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Call it al fresco, call it as nature intended, call it what you like - growing marijuana outdoors is one hell of an unforgettable and unmatched experience.


For those with access to prime conditions, growing your ganja outside is the way to get the maximum potential from your cannabis crop. In optimal environments, your plants will have all the benefits of abundant sunshine, unbeatable ventilation, free rainfall, and more space than you can shake a Sativa stem at.


There are, however, certain inherent challenges to outdoor cultivation - from pests to predators, poachers and, of course, the unpredictability of Mother Nature. That’s why it’s crucial you score only the best beans for the job - strains predisposed to thrive in outdoor conditions, resilient to the core and guaranteed to delight - and that’s precisely the kind of seeds we stock the SeedSupreme shelves with.


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Why grow marijuana outdoors?

Many cannabis cultivators in the community swear by their al fresco harvests, insisting that no other method is a more rewarding experience or capable of producing equal yields in terms of bud quantity, flavor, aroma and effects.


For those lucky enough to live in suitable climates where growing marijuana is legal, this method also proves far most cost-effective, demanding considerably less in terms of investment than cultivators equipping their indoor grow rooms.



What are the drawbacks to growing ganja outdoors?

First and foremost, you’re subject to nature’s whims.


You’ll need to know how to spot the signs of mold and help your plants fend off pests and pathogens - while this is still true for indoor growers, they will invariably have more control over their environment which helps mitigate those risks enormously.


You also need to be prepared for how you’ll react to and counter any sudden weather snaps, be it an unexpected heatwave, downpour or cold snap.


It can also be incredibly difficult to maintain your privacy when growing ganja outdoors, depending on your setting, which can be a deal-breaker for some.


Where is best suited for outdoor cannabis cultivation?

You’ll find most marijuana phenotypes grow best in moderate to tropical climates. Regions such as California, Spain, Australia, Africa and South America are renowned for lending themselves well to hugely successful outdoor harvests.


Of course, each strain is different.


Some can flourish far better than others in less balmy environments. If you’re looking at autoflowering varieties, these have been bred to survive and produce outside even under notably more inhospitable climates (though growers in these kinds of colder regions should strongly consider cultivating their cannabis indoors instead, for best results).


As a general rule, if you’re growing ganja outdoors;

  • Make sure temperatures never fall below 53.6°F or exceed 86°F while you’re cultivating
  • Make sure your crop has shelter on standby to protect from heatwaves, torrential rain or other dramatic weather snaps


Of course, never forget each strain is different - if the official grow tips suggest this phenotype performs best in different environments, make sure you can satisfy those conditions before jumping into an outdoor grow.


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Can any strain be grown outdoors?

Unlike when cultivating cannabis indoors, there are certain cultivars that are less well suited to an outdoor environment. Similarly, there are strains which perform better in warmer and cooler climates than the average.


As with anything, do your research first and it’s tough to go wrong.


Look over any potential pot seed’s genetic makeup when making your decision. If a strain has a strong genetic building block of robust landrace quality, it’s far more likely to thrive outside, having inherited the benefits of millennia of natural growth and refinement. Or, perhaps you’re looking at an autoflowering variety - strengthened by the Ruderalis gene and able to bloom in the coldest, most unlikely and inhospitable environments.


It’s all in the seed, so do your due diligence and find the best beans for the job.


Traits to look for in a quality outdoor strain

In a sea of seeds, it’s not always easy to land the beans of your dreams - especially if you’re new to the ganja growing game.


First, check the flowering speed of any cannabis seeds you’re considering cultivating outdoors - generally, the faster the better, as this will give your crop the best chance of avoiding any bad weather.


You don’t need ancestry.com, but you should take a look at your proposed pheno’s genetic history. Any reputable seed seller will list this info if it’s available, and essentially you’re looking for any especially reliable ancestor, like the infamous Durban Poison landrace strain or the ever revered Northern Lights or White Widow.


Beyond genetics, just make sure your chosen cannabis comes with a healthy natural resilience to mold and pests as this will take a lot of the stress off and improve your chances of a bountiful harvest. Also (a bit of a given but…) do make sure you select a strain appropriate for your level of cultivation experience.


And, of course; choose a strain that ticks all your boxes when it comes to effects, potency, aroma and flavor - it’s hard to feel disappointed when you do!


Is an outdoor ganja garden for me?

Unless you live in Antarctica (how’s the WiFi over there?), the chances are that outdoor cannabis cultivation is possible wherever you live.


Firstly though - we don’t advocate the illegal growing of marijuana in any way, please act responsibly and in accordance with your local laws.


Depending on the flowering speed of your chosen strain, you could need anywhere up to 12 weeks or more between seed germination and harvest time. Think about the typical climate where you live (particularly in the warmer months), check the flowering times for the strain(s) in question, and decide if your area is suitable - have a look at the weather forecast if you’re uncertain, or check online; you’re hardly likely to be the first to try an outdoor crop in your legalized area, after all.


Consider your experience and the environment you’ll be planting your seeds in - are you confident the strain(s) you’ve chosen are a good fit (for their intended grow spot and your own skills)?


If the climate is right, the seed fits, your chops are honed and you’re feeling ready to experience cannabis cultivation as nature intended (alongside seriously epic yields) then yes - an outdoor ganja grow is absolutely for you.


Go get ‘em!


Can I successfully cultivate cannabis outside in Northern Europe?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.


You will, however, need to choose your cannabis strains wisely. Assess the kind of conditions your plants will be subjected to, aim for strains with the fastest possible flowering times so you can take full advantage of your best weather, and time your crop well.


It’s certainly worth considering why you’re growing outdoors in these less hospitable conditions though - there are a number of feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds alike which will bring you bountiful and exceptional yields from an indoor grow room or similar, with much less hassle (albeit more initial expense).