Cannabis seeds in California

Wondering if cannabis seeds for sale in California are legal? Interested in cultivating and consuming cannabis in the Golden State? 

California is the leading state of marijuana culture in the United States. Discover all there is to know about growing marijuana in California, its laws, and the best strains to buy.

Are weed seeds legal in California?

In 1996, medicinal use was legalized, and in 2016, recreational use was decriminalized with certain restrictions. Marijuana can only be used in private spaces like your home, as public consumption leads to a $100 fine.

You must be 21 or older to purchase and grow a maximum of six cannabis plants at home. People who are at least 18 years of age can use and cultivate medicinal cannabis with a physician’s recommendation.

Only licensed seed shops can have cannabis seeds for sale in California, so long as they scan customers’ IDs for record-keeping. You’re allowed to carry up to one ounce of cannabis, which means dispensaries can’t sell you more. 

Not all cities and counties in the Golden State permit the sale of weed. Places like Anaheim have rules separate from the state, so research if your region allows weed.


cannabis seeds in california


Giving or selling weed to a minor is a felony with a penalty of 3–5 years in prison or a maximum of seven years if the child is younger than 14.

Before you grow cannabis seeds in California, check with your landlord if they allow cultivation, as they have the right to ban it.

Employers can also determine their marijuana policies and conduct random employee drug tests. Even if you’re sober for work, they can fire you for failing the test, so check your company’s rules for marijuana.


Indoor or outdoor growing?

The choice is yours whether to grow indoors or outdoors, as either option has its own set of pros and cons. Choose based on your available resources and personal preferences.



California’s fresh coastal air contributes to the plants’ flavor profiles, so many consider outdoor places like Oceanside ideal for cultivation.

Growing cannabis outside requires some forethought, like choosing a spot with at least seven hours of sunlight and setting up a tarp. Too much rain saturates the soil and leaves the plant with no nutrients to absorb, so an area with decent drainage is best.

Marijuana seeds in California can grow tall, so you may need to support the branches from snapping off from the heavy colas.


cannabis seeds for sale in California



Cannabis that grows indoors is protected from the elements, like wind and heavy rain, and can still thrive with an artificial light cycle. With the correct setup, you can cultivate cannabis year-round, regardless of the season.

Cultivating indoors allows you to control every aspect of your grow op, including light, humidity, temperature, nutrients, and more. Some growers don’t enjoy the smell of marijuana filling the room, so consider an odor filtration system.


What to consider when growing cannabis in California

There are several factors to consider before growing pot seeds in California and building your setup. The climate and weather are different in northern California than in the south, and both areas have the possibility of pests.

Make everything easier by choosing the right weed seeds. Some contain genetics that make them resilient against pests and adverse weather conditions.


Climate conditions

California’s weather is perfect for growing marijuana through every season of the year, as it’s sunny and warm.

The northern region boasts freshwater mountainsides and old-growth forests, perfect for growing indicas. Southern California is mild and dry and ideal for cultivating sativas.

Everywhere in between is a Mediterranean climate with moderate rain and temperatures ranging from 65–75°F, in which cannabis thrives. Choose cannabis seeds suited to the region of California you’re in for a hassle-free experience.


Pests and diseases

The most significant threats to cannabis plants are mites and mold, which quickly destroy your crop if unprotected.

If your batch gets infected, it’s irrecoverable, so it’s better to take preventative measures instead of treating your plants when they get sick. Regularly using pesticides that are cannabis-friendly is likely to protect your crop.

The best way to prevent mold is to keep the plants from being rained on, provide constant dry airflow, and remove infected parts to limit spreading.


When to plant seeds

If you’re growing marijuana indoors, you don’t need to worry about timing and can cultivate immediately after getting your seeds.

The state doesn’t have four distinct seasons, and daylight hours change throughout the year. It’s worth researching what your particular region is like before you buy cannabis seeds in California.

The days remain consistent between the north and south. Outdoor growers aim to plant autoflower seeds in early summer to make the most of the sunny days.


The strains we recommend growing in California:

Buying strains suited for the climate and resilient against pests, yet still simple and bountiful to grow, is a top priority. Below are some of our recommendations that you can get at our cannabis seed bank in California.


Marijuana seeds in California


California Dream feminized

California Dream feminized is easy for beginners to grow and highly resistant to pests and common plant diseases. It thrives with lots of sunshine and mild, cool temperatures.

This strain flowers for nine weeks on average. California Dream fem produces a yield of 21 oz./plant outdoors and roughly 16 oz./m² indoors. Get this strain to experience its minty-citrus aroma and mood-enhancing effects.


American Haze x California Haze feminized

American Haze x California Haze feminized rewards experience and knowledge, although amateurs can also try growing it. This hybrid doesn’t demand much in environmental conditions but needs plenty of support to avoid the branches bending.

The flowering period is around 11 weeks, producing yields of 14 oz./m² inside and 21 oz./plant outside. Users enjoy this strain for its fast-acting, yet not overwhelming, caffeine-like effects that boost energy and enhance motivation and creativity.


White Widow x California Snow autoflower

Beginners find White Widow x California Snow autoflower an exceptionally easy hybrid to grow, as it thrives in all climates. On average, this hybrid flowers for ten weeks and yields 19 oz./plant outdoors and 10 oz./m² indoors.

It’s a true crowd-pleaser; with a blend of sativa and indica traits suitable for everyday situations, from lazy days to outdoor activities.


The basics of California weed seeds

Cannabis seeds are legal in California, along with other related products, as long as you’re at least 21 years old. You’re only allowed to carry up to one ounce of weed on you. Don’t consume it in public spaces or banned areas. Giving weed to minors leads to jail time.

Growing cannabis outdoors adds fresh coastal air to its flavor profile, while indoor cultivation protects your plants from the elements. Watch out for pests and diseases, and prevent issues by spraying crops with natural pesticides.

California’s sunny climate is perfect for growing weed all year round. Browse weed seeds for sale at a marijuana seed bank in California like Seed Supreme and start your garden today.

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