Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized Seeds

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Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized Seeds

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Expect a veritable cocktail of fruity fragrances from a well-cured batch of these buds, with a powerful hash-like flavor and a spicy exotic aftertaste...

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Bud Basics

It’s widely acknowledged that when you add Amnesia genetics to any hybrid, you’re guaranteed remarkable results.


In the case of Amnesia Blue Head Band, this stuff combines the genetics of no less than three superstar strains, resulting in a spectacular 50/50 hybrid for all occasions - though admittedly, one with a seriously unpredictable THC content that varies wildly from one batch to the next.


The three parent strains of this herb are Amnesia, Blueberry and Headband. All of which are no less than notorious for their fabulous effects and decadently delicious flavors. Brought together in one daring progeny, Amnesia Blue Head Band has a perfect split or 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics. All of which makes for an exquisitely balanced high, which gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness.


Expect a veritable cocktail of fruity fragrances from a well-cured batch of these buds, with a powerful hash-like flavor and a spicy exotic aftertaste.


Enticing and alluring to say the least, starting out slow is advisable as you’re never really sure how much THC you’re consuming. This hybrid can pack anything from just 10% THC to more than 20% THC - an unusual inconsistency that definitely makes for an interesting experience!


If you’re out to grow your own, you can expect a relatively straightforward cultivation cycle and decent yields come mid-October. And as this is the feminized version of Amnesia Blue Head Band - no problematic male plants posing a threat to your female plants’ production.



Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia Blue Head Band

On the nose, Amnesia Blue Head Band gets to work with wave after wave of classic skunky dankness, which can be picked up on from a mile away. Break the buds open and an enchanting aroma of exotic hashish is released, coupled with hints of sour berries and dried fruits. It’s a predominantly old-school fragrance without particularly complex or challenging notes.


The same can also be said for the flavor, though with much more pronounced and pepper-spike hashish on the exhale. The smoke can be a little on the harsh and heavy side, so the occasional cough is to be expected. A lingering spicy-skunky aftertaste hangs on the palate indefinitely, which although sour is far from unpleasant.


Vaporizing Amnesia Blue Head Band makes for a smoother and potentially more palatable experience, though is purely a case of personal preference. The peppery and hash-like fragrances tend to be more pronounced when the buds are burned the old-fashioned way.




Perfectly balanced in her genetic composition, Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized delivers the best of all worlds. Nevertheless, she’s a strain best reserved for later in the afternoon, or early in the evening.


Initially, the high is 100% cerebral - instantly getting to work on negativity and feelings of apathy. Rather than firing you through the stratosphere with an overwhelming sense of euphoria, it’s more a case of feeling energized and confident enough to conquer the world.


Self-esteem skyrockets, energy levels increase and anything that may have been bothering you is erased from existence. For a while at least, you’ll have all the energy, focus and optimism needed to do whatever needs doing.


Slowly but surely (rather than all at once), Amnesia Blue Head Band gets to work on the body with a relaxing yet far from incapacitating physical stone. A very mild feeling of heaviness makes its way into the limbs, though not merely to such an extent as to have you out of action.


You may start feeling a little on the sluggish side, but you’ll still be able to perform if you absolutely have to.


Given enough time, the initial energizing uplift subsides, and the sluggishness intensifies - precisely why Amnesia Blue Head Band is ideal for later in the day, when you’ve already tackled everything important on your calendar. This herb’s unlikely to knock you out or send you to sleep entirely, but could see you indulging in hour after hour of couch time.


As mentioned, the THC content of this hybrid can vary spectacularly from one batch to the next. With a 10% batch, you’re looking at the kind of session strain you could happily hit all night and remain fully functional. With a 20% batch, a handful of tokes could be more than enough for a high that’s difficult to handle.



Medical Uses of Amnesia Blue Head Band

The balanced genetic composition of Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized makes her an exceptionally versatile and effective medical cannabis strain. Both in terms of the psychological and physical effects, these buds are ideal for quickly yet gently getting to work on a wide variety of conditions.


On the psychological side of the spectrum, patients have reported effective and long-lasting relief from feelings of anxiety, bouts of depression, everyday stress, negative thoughts and the like.


Anyone who has issues with focus or concentration could also find this herb useful for getting to grips with difficult tasks. If you’re simply looking for something to pick you up when you’re feeling under the weather, a few tokes of and you’re good to go.


The physically relaxing and pain-relieving properties of Amnesia Blue Head Band vary in accordance with the THC content. Right at the bottom end of the scale, a 10% batch isn’t going to have much of an impact on severe or chronic pain conditions. As things creep closer to the 20% THC level, this stuff has the potential to bring fast and long-lasting relief from head to toe. Hence, it’s entirely down to the potency of the batch you pick up (or grow).


In any case, these buds are rarely mind-blowing in their potency and therefore have few connotations with paranoia, panic attacks and so on. Even if you have a relatively low THC tolerance, you’re unlikely to find yourself heading into shaky territory with this stuff.



Growing Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized outdoors in cooler northern climates is possible during the warmer months of the year. As long as temperatures average around 70°F for the duration, she’s a pretty hardy specimen that’s not too demanding.


Mature plants typically grow to around 170cm in height at the most, so you don’t need much vertical space to get the job done.


Flowering times can be a little lengthy at around 10 weeks, but this is a small price to pay for consistently excellent yields. Odor control should be taken seriously if discretion is preferred, as Amnesia Blue Head Band has a tendency to stink to high heaven as the plants approach maturity.


The THC content of your final haul will be determined by the quality and consistency of the conditions you treat your plants to. Get it right and you could be looking at anything up to 20%.




Perfectly balanced, beautiful to look at and bursting with bag appeal, Amnesia Blue Head Band Feminized is your quintessential ‘best of both worlds’ strain.


An interesting feature on the green scene, with a seriously bright future ahead of her, this herb has a whole world of therapeutic and recreational applications.


She’s not the easiest strain to track down, but is well worth adding to your stash box if the opportunity presents itself. Or better yet, why not grow your own?

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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