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Cannabis seeds in Colorado might be the next state wonder after refreshing hot springs, gorgeous highlands, and dynamic weather.

The herb is making waves in almost every local industry thanks to relatively relaxed regulations in this jurisdiction. In 2012, Colorado became one of the first states to authorize recreational cannabis by approving Amendment 64.

Before this historic date, the Centennial State passed Amendment 20, legalizing medical marijuana in 2000. This 420-friendly atmosphere sparked a revolution across the USA, fueling the legalization bandwagon.

Find out where to buy pot seeds in Colorado and become part of the history-making 420 community. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this state’s pot laws and the considerations for successful cultivation.

Are weed seeds legal in Colorado?

Can you buy pot seeds in Colorado? The law allows adults 21 or older to purchase, possess, grow, and sell pot. Local authorities also permit seed shops to operate freely. 

The state sets governing rules to leverage this freedom. Citizens must adhere to these laws when handling pot in Trinidad and other municipalities. If you wish to purchase marijuana products, here are the caveats to consider:

  • Avoid sharing or giving marijuana to anyone below 21, as it’s a felony. 
  • Buy cannabis products only from licensed retail shops. The state allows adults to purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis at a time.
  • You can’t sell weed unless you operate a retail store. The law only allows you to give or share up to two ounces of weed with another adult. 


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Besides the consumption and possession laws, the state permits residents to grow cannabis at home for personal use. Each adult can cultivate up to six crops, with only three plants flowering at any time. 

This rule may vary by county or municipality, so it’s best to check with your specific jurisdiction for detailed requirements. For instance, Denver caps the number of homegrown plants at 12, even if there are more than three adults in your residence. 

To grow marijuana seeds in Colorado without offense, cultivate your plants in a locked, enclosed area to hide them. Many residents opt for garages, basements, and secured greenhouses.

The Centennial State doesn’t permit selling homegrown marijuana or its resultant products. You must apply for a grow license to cultivate pot seeds in Colorado.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) oversees this authorization and sets the cost of the license at a maximum of $2,500. This fee is per facility and renewable annually. Applicants must be Colorado residents for at least two years and pass several background checks. 


Indoor or outdoor growing?

Once you buy cannabis seeds in Colorado, note that the state permits indoor and outdoor cultivation but is stricter on the latter. 

Growing outside is ideal if you have an enclosed, secured space that minors can’t access and the public can’t view. Beware that local authorities set stringent caveats on this cultivation method, so check with the MED or legal experts before you start.

Growing your weed in a fenced outdoor garden is illegal, as it’s still viewable. Doing it inside a garage with uncovered windows also counts as cultivating in the open, which isn’t allowed.

To bypass the legal restrictions of outdoor cultivation, many growers of autoflower cannabis seeds in Colorado do it indoors. While it’s the best option, only grow in a separate locked room that minors below 21 can’t access.

Cultivating indoors within your property is permitted, provided you do it further from the windows. If you live in a rented house, adhere to the landlord’s lease terms, as they have the power to ban cannabis use. 

Ensure you have the proper grow setup for successful indoor cultivation when looking for where to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado. 

Find cultivars that thrive with Screen of Green (ScrOG) and Sea of Green (SOG) techniques. Hydroponics is equally ideal for sufficient nutrient feeding. 

Provide enough space and light to support optimum bud development. Careful pruning is crucial to promote airflow beneath the plants and boost yields. 


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What to consider when growing cannabis in Colorado

When looking to start a home grow, there’s no shortage of licensed dispensaries to access recreational and medicinal marijuana. If you’re on a budget and want more value and variety, buy marijuana seeds online in Colorado. 

Besides discreet shipping, internet purchases from reputable stores like Seed Supreme offer extra convenience, thanks to responsive real-time support. 

You can transact seamlessly anytime, anywhere while accessing dynamic cannabis strains, deals, and fast processing. There’s no better way to maximize your money’s worth.

Before you order marijuana seeds for sale in Colorado, here are some critical considerations to help you optimize your crop’s potential. 


Climate conditions

Besides being a high-altitude state, Colorado’s climate ranges from semi-arid to arid, which favors cannabis growth. The relatively dry conditions demand frequent watering of your crops, but don’t overdo it, or you might get stunted growth.

Colorado’s high elevation may lower oxygen levels and air pressure, making maintaining the ideal humidity and temperature trickier. This climatic disruption may slow your marijuana plant growth. 

To counter these effects, learn to adjust your setup’s ventilation and lighting when growing Cannabis seeds in Colorado. We also recommend using evaporative coolers or humidifiers to sustain the correct humidity. 

The Centennial State is an excellent location for outdoor marijuana cultivation, thanks to its abundant sunshine. It receives approximately 300 days of sunlight annually, ideal conditions for most marijuana strains. Remember to keep your crop hidden from public view.

Colorado has varying climatic zones. Familiarize yourself with your area and find a cannabis strain that suits you. 


Pests and diseases

Indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation in Colorado may encounter the threat of pests and diseases. Common ones to watch out for are aphids, spider mites, thrips, mold, and powdery mildew.

The infestation risk for indoor growing is lower, as you have more control over the environment, but you shouldn’t lower your guard. Greenhouse cultivation is excellent at deterring larger critters, but tinier ones might still creep in.

To minimize pest and disease issues, arm yourself with organic pesticides while performing regular inspections. It’s also paramount to hydrate your cannabis plants adequately, maintain proper hygiene, monitor humidity, and ensure ample air circulation. 


When to plant seeds

We recommend planting your Colorado cannabis seeds in March, so they reveal their gender by April. When the cold subsides, transfer them outside to your greenhouse from mid to late May.

It’s best to situate the greenhouse in a location where it gets full sunlight for at least six hours daily. The ideal spot is away from hills, trees, and tall buildings. 

The weather in this state is sometimes unpredictable. Wait until there’s no significant risk of snow before moving your seedlings outside. If you’re an outdoor grower in Colorado, your cannabis plants start flowering around September or October as the days become shorter. 

Tip: Avoid planting all six cannabis seeds at once and having to uproot three crops as the state dictates. Start with only three and strive to maximize their potential for rewarding buds.


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The strains we recommend growing in Colorado

With the green light to cultivate your favorite herb, head to top-rated Colorado cannabis seed banks to find premium genetics. Seed Supreme prides itself in providing growers with top-shelf marijuana seeds with high germination rates. 

Our expansive cultivar portfolio delivers a wide range of genetics, effects, flavors, and high yields. Below are our top recommendations for your next cannabis crop in colorful Colorado:

  • Badazz Cheese feminized: A classic indica strain for connoisseurs, thriving indoors and outdoors with minimal hassle to yield a coveted cheesy flavor. 
  • Banana Kush feminized: A fruity indica offering easy cultivation, as it eliminates the inconvenience of male chromosomes while delivering above-average potency.
  • Yumbolt autoflower: A rare hybrid strain renowned for sturdy genetics, easy growth, fast flowering times, sky-high THC, and generous yields. 
  • Sweet Tooth feminized: An excellent cannabis strain for dessert lovers, delivering scents and flavors of sweet, fresh cookies from the oven. 


Up your grow with fast-shipping seeds to Colorado

Consider yourself lucky if you live in the eye-popping state of Colorado. Besides its head-turning natural wonders, this jurisdiction boasts a vibrant marijuana culture. 

Even better, it has an enabling environment for cannabis seeds and stores to thrive. Leverage these advantages to become a successful grower. 

As you browse the best Colorado cannabis seed bank to get high-quality genetics, consider the perks of online purchasing. 

Seed Supreme is a leader in this space, offering superior services and unmatched support from cultivar purchases to bud harvesting. We stock all seeds for sale, whether you want sturdy fems, fast-growing autos, or versatile regular varieties.

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