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Over the past decades, our ability to cultivate exceptional cannabis indoors has gone from strength to strength. Today, even the most die-hard au-naturel enthusiast can’t help but pay their sincere respects to the jaw-dropping specimens that quality indoor rigs are capable of putting out in the world.


As any ganja grower knows though, there’s more to success than throwing your beans in some soil and crossing your fingers.


Certain modern strains are designed with indoor growers in mind, some seeds perform better indoors than out, and finding the best fit for you can feel like wading through a dense field of six feet tall marijuana plants - blissfully disorienting.


Here at SeedSupreme, we’re here to take some of that confusion away and make sure you get the finest cannabis seeds for you, every time - regardless the size of your intended crop.


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What is indoor ganja growing?

Indoor marijuana growing methods have been developing rapidly over the past decades, reaching a place where the tech behind the magic is highly refined and built for purpose.


Essentially, this is the technique of cultivating cannabis indoors, where plants are shielded from the natural local environment in a designated grow room or space, and grown using special lighting to imitate the necessary sunlight, fans to provide airflow, the perfect cultivation medium for your strain(s) to thrive, timers and even watering systems and similar setups.


The aim is to provide your plants with everything they need, in a fluid manner which imitates their optimal natural growing environment.


As you hopefully know by now, you can’t grow ganja like any common houseplant and hope for a miracle. Marijuana demands more, and indoor growing methods aim to give cultivators everything they need to succeed at home.



Why grow cannabis indoors?

There tend to be two frontrunners when it comes to reasons you should grow ganja indoors.


Edging ahead in the race is a simple and easily reached conclusion - not everyone is lucky enough to live in regions with an ideal climate for cannabis cultivation.


It’s a sad fact that’s stopped many growers from getting started, and arguably one of the main reasons our innovative forefathers of indoor cultivation put so much effort into developing this area of the industry, to begin with.


Coming in a close second is the ability that indoor cultivators have to control the environment their plants are living in.


Setting your grow room up with the right equipment and using it to maintain optimal conditions for your plants (from temperature to humidity and, of course, light exposure) throughout their entire life cycle is understandably a HUGE boon to bud growers - even those with regular access to ideal outdoor environments.


In fact, this second point is absolutely the cause behind the immense popularity of indoor cannabis cultivation - who could argue with the ability to grow ganja regardless of the seasons or weather snaps? Not to mention the far easier job you’ll have in keeping an indoor crop pathogen-free, healthy and bountiful.


And, of course, let’s not forget the simple yet fundamental need for discretion. Some growers aren’t comfortable advertising their cannabis crop to the world (though please note, we only support legal use of our marijuana seeds).


For those who prize their privacy, an indoor grow offers more temptation than a bag full of the dankest crystal-coated chronic next to your all-time favorite munchies snacks.


What are the benefits of growing indoor cannabis strains?

Of course, the order you prioritize these benefits will vary, but here are some of the perks to indoor ganja growing:


  • Success is not dependant your region’s suitability to growing cannabis
  • As you’re not reliant on the seasons, it’s possible to cultivate pot all year round - even in the dead of winter!
  • You don’t need an abundance of outdoor space - crops can produce generous yields from virtually anywhere, even a small cupboard (though the best results come from designated grow rooms or areas)
  • You maintain your privacy - yes, some strains are super stinky, but quality odor control measures like carbon filters can make the entire cultivation period as discreet as you like!
  • Top-shelf quality nugs are within easy reach of anyone growing indoors with a decent setup and high-quality seeds of regular, feminized, autoflowering or fast varieties


marijuana indoors


What are the drawbacks of growing cannabis indoors?

Largely, there aren’t any.


There are those who prefer al fresco cultivation as nature intended, and there is no doubt that many strains will reach their full potential when grown outdoors - which tends to be the means of achieving the biggest possible harvests - however, this is more down to preference (or luck of living in a choice legalized area).


Cost is often the biggest factor for growers to consider, as equipping your grow room correctly is not an inexpensive task. You will need suitable lights, fans, filtration, nutrients, odor control measures and possibly tents, depending on your setup. And you get what you pay for - skimp out on the gear and the ganja will suffer.


It’s also crucial that your grow room is light-tight as, for those growing photoperiod strains (non-autoflowering varieties of cannabis), any light leaks during the plants’ nighttime dark hours can cause havoc with your crop - hence why many indoor growers use a tent or similar to ensure they have full environmental control.


While outdoor growers do tend to rake in bigger harvests, for those unable to cultivate cannabis outdoors, indoor setups are nothing short of a blessing.


Can any strain be grown indoors?

Effectively, yes.


However, as you’ve hopefully realized already - different strains require different environments and input from their growers.


Always be sure you check your chosen strain’s ideal growing conditions and make sure you’re amply equipped to provide the right environment for your indoor crop to thrive in. This is a crucial component to successful indoor cultivation, and an incredibly alluring facet of the indoor grow - if your strain of choice flourishes in balmy Mediterranean climes, you can easily supply that all year round, regardless of your location.


Don’t use that as an excuse, mind you - we’re not encouraging any illicit cannabis cultivation here.


What to consider when choosing indoor marijuana seeds

When selecting your cannabis seeds for indoor cultivation, it’s as essential as always to choose wisely.


Consider how experienced you are vs how challenging the strain is. Keep your budget in mind and decide if you’re leaning more towards a Sativa, Indica or hybrid of both. And pay attention to any grow tips available - make sure you have enough space to grow your plants in and all the right equipment for the best possible harvest.