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Mazar Autoflower Seeds

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Drawing on the THC of Afghani and the sweet and pungent scent of Skunk #1, these buds are classically skunky and dank as hell, even if the euphoria they induce is fairly short-lived in comparison to other strains - though that doesn’t mean it’s not an intense high...

Sleepy, Spicy Skunkiness


Bud Basics

Named for her city of origin in Afghanistan, some may know Mazar Autoflower by one of her other names - perhaps the full, Mazar-I-Sharif or the name that gives a nod to her parentage, Afghan Skunk.


Regardless of what you choose to call her, she’s a popular strain across the cannabis community due to her uncanny ability to knock you out with a few hits, sending you off on a cloud of bliss with her 20% THC content before winding you down to lethargy that has you asleep in no time.


Drawing on the THC of Afghani and the sweet and pungent scent of Skunk #1, these buds are classically skunky and dank as hell, even if the euphoria they induce is fairly short-lived in comparison to other strains - though that doesn’t mean it’s not an intense high. Balance wise, she’s 80:20 Indica-Sativa.


Whether you’re smoking this herb for her recreational effects or are more inclined towards the medicinal benefits, all tokers will find satisfaction in this ganja.


She’s beneficial as a pain reliever and at reducing the negative-leaning symptoms of depression and anxiety - and that’s not to mention how well she serves those suffering from insomnia.


By introducing this strain's already excellent genetics to a Ruderalis strain, breeders have cultivated a non-photoperiod plant that is simple to grow whilst still a hefty punch. Mazar Auto can be grown by even the most black thumbed grower, she’s resilient and fast-growing and despite being short she’s still capable of producing a huge yield.



Flavor and Fragrance of Mazar Autoflower

Even before you light up, you’ll be hit full-on with the strength of the scent and flavor of Mazar. Smothered in trichomes, the buds emit a pungent skunky smell before breaking them up, and once combusted, this develops into a dank and musty earthy aroma, underpinned by notes both sweet and sour.


In taste, this earthiness intensifies to mix with the skunk notes and create a sweet, floral flavor with a twist of tangy citrus and fainter spicy notes, that linger even after you exhale her soft, smooth smoke.




A pretty potent beast, Mazar has THC levels of around 20% and is definitely in the nighttime strain category, best for use right before bed, as her high is heavy-bodied and hits within a few moments of taking a toke.


As an Indica-dominant hybrid, Mazar Auto’s high is fairly physical - though that’s not to say she’s a couch-locking kind of strain.


No, this herb has you floating off on a cloud of mentally stimulated relaxation, brightening your world to lightness - easing your worries and the tension in your muscles until you’re light as a feather and basking in the bliss of a cerebral paradise.


As a fast hitter, most seasoned smokers will find that once the mental euphoria wears off, it can send you right off to dreamland. Lethargy is almost a guarantee with Mazar, and that’s why we strongly recommend it for night time use. You’ve no chance of getting shit done while this stuff is in your system - she’s strictly for weekends and after work only.



Medical Uses of Mazar Autoflower

Though not yet living up to the reputation of her parents, that doesn’t mean Mazar Autoflower can’t hold her own in the pharma-weed arena, and her popularity is growing steadily as awareness of her medical benefits makes its way across the cannabis community.


An excellent option for relieving pain, Mazar can aid those with aching joints, back pain, mild headaches and even migraines without breaking a sweat.


As for mental health issues, this herb's happiness-inducing high can benefit those struggling with anxiety, depression and stress by pushing aside negative and intrusive thoughts. For this same reason, she’s sometimes prescribed for mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, and ADD/ADHD. Some even report she can mitigate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


One of the most popular medicinal uses for this marijuana is by insomniacs - a few tokes of this fast-hitting herb is enough to bring on lethargy in even the most seasoned recreational users, and as such she can have you of the Never Never Land in no time at all.


As with many strains, these buds bring the munchies with them, and can be beneficial at boosting hunger in those struggling from lack of appetite.


There are, of course, some side effects with Mazar - as with many strains. Dry mouth and eyes are a concern, but this can be mitigated by ensuring you stay hydrated before, during and after consuming. Less likely, but still possible, some tokers may find themselves feeling dizzy, getting headaches and even occasionally feeling more paranoid or anxious than usual. This is often the result of overconsumption, so keep an eye on your dosage to avoid this.



Growing Mazar Autoflower Seeds

No pain no gain, right? Actually, wrong. Mazar Autoflower is about as fuss-free as they come, and even newbies will find she’s a rewarding strain to cultivate, with huge yields for minimum effort.


Since this plant has Ruderalis and Indica genetics, she’s already resilient to most common molds and diseases that target cannabis plants, which is one less thing to worry about. Plants are also fairly small, rarely reaching beyond 2.5 feet, so space is of no issue and she’s a great choice for stealth growers.


An excellent example of an autoflowering strain, Mazar begins to flower in just 20 days, and begin to bloom after 6 or 7 weeks. Once she’s blooming and producing buds, you’ll notice her nugs are particularly dense and sticky, and even looking at her you can tell she’s a potent plant - each bud will be coated in thick, glue-like resin.


The full life cycle of this strain is around 10 to 11 weeks, at which point your crop is ready for harvesting.


While she’s growing, 18 to 20 hours of light is ideal, and that should ensure that your final yield is hefty - usually between 1.4 and 1.8 ounces per square foot. To maximize her growing potential, give her a boost with a hydroponics growing system, or set her up in a Sea of Green (SoG).


Outdoor growers will find this herb thrives in a sunny and warm environment, but is sturdy enough to grow well in the northern hemisphere - though this may lower the final yield to around 1.7 ounces per plant. This could improve in ideal conditions, though.


Cannabis cultivators of Mazar Autoflower would do well to take advantage of her autoflowering traits by growing multiple plants in one go, sowing new seeds each time the flowering stage is reached, meaning you can harvest several times over. Speaking of, harvest time shouldn’t be later than the first week of November, as after that the conditions will be too cool for her to flourish.




Sweet and skunky, Mazar Autoflower calls upon the high THC and classic scents of her parent strains, bred with a dash of Ruderalis to turn her into an autoflowering variant, and combines to form a kick that’s all her own.


The very definition of satisfying, no toker will mind that her euphoria is short-lived, as the heavy body-buzz that follows is what this stuff's really all about. Heavy lethargy and a fast ride to dreamland is on the cards with just a few tokes of this dank and delicious strain.


Medical users might not have quite caught on to the benefits of this herb yet, but she’s getting there - soothing the mind with a happy high and calming the muscles and the body with the sleepy state she induces, so it’s not hard to see why this hybrid grows ever more popular.


Then again, her popularity could be down to the sheer simplicity of the grow. Autoflowering and resilient, Mazar is a short and sturdy space-saving strain, capable of thriving and surviving even the mistake of newbie growers. As an added bonus, her yields are high, so you can just keep on building a stash of your very own.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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