Black Water Purple OG Cheese Seeds

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Black Water Purple OG Cheese Seeds

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The classic example of a connoisseur’s strain you either love or you hate, Black Water Purple OG Cheese is like no other strain you’ve ever experienced. The balanced nature of the high makes this ganja great for all occasions, as does an idyllic THC potency of around 20%...

Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky

Bud Basics

Let’s face it – this stuff isn’t going to win any prizes for creative or catchy naming (though at least paints a clear picture of the ancestry involved here - Black WaterPurple OG Kush Cheese).

An Indica-dominant hybrid with just the right amount of THC (20%), Black Water Purple OG Cheese is an exercise in versatility.

This herb's recreational and therapeutic applications are as broad and diverse as it gets, credited to the balanced and long-lasting nature of the strain's effects. Despite being mostly Indica, the high gets to work on body and brain with equal effectiveness.

Unsurprisingly, a strain with these particular three parent strains was always going to have a complex and challenging flavor profile. Perhaps best reserved for true connoisseurs, Black Water Purple OG Cheese isn’t going to please everyone with her bold and funky fragrance. Nevertheless, get just a tiny bit of this new-generation hybrid in your system and you’ll immediately know what all the fuss is about.

If this all takes your fancy, growing your own from scratch isn’t too difficult, either. Keep things warm and relatively humid for the best possible results, with the potential to yield up to 20oz of award-winning weed from every single plant.

Long story short - Black Water Purple OG Cheese ticks all the right boxes when you’re bored of the generic and craving something unique.

Flavor and Fragrance of Black Water Purple OG Cheese

There’s a dominant scent of aged cheddar cheese that sits alongside this herb's berry fragrance, which hits the nose against a backdrop of wet earth and peppery spice. All of which comes together to create a complex and challenging fragrance that’s unlike anything you can put your finger on.

In any case, the fragrance tells you all you need to know about the flavor to follow. The first notes to hit the taste buds are funky cheese and sugar-sweet berries, with an almost dessert-like quality when combined - albeit, a dessert that’s long since passed its expiration date!

On the exhale, the strain’s Kush ancestry is all the more evident, with an aftertaste dominated by peppery spice and a hint of hash, though with an unmistakable cheesy undertone that lingers curiously.

Far from a crowd pleaser, this is the kind of strain you either love or you don’t. One for connoisseurs to enjoy, though likely to raise eyebrows with novice smokers.


Black Water Purple OG Cheese leans slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, though you wouldn’t know it from these effects. Beautifully balanced and ideal for all occasions, it’s a two-stage experience that hits body and brain with a heavy and lasting punch.

The cerebral side of the high does its thing first, filling the skull with a feeling of pressure that collects heavily around the eyes and temples. If you can handle this initial rush, you’ll be rewarded with long-lasting sense of euphoria, putting you in the best possible mood and keeping you there for the duration. A couple of tokes is enough to suddenly find yourself looking at the bright side of everything and appreciating your surroundings on an entirely new a level.

Less than an hour later, the physical side of the stone takes over. The ground begins to feel spongy underfoot, your limbs are replaced with lead weights and your motivation to accomplish anything physical disappears entirely.

You won’t be locked to the couch against your will, but the nearest piece of furniture will nonetheless look extremely tempting.

THC content can vary from 18% to more than 23%, though generally hovers around the 20% mark. This is just about right for an enjoyable experience, without taking things too far and melting yourself into a puddle.

Medical Uses of Black Water Purple OG Cheese

The well-balanced nature of this herb's effects makes her extremely versatile for therapeutic use, with a growing fanbase selecting this strain for the alleviation of various physical and psychological maladies alike.

For example, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings and the symptoms of PTSD are all known to respond well to careful and controlled consumption. This is also the kind of strain that’s perfect for wiping away the cares and concerns of a crappy day at the office.

At the peak of the high, negative thoughts and pessimism are simply impossible.

Pain relief also goes hand in hand with the consumption of Indica-heavy cannabis like this, which makes a great organic alternative to conventional painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. Patients with mild to moderate pain-related conditions have reported fast and long-lasting relief, with none of the usual side-effects of conventional meds.

Black Water Purple OG Cheese is also known for a strong association with the munchies, quickly turning around appetite issues and nausea.

Growing Black Water Purple OG Cheese Seeds

Carefully controlled temperatures and humidity levels are a must, if you intend to grow your own at home. Hence, setting things up indoors is the way to go, unless you happen to live in a southern Mediterranean region. Still, get things going with a decent grow tent and it’s an uncomplicated process from thereon in.

Black Water Purple OG Cheese plants remain compact and bushy for the duration, making them great for equally compact and confined indoor spaces. Indoor yields tend to be rather on the modest size – think around 1.5oz for every square foot of grow space. However, give these beauties what they need outdoors and you could easily harvest 20oz of 20% THC weed from every single plant.

Flowering times average around nine weeks and odor control is an absolute must. Though this isn't a strain with that quintessential ‘giveaway’ cannabis stink, these plants have an entirely different (and remarkably potent) aroma to take into account - one you may or may not want permeating your entire property, we’ll leave that to you to decide!


The classic example of a connoisseur’s strain you either love or you hate, Black Water Purple OG Cheese is like no other strain you’ve ever experienced. The balanced nature of the high makes this ganja great for all occasions, as does an idyllic THC potency of around 20%.

This hybrid's also got a huge list of potential medical applications to her name, making these buds a hit with patients with a wide variety of conditions. A relatively easy to grow strain that demands little to no space, Black Water Purple OG Cheese is just the thing for making the best possible use of confined corners at home.

As long as you can deal with its ‘complex’ fragrance and flavor, this is one new-generation hybrid you won’t regret adding to your stash box.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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