Reputable shops feature a selection of photoperiod and autoflowering weed kernels. Your decision depends on the speed at which you want to get your hands on some sticky flowers.

The best autoflowering cannabis seeds blossom without requiring a change in light schedule.

You’ll collect the flowers in 12 weeks tops, giving you a chance for a double annual harvest. This shortened development makes the yields smaller and the plants unsuitable for stress training.

Photoperiods follow the light schedule. You’ll force them to bloom by changing the day/night periods. The best cannabis seeds of this variety bring in generous outputs.


Medical or recreational - what’s your purpose?

The line between recreational and medical weed is getting blurrier by the day. 

The best cannabis seeds develop into THC-rich weed plants that get you as high as a kite. CBD is gaining traction, too, for its healing effects on the mind and body and a smoother, less intense form of intoxication

Modern growers noticed that the greatest results come from a balanced CBD-THC blend, but there are some distinctions to keep in mind.


Medical weed

The best medical cannabis seeds boast high amounts of CBD, the compound that’s been all the rage in alternative medicine recently. 

Therapeutic weed can have high or low THC levels to suit different patient types. Growers for medical purposes only are best off going for a high-CBD cultivar to make the most out of each flower.


Recreational weed

The best cannabis seeds often serve recreational purposes. There’s so much cannabis variety today that you can get any effect, flavor, and growing difficulty level with these kernels. 

If you’re growing only to have a fun time smoking pot, consider your desired effects. From there, it’s as simple as picking a strain that seems the most appealing.


Price - how much do you want to spend?

A relationship between price and quality does exist. The best cannabis seeds don’t tend to be the cheapest ones, but that doesn’t mean that the priciest ones are the best. 

  • Don’t cut corners on seed pricing completely. This purchase is the least expensive but most influential aspect of your overall success. 
  • Don’t put price above everything else, either. Research all you need before factoring in the cost. 

Also, pick the best website to buy cannabis seeds. It’ll already have quality genetics and sourcing practices, but it’s also a good idea to learn how to recognize high-quality cannabis seeds. Price is secondary to all these factors.


Set the foundation for a flourishing garden

Combine these criteria to select the best cannabis seed pack for yourself. Lists are a welcome addition to bypass getting frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Once you choose a strain, hop to our shop and order your first pack. We’re the best site for cannabis seeds, with quality packaging, discreet shipping, genuine reviews, and educational resources to help you start your weed garden. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more useful guides and have fun with your new hobby.

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