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You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re a grower looking for premium cannabis seeds in Arizona. At Seed Supreme, we stock hundreds of cannabis strains that thrive indoors and outdoors in the Grand Canyon State.

Read on to discover the marijuana legality status in Arizona and whether it’s lawful to grow marijuana. Find tips to cultivate high-yielding plants and learn where to buy marijuana seeds in the Grand Canyon State.

Are weed seeds legal in Arizona?

Before cultivating cannabis, it’s essential to understand whether growing cannabis seeds is legal in Arizona. 

In 2010, the Grand Canyon State passed Proposition 203, making marijuana legal for medical users. Under this revised statute, qualifying patients could possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. 

It also authorized the users or their caregivers to grow up to 12 cannabis plants in an enclosed facility. Interested individuals must apply for a medical marijuana card through the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The application process includes proof of living with qualifying conditions, such as glaucoma, cancer, or chronic pain. It costs about $150 for the initial registration and $150 for renewing the card after every two years.


Cannabis Seeds in Arizona


Can you buy cannabis seeds in Arizona for recreational cultivation? Enthusiasts can afford a smile since the government has authorized growing cannabis for personal use. 

In 2016, Arizonans voted to legalize recreational marijuana, but the suggested amendment only garnered 49% of the polls. Proposition 205 would’ve decriminalized the possession and cultivation of marijuana for recreational users. 

Recreational cannabis remained illegal until Arizonans voted for Proposition 207 in November 2020. The Smart and Safe Arizona Act passed with approximately 60% of the polls. 

It authorized the legalization, use, and taxation of recreational marijuana for adults above 21 years. Under the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, citizens can legally possess one ounce or less of marijuana for personal use. 

The proposition also allows adults to grow up to six plants per household for recreational use. Buy seeds from land-based Arizona cannabis seed banks, or order online at our store and enjoy fast and discreet shipping. 


Indoor or outdoor growing?

You’ve got two options for growing marijuana: outdoor or indoor cultivation. The former is cheaper since you don’t need numerous tools and equipment. However, understanding the climate and the right planting or harvesting time is critical when keeping your plants outside. 

Outdoor plants are prone to harsh environmental conditions and attack from pests and parasites. When buying Arizona weed seeds, pick strains with the right genetics to thrive outside and fight off diseases. 

Place the crops in large 10–20 gallon containers to encourage extensive root development. Fabric pots are better for improved aeration and water drainage. Space the plants correctly to ensure they grow healthy and produce massive yields.

Since Arizona receives plenty of sunlight, water the outdoor plants regularly to prevent dehydration. Prune the crops during the vegetative stage to train them to grow denser while improving aeration and light penetration.

Indoor cultivation in Arizona may yield better results, as you can provide optimum growing conditions. It can be expensive to keep crops inside as you require equipment like artificial lights, dehumidifiers, fans, etc. 

Growing indoor weed seeds in Arizona is perfect for beginners and veterans. Select autoflower weed strains that don’t require changes in the light cycle to start flowering. Feminized cultivars are ideal for germinating female-only plants with usable buds. 

Outdoor and indoor cultivation is applicable in Arizona. Regardless of your preferred method, provide the crops with optimum conditions for the best results.


What to consider when growing cannabis in Arizona

Now that Arizona’s possession and cultivation laws include adult-use, enthusiasts can grow cannabis without fear. 

There are several things to consider, whether you plan to plant recreational or medical cannabis seeds in Arizona. These include climatic conditions, diseases and pests, and choosing the right strains.


cannabis seeds for sale in Arizona


Climate conditions

When looking for cannabis seeds for sale in Arizona, it’s essential to consider your area’s climatic conditions. If growing outdoors, the environment significantly impacts how your crops perform. 

The Grand Canyon State experiences different climates, depending on the region. The southern parts are characterized by hot and dry conditions, while the north is cool with cold winters. 

If you live in Phoenix or other regions in the south, buy drought-resistant strains that can withstand the hot temperatures. Water the plants frequently and shade outdoor crops to protect them from the scorching sun. 

Indoor and outdoor growers in the north enjoy cultivating hybrids and indica strains that thrive in cooler conditions. Most cannabis enthusiasts in Arizona prefer planting their seeds inside a grow room or greenhouse to provide the best environment. 

Before choosing your preferred method, it’s essential to assess your expertise level. If you’re a novice grower, purchase Arizona cannabis seeds for beginners. Experts can opt for strains that require more advanced cultivation skills to thrive and become high-yielding plants. 

Each cannabis cultivar has specific growing requirements and preferred climatic conditions. If you’re an indoor cultivator, research the strain’s needs and ensure you attend to them. 

Maintain the right humidity, temperature, and light cycle throughout the different growing stages. Cannabis plants also require water, nutrients, and proper ventilation to mature into healthy and productive crops. 


Pests and diseases

Once you buy weed seeds in Arizona, protect them from infections to ensure they reach maturity. Outdoor-grown weed plants are prone to pests and parasites. 

The most common bugs include fungus gnats, leaf miners, russet mites, aphids, inchworms, and planthoppers.

Indoor plants aren’t as susceptible to these pest infestations as outdoor crops, but they’re more prone to fungal and mold infections. Maintain the correct humidity levels to prevent these conditions. 

Outdoor plants don’t face a huge threat of mold, but are more susceptible to grasshoppers, snails, and other parasites. Signs of pest-infested crops include stunted growth, discolored leaves, poor yields, or death. 

Cannabis plants are also at risk of numerous diseases. Get resistant strains from a reputable online cannabis seed bank in Arizona like Seed Supreme. 

Our high-quality marijuana strains pack desirable trains, including impressive resistance to mold, pests, and other infections. Common diseases that affect cannabis plants include bud rot, tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), and white powdery mold. 

Use organic control measures such as introducing natural predators like ladybirds, which feed on other parasites. In high-infestation cases, spray the crops with pesticides to eliminate the pests. 


When to plant seeds

Once you learn how to get weed seeds in Arizona, the next step is understanding when to sprout them. When growing indoors, you can plant anytime and achieve multiple harvests yearly. 

Following an outdoor grow calendar is essential to identify the best planting time if you're cultivating the crops outside. 

Start shopping for your preferred strains around February when the frost disappears. Mix the growing medium with beneficial worms or compost to loosen it. Sprout your seeds in March or April when the temperatures are warm.

If you plan to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds, germinate them around mid-May and expect to harvest in August. The results depend on adequate sunlight, nutrients, and the ideal temperature. 


Arizona weed seeds


The strains we recommend growing in Arizona

Are you ready to buy cannabis seeds in Arizona and start your cultivation journey? Select the right strain depending on your desired effects, cultivation skills, and the climatic conditions of your area.

  • Amnesia autoflower packs 19–25% THC and minimal CBD content for a long-lasting high. It delivers energizing and uplifting effects that may boost your creativity and focus. The plants mature quickly and are resilient to common pests and diseases.
  • Alien OG feminized boasts up to 28% THC and is easy to grow at home. This balanced hybrid flowers for about eight weeks and, with proper care, can yield about 12 oz./m² indoors. 
  • Black Jack autoflower delivers a punch with over 25% THC. The strain is perfect for veteran smokers with high tolerance but also has potential medical benefits. It flowers for around 8–10 weeks and yields about 17 oz./m² indoors.


Buy cannabis seeds in Arizona and grow plants

Buy weed seeds in Arizona at affordable prices from at Seed Supreme. Enjoy freebies with each order and choose from hundreds of weed seeds for sale to suit your needs and preferences. 

We keep things private with discreet packaging and speedy delivery. Order your preferred cannabis seeds at our store today and start your bountiful cannabis garden in Arizona.

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