Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized Seeds

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Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized Seeds

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One uplifting and energizing strain with a predominantly cerebral effect, combined with a heavy Indica specimen known for crazy OTT THC levels. Suffice to say, there’s no prizes for guessing what the union of world famous...

Femme Fatale


Bud Basics

One uplifting and energizing strain with a predominantly cerebral effect, combined with a heavy Indica specimen known for crazy OTT THC levels. Suffice to say, there’s no prizes for guessing what the union of world famous Amnesia and Nicole Kush brings to the table in terms of quality, potency and enjoyment.


The latter of the two strains takes the lead in terms of resulting genetic composition, with Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized pairing around 70% Indica with 30% Sativa genetics. The result of which is a reasonably well-balanced hybrid, combining a powerful motivating cerebral uplift with a strong and long-lasting body stone.


You’ll often find yourself walking on something of a knife edge with this stuff - one toke too many being all it takes to incapacitate you completely, especially in phenos hitting the higher end of the 16 to 20% average THC.


Nevertheless, Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized can be exceptionally versatile when consumed in measured doses.


She’s also celebrated for her sweet and earthy flavors, with undertones of dried fruits with the occasional red wine accent. She is also a comprehensively straightforward specimen to grow, typically producing outstanding yields after a relatively compact flowering period.


Perfect for social situations, this herb sparks the kind of conversation and laughter good times with friends are all about. She can also be a reasonably productive strain, just as long as you time it right - sooner or later, the Indica side of the high creeps in and replaces any motivation with pure laziness.



Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized

This herb’s fragrance and flavor profile is unlike anything else that springs to mind. Both on the nose and on the palate, users often report the fragrance and flavor of red wine with properly cured buds.


There’s a distinct and prominent hit of dried fruits and berries on the nose, underpinned by sharp citrus and plenty of pine freshness. Spicy herbal fragrances burst into life when the buds are broken, even more so when combusted.


The flavor profile of Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized is simply delightful, combining masses of sweet berries with a hint of sourness and a herbal-earthy aftertaste. Again, often leaving behind a distinct taste of red wine that lingers for some time.


An exceptionally moreish strain you just can’t help but go back to for hit after hit.




No waiting around for Amnesia x Nicole Kush to get to work - the high starts doing its thing near-instantaneously.


The experience begins with a fast and high-pressure feeling of energy and motivation that floods the brain, often to such an extent as to make you feel like your head’s about to pop. Don’t be surprised if you’re a little dizzy and disoriented for the first couple of minutes at least, though the initial accelerated uplift quickly subsides.


After which, you’re left with a feeling of overwhelming optimism, inspiration and creative thinking.


You’re transported into the kind of headspace where you genuinely believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, while benefiting from the energy needed to get things done. For a while at least, this makes Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized an excellent strain for focusing on tasks you’d normally find difficult and powering through your workload.


That said, give things an hour or two and the Indica-dominant composition of this hybrid becomes evident. The feeling of physical relaxation comes on gently at first, hitting every muscle from head to toe with a warm and tingly sensation.


A little further down the line, this initial sense of warmth gives way to a growing feeling of heaviness and lethargy. You’ll still be fired up mentally with all the creativity and inspired thinking in the world, though will probably lack the physical strength to do anything about it.


Hence, timing things extremely carefully with these buds is essential. While this stuff does have the capacity to be an outstanding daytime smoke when there are things to be done, you need to make adequate allowances for the physical side of the stone to follow. This herb has more than enough power and potency to induce an extensive spell of couch-lock, so don’t be surprised if you’re out of commission for a good few hours.



Medical Uses of Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized

Timing is everything with Amnesia x Nicole Kush, which on both sides of the scale has the potential to be an excellent therapeutic cannabis strain. Psychological issues and mood disorders are dealt with quickly and effectively during the initial stages of the high, when negativity and pessimism are replaced with feelings of confidence and complete optimism.


These buds are therefore a popular choice for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of depression, anxiety and everyday stress.


Equally, the physical effects of Amnesia x Nicole Kush Fem are superb for getting to grips with a wide variety of everyday aches and pains. Consumed in relatively large quantities, this hybrid has the potential to have a numbing effect that gets to work on the muscles, joints and so on. She’s also fairly reliable where extended bouts of the munchies are concerned, making this strain a useful choice where poor appetite is an issue.


As the THC content of these nugs has a tendency to vary significantly from one batch to the next, starting out slow is advisable for anyone with a low THC tolerance.



Growing Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized Seeds

The genetic composition of Amnesia x Nicole Kush adds up to a strain that is exceptionally easy to grow and highly resistant to most common plant problems.


Even in relatively cool northern European climates, outdoor cultivation is not out of the question - though these plants perform best with relatively consistent temperatures around 75°F, with flowering times averaging around eight weeks.


Indoor cultivation is also a breeze, with plant sizes remaining humbly modest throughout the grow. Yields vary massively in accordance with location and conditions - anything from 2oz per square foot of grow space indoors to more than 20oz of weed for every single plant grown outdoors.




This hybrid is an extremely versatile and enjoyable strain with a balanced high and a fabulous fragrance. Both in recreational and therapeutic cannabis circles alike, Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized is slowly but surely gaining the recognition she rightfully deserves.


Again - and it’s a point worth revisiting - timing really is everything with this stuff. Energizing and motivating in the early stages, the high quickly gives way to a feeling of practically uncontrollable heaviness - making this stuff just the thing for blasting through the remainder of a boring afternoon, prior to an evening of indulgence on the couch.


These buds can also be great for social situations, though could leave you too lethargic to party hard in the later throws of the high.


The icing on the cake, however, is absolutely easy Amnesia x Nicole Kush Feminized is to grow, even if you’ve not had a day’s cultivation experience in your life.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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