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Badazz Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Great for social situations, lazy evenings in front of the TV and weekends spent in the great outdoors, this hybrid of legends is an excellent strain for almost all occasions...

A Stink You’ll Never Forget


Bud Basics

There are some cannabis strains that delight and entice every single person they come within 100 yards. At the opposite end of the scale, you have strains like Badazz Cheese - complex and challenging specimens that divide weed audiences right down the middle.


Combining the genetics of several superstar strains - Cheese, Skunk #1, Afghani and OG Kush - has the kind of stink that takes some getting used to. There’s plenty of classic Skunk to the whole thing, but the near-overpowering pong of ripe cheese is where this beauty gains her fame and infamy.


In any case, Badazz Cheese Feminized is a predominantly Indica strain with a relatively modest THC content in the region of 18%. Capable of combining a potent cerebral punch with a gentle and relaxing body stone, this herb has masses of potential applications - therapeutic and recreational.


Considered a strain more for the connoisseur than the everyday stoner, Badazz Cheese is exceptionally easy to grow indoors or out. Though for obvious reasons, she’s also an exceptionally difficult strain to keep under wraps.


Great for social situations, lazy evenings in front of the TV and weekends spent in the great outdoors, this hybrid of legends is an excellent strain for almost all occasions. Fortune indeed favors the brave with this stuff, as some find getting past the initial funk practically impossible.



Flavor and Fragrance of Badazz Cheese Feminized

If you’ve a sensitive nose or you’re easily offended by ‘challenging’ fragrances, you’ll most likely struggle with this herb. Somehow, the unique terpene composition of Badazz Cheese comes together to produce a stink that’s remarkably similar to that of ripe cheese.


Not the kind of cheese that smells outright revolting, but more the kind of stuff that’s funky, fragrant and perhaps not for the faint-hearted. Badazz Cheese Fem still has all the characteristic skunky aromas you’d expect from good weed, though the whole thing takes a back seat to a sharp and sour cheesy fragrance that never fails to take newcomers by surprise.


Those who aren’t exactly inspired by the fragrance of these buds probably aren’t going to get a great deal out of the flavor, either. When the buds are combusted, the smoke produced is suitably rich, creamy and slightly sweet. Extremely smooth and easy to handle, though with an unmistakable taste of cheese that immediately gets to work on the tastebuds.


The aftertaste is also dominated by funky cheese, which both lingers on the palate and permeates everything in the vicinity.


Keeping this stuff under wraps isn’t really an option, as you’ll be smelling that scent on your furniture, floors, walls and everywhere else for days to come. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just that sensible precautions may need to be taken.




These days, some cannabis enthusiasts (we won’t say ‘snobs’) sneer at anything with a THC content below 20%. With some hard-hitting strains now routinely testing for almost 30%, what’s considered ‘acceptable’ or not in terms of potency is shifting all the time. Hence, Badazz Cheese Feminized with her average THC content of 18% doesn't immediately jump out as something to celebrate.


But here’s the thing - these buds demonstrate how you don’t need a ton of THC to have the desired effect. Consumed in moderation, Badazz Cheese is perfect for a balanced and controllable high that pairs a punchy cerebral uplift with a fantastic sense of physical relaxation.


This is a notoriously chatty, sociable and giggly strain, making it perfect for social situations when your intention isn’t to knock yourself out.


Nevertheless, consume this cannabis in higher quantities and you’ll be looking at the same result you’d expect from a much stronger strain. The physical aspect of the high in particular becomes all the more pronounced, often bringing on bouts of hopeless couch-lock.


It’s therefore a case of measuring your consumption in accordance with the effect you want to achieve. Badazz Cheese Feminized can be energizing, motivating, uplifting and incapacitating - a hugely versatile strain that’s about far more than THC content alone.


Munchies are all part and parcel of the experience with this stuff, not least because of the tantalizing taste of cheese can be tempting in its own right. Ensure you’ve a decent stockpile of snacks on hand before getting busy with a batch of these beauties.



Medical Uses of Badazz Cheese Feminized

Badazz Cheese is something of a rising star within the therapeutic cannabis community, providing a controllable and versatile high that’s great for countless conditions. Given the fact that this herb isn’t knockout-strong in terms of overwhelming potency, she’s an ideal choice for those who don’t have the most advanced THC tolerance.


The initial stages of the high are perfect for combating depression, anxiety and everyday stress. If you’re simply in a bad mood and looking for something to bring you around, a few gentle hits and you’re back at your best. Badazz Cheese can also be great for bringing on a feeling of optimism and motivation, if you’re stuck in a rut and need to pull yourself out of it.


Along with this gentle and long-lasting feeling of euphoria, these nugs quickly get to work on the body with a feeling of warm relaxation and mild numbness. All of which is just the thing for getting to work on aches and pains, along with more severe conditions like multiple sclerosis, migraines and muscle spasms.


Sleepiness is inevitable as the high progresses, meaning you’re eventually soothed into a blissful night’s sleep - great for treatment of occasional insomnia.


Bouts of poor appetite are also no match for this marijuana, which has strong (and deservedly so) connotations with the munchies.



Growing Badazz Cheese Feminized Seeds

If you’re short on time and even shorter on space, Badazz Cheese Feminized is well worth having a go with. This being the feminized version, problematic male plants are eliminated from the equation for maximum returns.


Rarely reaching more than around two feet in height, Badazz Cheese plants are extremely easy to maintain and are just the thing for a compact and confined indoor grow space. And with flowering times of approximately 55 days, you’re not waiting long to get your hands on the goods.


This super stinky specimen is naturally resistant to the vast majority of common plant problems, though benefits from careful pruning to maintain good air circulation. The only challenge when cultivating Badazz Cheese Fem lies in her pungency - keeping that aspect of your grow under wraps isn’t quite as easy. Odor control has to be prioritized if growing indoors, just as location selection should be very carefully considered outdoors.


This is a strain that more or less takes care of herself and can yield as much as 20oz per plant when grown outdoors, though does present a few problems where discretion and privacy are concerned.




Badazz Cheese is a strain for connoisseurs who enjoy a challenging and undeniably crowd-splitting strain. If you’re not particularly experienced with Cheese strains, there’s a good chance you’ll find this hybrid too much to handle.


If you know what good Cheese weed is all about, however, you’ll be in your element with this stuff.


Beyond a badass fragrance and flavor, Badazz Cheese Feminized is an outstanding recreational and therapeutic strain with a wide variety of applications. More importantly, she’s also a clear demonstration that when it comes to enjoyable weed, there’s a more to life than THC alone.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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