Are you looking to boost harvests but find techniques like monster cropping and CO2 supplementation too costly and time-consuming? Our highest yielding strains are your best friend

These weed plants let you use the same space, lights, and nutrients and still enjoy extra jars full of fragrant flowers.

Let’s explore the factors that help cannabis seedlings grow into fruitful mothers and share our top highest-yielding strains of 2021.


What makes cannabis high-yielding?

Genetics is the number one determiner of the amounts you’ll receive from each seed you sow. The highest-yielding cannabis strains pick up the best characteristics of their rich heritage. 

Modern pot is much different than the hippies used to smoke back in the 1970s. Breeders are taking the best of the best and combining them into something truly impressive.

The industry is rapidly developing to produce potent, fertile weed plants that would blow a veteran’s mind. Not all varieties today count as the highest yielding strains, but compared to their predecessors, they’re all jaw-dropping. 


Highest yielding cannabis strains: top picks

The modern era has blessed us with so many cultivars deserving of the highest-yielding marijuana strain category that we find ourselves spoilt for choice. We decided to divide them into sections for easy viewing. 

Some overlap - an indica can be autoflowering or regular, grown inside or outside. Your preferences will tell you where to look first. 


Best High Yield Marijuana Strains 2021


Highest yielding outdoor strains

If you’re taking your experiment outside, we have good news and bad news for you. You’re not fully protected from the elements. You can’t optimize the conditions, and you have to pick seeds that suit your climate.

On the bright side, this option is more cost-effective. Plus, there’s nothing like nature to provide optimal conditions for growth. Harvests from the great outdoors are much bigger, eliminating space restrictions and letting the highest-yielding strains flourish.

Our favorites from the highest yielding outdoor strain category include:

  • Pineapple Haze. This monster-sized citrusy herb trumps stress and anxiety. You’ll feel good about the world as the mental buzz hits and your body stays grounded in reality. Expect up to 25 oz/plant in ideal conditions.
  • Green Crack. This fragrant daytime smoke fills your lungs with dank vapor and your mind with sheer optimism. It’s energizing, uplifting, and healing. Up to 20 oz/plant awaits.
  • Moby Dick. The white whale packs quite a punch in the THC department. It features some CBD for therapeutic properties and a sweet flavor to go along with the kick. The yields are just as impressive, reaching 52 oz/plant.
  • Super Skunk. This super-vigorous, super-fragrant cultivar develops the stickiest of buds. The stone is immediate and profound, with bonus restorative qualities in each 21 oz/plant.
  • Sour Diesel. The potent gasolene smell comes with a fresh citrus twist to each puff. It gives you a strength boost while keeping you cool, collected, and warding off unnecessary stress. You get to enjoy over 25 ounces of these flowers per plant.


Highest yielding indoor strains

Indoor growing is the same, whether you live in New Mexico or Vermont. You buy your highest yielding strains for indoor settings, get your room, tent, or closet ready, set up the fans and lights, and you’re good to go. 

With climate out of the way, feel free to let your gut guide you. Our favorites from the highest yielding indoor strain category include:

  • Big Bud. This indica-dominant herb is as no-nonsense as it gets, producing over 1.64 oz/sq ft of grow room. The buzz gets you chilled out and creative while causing some serious munchies. 
  • Super Silver Haze. A citrusy wake ‘n’ bake promises an energized, productive, and anxiety-free day. A hydro setup makes it reach its full potential, delivering up to 2.62 oz/sq ft.
  • Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a sweet-smelling, aromatic THC powerhouse with flowers that thrill and heal in all their beauty and abundance of around 2 oz/sqft.
  • White Widow. This high-potency classic is a veteran’s top choice. Its sweetness burns into thick smoke that’ll melt you to the couch for a night of pure pleasure. You’ll keep coming back to jars full of flowers, as this one promises up to 1.64 oz/sqft.
  • Strawberry Kush. You won’t be able to have enough of the berry-flavored, energetic haze that gets even the laziest of us moving and grooving. Prepare to collect around 1.8 oz/sq ft.


Best High Yield Marijuana Strains 2021


Highest yielding indica strains

Pure indicas and indica-dominant strains tend to bloom quicker than their energizing counterparts. They mostly form compact, dense flowers covered in a thick coat of resin. 

Height isn’t a problem with indicas, either. They expand in breadth and develop into Christmas-tree looking bushes instead.

Our favorites from the highest yielding indica strain category include:

  • Gold Leaf. This dense, smooth smoke hits immediately, engulfing you in waves of positive energy as stress slides off your neck and shoulders. With around 28 oz/plant in an outdoor setting, there’s a lot to go around.
  • Northern Lights. Synthetic sedatives, move away. An organic alternative is here. This old-school herb strikes like a sledgehammer, sending you off to relaxation land. It promises around 1.64 oz/sq ft of your grow room.
  • Purple Bud. Looking for a calming strain that’ll put a smile on your face? These sticky buds produce a sweet zest that hints at the all-encompassing joy to come. Plus, 21 to 28 ounces await per majestic outdoor plant.
  • Black Domina. This sweet-and-sour beauty is potent and healing. Sedation hits you like a ton of bricks, but you find yourself too euphoric to care. Grow it outside, and each herb awards you with 24 - 25 ounces of pretty blossoms.
  • Holland’s Hope. This easy grower is the classic indica. It hits quickly with a full-body stone that leaves you grinning in sheer delight. Plus, 22 oz/plant is a guarantee for your outdoor weed garden!


Highest yielding sativa strains

Sativas take a bit longer to reach the ideal harvesting period. They grow into tall and lanky herbs that can double in height even after entering the flowering stage, truly taking the title of the highest yielding strains out there.

Our favorites from the highest yielding sativa strain category include:

  • Chocolope. This sativa superstar lives up to its name with up to 24 ounces of tasty buds per outdoor-growing cannabis plant. The psychoactive effects put chocolate-induced serotonin levels to shame.
  • Durban Poison. If we had to choose our poison, we’d pick Durban. The cerebral high sends your mind on a creative rush, getting you inspired and ready to tackle your to-do list. Ideal outdoor conditions promise around 17 oz/plant.
  • Bruce Banner. This weed crop is a sensation for growers and stoners. There’s a hint of fresh strawberries in the smoke, which seems unassuming but hits like the fist of The Hulk. The harvests are just as massive, with up to 2.30 oz/sq ft indoors. 
  • Euforia. This strain is all about vigor and ease. The sharp vapor is so distinctly Skunk that long-time stoners will revel in the flavor, and the outdoors potential yield of 23 oz/plant only adds to the joy.
  • Hawaii Maui Waui. The aroma is rich and herbal, making your body and mind feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. With 16 oz/plant in an outdoor environment, your holiday’s bound to last.


Highest yielding autoflowering strains

Autoflowering strains are a wonder of genetics. They’re non-photoperiod, which means that they don’t trouble themselves with the light cycle but blossom regardless of it.

These are major convenience boosters, but they don’t tend to be the highest-yielding strains, as their quick progression makes the harvests somewhat scarcer on average. Some fantastic autos don’t fail to amaze with their abundance of fresh blossoms, though.

Our favorites from the highest yielding autoflowering strain category include:

  • Girl Scout Cookies. Vanilla and nutmeg undertones greet you with the first toke while a wave of good mood washes over you. It’s impressive for an auto, too, with around 1.97 oz/sq ft of your grow room.
  • Gorilla Glue #4. Instant euphoria arrives with this Indica-dominant hybrid. The smell is a bit overpowering, but it’s worth the powerful high you’ll experience. You can expect up to 2 oz/sq ft of your growing area.
  • Stardawg. Sit down before taking a puff. The steady hybrid strokes your body with a gentle stone while taking your brain on a wild ride. Outdoor harvesters will find that the 2 to 7 oz/plant will be enough to last you through a rainy season.
  • White Widow x Crystal Meth. Each 2 oz of flowers this punchy Indica-leaning cross delivers outside is herby and cerebral. It’ll make you feel like you own the world until the drowsiness hits and you find yourself fast asleep.
  • Zkittlez. This well-balanced indica contains hints of sativa to keep you positive while softening your body into that sweet, sweet relaxation. Outdoors in the right conditions, you’ll collect 3 to 4 oz/plant, but it’ll be more than enough.