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If you’re in need of a weed for a relaxing night in, Northern Lights x Cream Auto has you covered whether you’re looking for recreational effects, gorgeous flavors, or medicinal benefits...

Potent Pot for Pursuing Pleasures

Bud Basics

Reading the name Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower tells you almost everything you need to know about this brilliant hybrid cross marijuana. With parents that enjoyed by the 420 community across the world, this weed combines the must-try Northern Lights (known for her overwhelming physical high and extreme potency) with the delicious delight that is Cream, also known as Cream Caramel - and her name tells you plenty about her flavor.

This well-balanced weed has a fairly even ratio of Indica to Sativa, affording her the best of both worlds. Her flavor is sweet and buttery, without being too sugary, and is perfect at the end of a long day. With a moderate to high THC content of around 18%, her recreational effects are capable of freeing the mind from concerns while calming the body to a pleasurable, soothing buzz.

Since this herb's ancestry is therapeutic on both sides, Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower boasts the ability to mellow the mind from stress and anxiety, and relieve pain from a variety of ailments alongside easing insomnia.

An autoflowering strain, Northern Lights x Cream will thrive just about anywhere, but indoor growers will find yields are easier to guarantee in a controlled environment. Since these seeds are feminized, removing males isn’t a concern, and you can focus your energy on maintaining the ideal environment for this little beauty to thrive.

Flavor and Fragrance of Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower

Simple and elegant in her scent and flavor, Northern Lights x Cream Auto boasts the sweet and buttery notes of her Cream Caramel lineage. Yet she never quite reaches sickly territory, since she’s wonderfully tempered by earthy notes from her Northern Lights side, combining to create a deliciously fruity tasting hit.


As you savor the sweet smoke of Northern Lights x Cream, you’ll soon begin to notice the freeing influence of her high, clearing the mind of worries even as she intensifies your senses. Colors will seem brighter, music full of merriment and your emotions far more notable while this weed works her magic.

As a strain that enhances creativity, this pot can be an excellent work aid for those pursuing art-related pleasures, encouraging innovative thoughts in a manner that befits your more expressive side - ideal for artists, writers and creators of any kind.

Even as this inspiration hits, you’ll find yourself uplifted and maybe overcome by a fit of the giggles - so this strain is also a social butterfly, sure to improve any environment.

While your mind expands, the body-high of Northern Lights x Cream Auto sets in a little later, inducing a heavy feeling of relaxation that begins at the back of your skull before spreading downward and outward to encompass every part of your body.

Like many strains, this herb will have a potent effect on your appetite, inducing the munchies. Fill your stomach fast though, as eventually, her high will wind down to lull you to sleep.

Low to moderate doses of Northern Lights x Cream are recommended to ensure your experience is as positive as possible. Higher doses can induce dizziness, increased paranoia and heightened anxiety - particularly for those sensitive to THC. More common side effects include dry and bloodshot eyes, and cottonmouth - but are more easily alleviated by remaining hydrated.

Medical Uses of Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower

As potent and therapeutic as Northern Lights before her, NL x Cream Auto is an effective strain for appeasing aches and pains, due to her analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. By relaxing the muscles, this plant serves to rid the body of pain from conditions such as migraines, eye pressure, arthritis, PMS and multiple sclerosis.

As for the mind, those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) commuity have found this hybrid herb to be a potent anxiolytic and antidepressant. Capable of mitigating mental symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and bipolar disorder, Northern Lights x Cream lifts the mood and alleviates the negative thoughts associated with such concerns.

For those struggling with lack of appetite, this weed will soon have you munching again, due to the strong hunger pangs she induces. Those finding themselves unable or unwilling to eat due to eating disorders or ailments such as HIV will find joy in good food once more.

Since Northern Lights x Cream Auto is an effective sedating strain, sufferers of insomnia can look to a joint of this to send them off to dreamland.

Growing Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Seeds

For cannabis cultivators new and experienced, Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower is a plant that highlights the true satisfaction of germinating and growing your own seeds, from scratch, to harvest a yield of delicious flavors and uplifting highs.

This evenly balanced Indica-Sativa strain is fairly small in size, growing no more than 90cm in height when fully mature. She’s an ideal strain if space is limited, and can even be grown on a windowsill or balcony, in a stealth grow box - or perhaps in the backyard amongst the other plants.

This autoflowering variant cross only requires basic management throughout her growth cycle, and is resistant to common pathogens from the beginning. Her robust branches are sturdy enough to require no support, despite her heavy colas. Plus, she can adapt to less than ideal conditions due to her auto nature - though this may be reflected in her yield, based on the care and nutrients she receives.

Training isn’t necessary per se, but this plant will respond fairly well to low-stress training (LST) early on. Some pruning during the first week of fruiting isn’t a bad idea, but topping is unnecessary and not recommended.

The short 9- to 10-week lifespan of Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower means that recovery time is limited, so where possible keep the plant away from harm and possible stressors in order to avoid her energy being diverted to recuperating - rather than feeding her tasty buds.

The ideal controlled environment for this strain includes a temperature of around 22°C, and a Relative Humidity (RH) level of around 55%. 18 to 24 hours of light is also recommended to boost bud production, and employing a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup will also help to improve yields. Harvest after all your work, and you can expect 100 to 150 grams of nugs per square meter.

To maximize on yield size, cultivating Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower outdoors is advantageous, particularly in a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate. So long as no harm comes to the plant and weather conditions are not adverse, she should flourish and provide 150 grams of buds per plant. Start her off in April or May and keep on harvesting, finishing no later than October.


If you’re in need of a weed for a relaxing night in, Northern Lights x Cream Auto has you covered whether you’re looking for recreational effects, gorgeous flavors, or medicinal benefits.

Bursting with notes of cream and honey, these buds are well balanced in aroma and taste as they are in their high, since both Sativa and Indica genetics make their presence known within a few moments of your first toke.

While your mind is freed and your senses are expanding, the creativity-inducing high of Northern Lights x Cream works to relax your body into a mellow, chilled-out state that’s ideal for letting go of an evening. As she does so, this herb works her magic on your muscles and your mind, alleviating negative thoughts and symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. She will lift the shadow of pain from your body while she’s at it, sorting out the symptoms of arthritis and more.

For growers, though her yields aren’t exactly massive, they’re fair for the effort required. Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower has been simplified to make cultivating a breeze, and controlling her environment is almost all that’s required of you to rear this beauty to perfection.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)