There’s nothing quite like watching your weed plants swaying softly in a warm, gentle breeze outside on a sunny day.

Indoor cannabis cultivation has benefits such as stealth growing, better control of heat and light, and managing your marijuana plants’ heights. Why should you choose to grow your weed plants outside, and how do you know what the best outdoor strains are?

Continue reading, to discover the joys and benefits of cultivating your cannabis plants outside. You’ll also learn about the best outdoor strains of 2021 and why they are our top picks for outside growing.    


The great outdoors

Of course, our weather will have an enormous influence on outdoor cultivation depending on where we live in the U.S. For example, if you’re looking for the best outdoor marijuana strains for the northeast, remember you’ll be growing your weed plants in a diverse climate with semi-humid summers. If you live in the midwest, your climate type will be humid continental.

As humans, we are becoming more health-conscious and are favoring organic cuisine instead of processed foods. What can be more organic than growing your crops naturally outdoors?

Various weed strains will thrive outdoors without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides. If you feel the need to give your cannabis plants a little boost, you can always buy high-grade organic nutes.

With minimal work, you can earn bumper yields from the best outdoor strains. If you choose feminized seeds, you’re 99.9% guaranteed luscious buds on your marijuana plants. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 


The best outdoor strains of 2021

We’re now going to look at a few weed variants ideal for blossoming cultivators and experienced growers looking for quality harvests. Beginners trying to find their green thumbs will find the following best outdoor cannabis strains a joy to work with to kick-start their outside journey. 


Best Outdoor Marijuana Strains 2021


Northern Lights

If you’re a seasoned smoker, no doubt you’ll have heard of the iconic Northern Lights weed strain. This classic Indica-dominant hybrid has won numerous awards throughout the years, including multiple Cannabis Cups. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s an easy outdoor grow, and it’s one of our top picks for the best outdoor strains of 2021.

Northern Lights feminized seeds are perfect for sunny and Mediterranean climates. However, the plant will adapt to its natural outdoor environment, and it’ll grow well in humid climates, with a little care from yourself. Just be careful of overfeeding your marijuana crops as it can lead to discoloration of leaves and roots and may affect the potency quality.

You can start your outdoor cultivation in the spring so the natural sunlight can begin its magic and shower your cannabis plant with rays of energy. Your Northern Lights will flower in 6 - 7 short weeks and will respond well to low-stress training. The robust branches can handle colossal-sized buds, and the crops are easy to trim and shape. 

Northern Lights cannabis plants can grow up to 5ft tall and are among the best outdoor strains for high yields. You’ll take pleasure in admiring the shimmery white layer of trichomes on your buds while harvesting yields of up to 22oz per marijuana plant outdoors. Toke up to experience the lights of the Aurora Borealis dance inside your mind while spreading waves of soothing relief over your tense muscles. 


Frisian Duck

If you’re looking for a weed plant that doesn’t have the distinguished marijuana look, Frisian Duck feminized seeds are just what you need. Perfect for stealth growing as untrained eyes can easily bypass this magnificent cannabis strain outdoors. Beginners will surely get a kick out of growing this gourmet beauty outside.

As well as being a stealthy ninja, Frisian Duck will grow well in all latitudes. Her toughness makes her one of the best outdoor strains for northeast cultivators. The weed plant is highly resistant to bouts of extremely bad weather, and her sturdy branches and stems support her weight without any problems.

Frisian Duck flowering times are 8 - 9 weeks, and she’ll provide you with joy as she starts to resemble a Christmas tree as she grows. This magnificent hybrid can reach staggering heights of up to 10ft.

Enjoy the enormous yields from this weed plant when you harvest in mid-fall. The smooth smoke and well-balanced highs you’ll get from Frisian Duck as a reward will show you why it’s one of the best outdoor strains in 2021.   


Durban Poison

Durban Poison feminized seeds are exceptionally easy to grow outdoors and are suitable for newbie cultivators. These sativa-dominant hybrids grow up to 7ft high as they stretch their branches upwards to reach the sun. The cannabis plants also respond to low-stress training incredibly well.

Seasoned weed cultivators recognize Durban Poison as one of the best strains of marijuana for outdoor growing. It requires little maintenance from cultivators as it’s resistant to outside pests, disease, and mold. Its robust stems and sturdy limbs ensure the cannabis strain can handle extreme shifts in weather and temperatures.

Durban Poison has an outdoor flowering time of 8 - 10 weeks. The weed plant will grace your nose with sweet and spicy smells, and it’ll be ready for harvest in late September or early October. 

You can expect yields up to 16oz per plant, so get ready to reap the rewards of your successful growth as you indulge in the uplifting cerebral highs of this weed plant. 


Best Outdoor Marijuana Strains 2021


Mazar Autoflower

Mazar Autoflower seeds are among the best outdoor autoflowering strains available to buy. Beginners will be astonished at how easy these cannabis seeds grow in most climates. The weed plant is highly robust and also adapts to various soil types and hydroponic setups.

This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is mold and pest resistant, making it the perfect weed variant to grow outdoors. The marijuana plant will start to bloom from seed after about three weeks, with a total flowering time of 7 - 8 weeks. 

Mazar Autoflower is also one of the best short outdoor strains as it’ll rarely reach heights of over 3ft. The small size makes it ideal for stealth outdoor cultivation, and even though it’s a small marijuana plant, you can expect significant yields from this beauty.

Yields of up to 17oz per plant will await you come harvest time. The THC contents of Mazar Autoflower weed plants are up to 20%, so you can enjoy a heavy Indica body stone full of relaxation before you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.



If you’re looking for another fantastic cannabis strain to grow outdoors, you’ll love LSD feminized seeds. Beginner cultivators will enjoy watching this hybrid’s buds thrive and grow under the sun, reaching heights of only 2ft, making it another ideal marijuana variant for stealth growing.

LSD feminized doesn’t like high humidity levels, so ensure you lookout for this. Besides monitoring the humidity, the weed plant is a pleasure to grow, and cultivators recognize it as one of the best outdoor strains of 2021. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain is also resistant to outside pests and diseases.

Flowering times for LSD are around 7 - 8 weeks. You can maximize your yields by carefully topping the weed plant and encouraging growth throughout the marijuana crop. 

If you have a successful harvest in mid-September, you can expect outdoor yields of up to 18oz per plant, despite the small height. Then you can enjoy the focused, euphoric, and creative effects of LSD in a burst of delightful energy. 


Free natural resources for your weed seeds

There’s nothing quite like watching your weed plants soaking up all those free natural outdoor resources. You won’t have to worry about hefty energy bills in your letterbox you’d expect from an indoor lighting setup.

The sun is an incredible source of free energy that’ll lavish heat and light upon your outdoor growth, causing your weed plants to thrive and flourish. It’s also more environmentally-friendly, and a lot more fun growing outside. You can also buddy up the best outdoor marijuana strains with other beneficial plants and watch them develop together. 


Adventure is out there

Believe us. There’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with your favorite strain, knowing that you’ve successfully grown it from a little seedling to a towering cannabis plant.

So why not take advantage of all that nature has to give outside and start your outdoor cultivation adventure today? Choose the cannabis strain that suits your climate conditions, get back in touch with the natural world, and grow your best outdoor strain of 2021 today.

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