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If you know anything about cannabis, you’ll be familiar with Kush. It’s also likely you’ve tried any number of Kush marijuana strains over the years – smoking, dabbing and generally loving this all-time classic. But as we always say, in order to get maximum enjoyment out of your favourite cannabis, it’s worth learning a little more about it.

Kush has lent its genetics to some of the most famous and infamous strains the world has ever seen. OG Kush in particular has become no less than an icon on a global basis, currently experiencing record demand in the United States where legalisation continues to expand. Resin-packed buds, superb yields and a high that really packs a punch, Kush is a multi-award-winning family of cannabis strains that deserves respect.

Topped off with that unmistakable citrusy-diesel flavour, it’s hard to go wrong with just about any quality Kush strain. 

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Origins of the Kush Strain

In central Asia, there's a disputed and historically dangerous mountainous region on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The area being known as Hindu Kush, with both countries fighting furiously for control over the region. In any case, the fact that the area in general has always been something of a no mans land gave Mother Nature the perfect opportunity to come up with something special. Which she did native and naturally growing Kush marijuana, which would eventually find its way on to the radars of westerners.

The United States, Canada and Europe got its first taste of Kush cannabis in the 60s and 60s, when adventurous explorers began bringing seeds back from the Kush region. Unsurprisingly, prohibition of cannabis in both Afghanistan and elsewhere have made it difficult for much progress to be made, in terms of both experimentation and general cultivation. Nevertheless, Kush cannabis proved so incredibly popular and desirable that it soon found itself spreading across the entire world. To such an extent that Kush had an enormous and permanent impact on the way the world cultivates and enjoys cannabis like never before.

Kush Today

These days, genetics from the original Kush marijuana strains can be found in literally hundreds of modern and classic strains worldwide. Kush cannabis engineering and experimentation are particularly prevalent in Southern California, with various medical Kush strains having become firm favourites across The United States. Examples of which include Larry, Lemon, Tahoe, OG, Russian Master and many more besides. But just as things were decades ago, Kush continues to make its mark on cannabis culture worldwide.

For the keen grower, Kush cannabis genetics make a valuable addition to just about any strain you could possibly devise. Irrespective of whether looking to treat a medical condition or simply enjoy a relaxing recreational smoke, just about anything that contains Kush genetics is a safe bet.

In fact, Kush itself has become something of a byword for both potency and quality. Hence, it's hardly surprising so many sellers deliberately mislead buyers by calling their products Kush, when in reality they're no such thing.

Award-Winning Kush Cannabis

The history of Kush marijuana strains at the Cannabis Cup really says all that needs to be said about its quality and reputation. Any number of Kush varieties have won countless awards in Amsterdam over the years, which in many cases don't actually feature the word Kush and their respective titles. A few examples of which being White Widow, Sensi Star and AK-47 all of which are packed with Kush genetics and have scooped up multiple prizes at the most prestigious cannabis competitions.

Hard-Hitting Kush

These days, breeders and engineers turn to Kush genetics when looking to create cannabis strains that pack a serious punch. Anyone who's familiar with quality Kush will know that this is a strain famed for bringing on intense relaxation and almost inevitable couch-lock. Precisely why it's considered the perfect smoke for a nightcap in the evening, or when you need have a good excuse to cancel your plans for the rest of the day. Along with being incredibly potent, the full-body stone also lingers for hours on end.

This incredibly powerful hit is accompanied by an almost mind-blowing skunky and dank aroma, indicating you're into something special. Light it up and youre in for a super-citrusy flavour explosion, which just like the stone lingers on the palate for some time.

The Kush and the High Times Cannabis Cup have a long and storied history, one that's guaranteed to continue for many years to come. Future Cups are sure to be won by plants bearing these illustrious genetics, and much of the best hashish in Holland continues to be made from these strains as well. Plus, the centuries-long Afghan tradition of separating the trichomes from Kush plants to press into bricks of tasty hash has persisted into the 21st century worldwide.

Growing Kush Cannabis

If you're legally entitled to grow cannabis, many Kush strains are surprisingly easy to succeed with. Having originated from the cool climates of the Hindu Kush mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Kush strains are generally quite durable in most weather conditions. Even in cooler northern climates, it's perfectly possible to successfully grow Kush cannabis outdoors, though you'll typically be looking at bigger and better yields with an indoor setup.

Buying the Best Kush Seeds

Here at Seed Supreme, we exclusively offer the highest quality Kush seeds money can buy, sourced from leading breeders and engineers worldwide. If looking to grow outstanding Kush for medical or recreational purposes, it all starts with premium seeds and genetics you can count on. We focus on hi quality and performance above all else, while working hard to maximise value for money.

We currently have an extensive range of Kush cannabis varieties to suit all tastes and preferences, including the latest releases from all over the world and the all-time classics you can't live without. We're also constantly adding to our collection with the latest newcomers from leading engineers, so be sure to check back on a regular basis to see what's new from our top range of Seed Banks.