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Critical x No Name Autoflower Seeds

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Something of an enticing enigma among any to cross her path, Critical x No Name Autoflower is an Indica-heavy hybrid known to hit hard and fast with a potent punch and delightfully musky sweet and sour profile...

Every Cannabis Connoisseur’s Dream


Bud Basics

Something of an enticing enigma among any to cross her path, Critical x No Name Autoflower is an Indica-heavy hybrid known to hit hard and fast with a potent punch and delightfully musky sweet and sour profile.


While an intuitive look at this strain’s name, strong sedative effects and citric flavors fairly well suggests notable Critical Mass influence in these buds, the full genetic lineage of this particular specimen is anyone’s guess - but isn’t that part of the fun!


Indeed, anyone who comes across the path of Critical x No Name needs only to be a fan of high THC Indicas to fall under this weed’s spell. With THC up to 20% and a diverse, musky flavor and aroma which blends tropical tangs and cheesy skunkiness, this is certainly a hybrid for the cannabis connoisseurs - not least of which due to the rarity of this strain.


Perhaps it’s by design, appealing to that part of us which loves a good mystery or secret, but you’ll not likely find any Critical x No Name at your local dispensary or coffeeshop, which means that buying some beans and growing your own is pretty much the only way to go about sampling this intriguing Indica specimen.


Best enjoyed, as with most Indica-dominant strains, as your evening pot partner, when the name of the game is all about unwinding and chilling out.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical x No Name Autoflower

Critical x No Name Auto is one of those idyllic hybrid strains with a flavor that perfectly matches the promises delivered by the aroma on the nose.


Clearly backed by a rich (albeit as yet unspecified) terpene profile, expect to be treated to a tangy tropical zestblended with an earthy, chemically and cheesy skunkiness. There are those who claim hints of pine and even licorice come through on the nose and tongue, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


While this all may sound like a crazy combination to those new to the weed world, this potent and mouthwatering blend should be quite enough to whet the whistle of any cannabis connoisseur with a taste for the exceptional.




Being a high THC strain with levels regularly testing on average around 20%, you should be able to get a feel instantly what to expect from this Indica face-melter.


Don’t turn to Critical x No Name Auto if you’re looking for a new favorite wake and bake strain, because these bud beauties are all about that end of the day chill out. The high comes on swiftly, capturing you in the moment and releasing you from any stresses, woes or worries of the day.


Adrift in euphoric elation, you may not even notice the onset of the strong sedation sweeping through your body from head to toe, but it’s there. Pretty soon, you’re on the couch wondering how you got there, weighing the worth of the short, miles-long trek to the cupboard for some well-deserved snacks.


You’d have to have the THC tolerance of a demigod to take this hit first thing in the morning and do anything with your day. Critical x No Name is your stereotypical stoner quintessential cannabis strain - one perfectly suited to a Netflix and chong vibe, though very little else (beyond sending you off to a swift and deep sleep).


It is possible that you’ll experience enhanced creativity for a spell, however, the likelihood of you having the energy to act on any inspiration is slim to none (again, unless godly tolerance is your superpower).



Medical Uses of Critical x No Name Autoflower 

Given the somewhat ‘best-kept secret’ nature of this hybrid plus her average Cannabidiol (CBD) of 0.3%, there are not a great many cases of patients turning to Critical x No Name Autoflower for their therapeutic weed needs.


That said, for those able to handle the hit of a strain with high psychoactive potency, a little THC therapy can go a long way towards much-needed respite. Due to the swift-acting influence of this clever little hybrid, any medical benefits are felt within mere minutes, there’s no waiting around for this marijuana medicine to do its thing.


With strong anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties at play within these buds, those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression can find their perspectives turned around, their mind free and their worries cast into memory within a few tokes. Patients in even the most severe pain can feel the freedom of movement once again, returning a deserved semblance of normality to their lives.


Of course, Critical x No Name Auto is no more a cure for physical or mental maladies than any other cannabis strain can be, offering relief from symptoms at best, however, sometimes that’s all it takes to make a considerable difference.


It’s also worth noting that even seasoned daily recreational tokers can be caught unawares by the potency of these buds, so be sure to consume with care, stay hydrated and don’t overindulge (unless you want to invite some less desirable side effects like dizziness, dry mouth or red eyes).



Growing Critical x No Name Autoflower Seeds

It’s fair to say this is one of those hybrid strains likely designed with those first-time cultivators firmly in mind. The introduction of potent Ruderalis genetics into the mix here has served to strengthen the Critical Mass experience, boosting the plants’ resilience while not losing any of the strain’s natural growing ease or generous yielding potential.


Given their autoflowering nature, you’ll find these beauties capable of flowering regardless of how much light they receive. This hybrid has been bred to thrive in less than ideal cannabis climates, though we suggest opting for an indoor cultivation if possible as here is where you’re likely to see best results come harvest.


Those set on outdoor cultivation should keep in mind that you’re far less likely to see this hybrid’s full yield potential (unless you grow loads of plants or plan multiple cropping sessions per year).


The plants tend to develop in a typical Indica manner, remaining under 1.5 meters tall even if allowed to really spread their roots, producing a number of budding sites and bearing strong resilience to mold or pest-related problems.


If you’re able to, get you Critical x No Name Autoflower crop going in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup as this will help you get the most out of your ladies. You’ll want to consider how the cultivation medium you choose impacts the whole thing, too - opt for organic soil if you want to draw out the most from the terpenes, or hydroponics if you’re all about yield and speed.


Overall, you’re looking at roughly 8 to 10 weeks of flowering for your Critical x No Name Auto plants, after which you can expect between 350 and 450 grams per meter squared for indoor crops. If you’ve gone for an outdoor setup, expect between 100 and 200 grams per plant even in the best of conditions.




Simple cannabis cultivation at its finest, this Indica hybrid packs a heavy and deeply welcomed high THC hit that’s perfect for unwinding and capable of forcing even the most devout workaholic into some much needed ‘me’ time.


Though not the most famous out there, it’s not all about critical acclaim in the weed world, and Critical x No Name Auto is everything any cannabis connoisseur would go nuts for - easily grown, remarkably rare, abundantly generous, hard-hitting and above all else, utterly delicious. 

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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