In recent years, medical marijuana has become very popular as alternative medicine and therapy for a whole host of ailments. 

Although there still isn’t a lot of scientific proof, thousands of users boast about the benefits of this magical plant and use it to combat chronic pain and mental health issues.

Anxiety is a major reason why so many people turn to weed for help, as more people prefer natural medication instead of prescription drugs.

If your anxious feelings are getting the better of you and you’re on the lookout for help, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve done the hard work for you and scouted out the 7 best strains for anxiety. With a description of how they each affect you and what to expect regarding aroma and flavor, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for your personal needs

But first, let’s answer the question...


How can marijuana help anxiety?

Anxious feelings are a normal response to everyday situations. We all feel like it now and again. Sometimes, anxiety doesn’t go away, though, and it can affect your quality of life

Many people opt for therapy or take antidepressants to suppress symptoms. These treatments don’t work for everyone.

Using cannabis for the treatment of anxiety is growing in popularity and can help with panic attacks, social situations, and more chronic conditions.

It’s essential you pick the right marijuana for your needs, which is where our list of best weed strains for anxiety comes in.

Instead of opting for purely Indica or Sativa strains, hundreds of hybrids are available that have varying effects on the consumer.

We’re going to tell you the best cannabis strains for anxiety, and how they affect you so you make the right choice.


The 7 best strains for anxiety

Although weed is famous for its relaxing effects and getting baked on the couch, each strain is slightly different and will affect you in varying ways

Want to know which ones will help you stop feeling anxious all the time? 

Let’s dive into our list of best marijuana strains for anxiety.


Best Strains for Anxiety


Granddaddy Purple

This strain is a classic for relieving anxious feelings and is among the best strains of weed for anxiety

Grandaddy Purple is a hybrid of two Indica strains, Big Bud and Purple Urkle, and gets its name from its distinctive purple oversized buds. 

As you inhale this relaxing strain, you’ll be treated to blueberry and grape aromas before really beginning to unwind

You might experience a little dry mouth with this one, but it’ll help your anxiety dwindle to manageable levels. Just keep a bottle of water handy. 


Amnesia Haze

The title Amnesia Haze makes this cannabis sound like you’ll forget all your troubles, and it lives up to its name without a doubt.

It’s known as one of the best strains for PTSD and anxiety, thanks to the high THC content that’ll mellow you out and improve your mood tenfold.

Afghani Indica, Cambodian Sativa, and Jamaican Landrace joined forces to come up with this Sativa-dominant hybrid, and we’re glad they did. 

You can expect a delightful citrus fragrance as you enjoy a few puffs to clear your mind and help control your anxiety.


Northern Lights

As you might imagine from the Northern Lights, this is a euphoric medical marijuana variety that treats a whole host of conditions from insomnia to pain.

This weed is a 90% Indica-dominant powerhouse that’ll send you off into a blissful high and indefinite couch-lock

Northern Lights sedates your muscles and slows down your brain due to the high THC content. 

It’s one of the best Indica strains for anxiety, thanks to the calming effects that’ll stop your mind from racing with the most delightful high. 



If you’re looking for all the wonderful effects cannabis offers but don’t want to experience as much of a high, you should opt for the best CBD strains for anxiety.

THC gives you the psychoactive effects, so a strain that contains a high CBD:THC ratio provides virtually no intoxicating effects. Make way for AC/DC.  

The terpenes and oils in this cannabis strain do an excellent job at calming mental agitation and soothing anxious feelings.

It’s no secret that AC/DC is a favorite among medical marijuana users, and it’s easy to see why. You get to enjoy the rich skunky flavors and therapeutic effects without needing to experience the high. 


Best Strains for Anxiety


Cherry Pie

If you get shy or uncomfortable when in the company of others, you’ll enjoy one of the best strains for social anxiety

Cherry Pie is an incredible hybrid and a cross between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. With these two legends as its parents, this cannabis strain doesn’t disappoint. 

In contrast to most other Indica varieties, you’ll feel super relaxed but still active and alert, putting it among the best weed strains for anxiety and focus.

Expect some sweet weed aromas with blueberry and smoked cherry taking the forefront before citrusy sour notes hit the back of your throat. You’ll feel confident and chatty as you say goodbye to social anxiety.


White Widow

Another contender for the best strains for PTSD and anxiety, White Widow is an absolute classic. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that first hit US shores in the 90s.

You can expect a spacey high with this anxiety beating variety that’s popular among patients looking for effective treatment

You’ll feel the perfect balance of euphoria and stimulation as you inhale this strain and enjoy the fruity zest on your tongue.

Opt for the CBD variety if you want to make the most out of the wonderful benefits without feeling high. It’s an excellent choice if you want to beat your anxiety while at the office.


Kosher Kush

Despite being very high in THC, Kosher Kush is one of the best strains for anxiety and depression

Why? This cannabis’ genetics boast a high quantity of terpene trans-nerolidol, which you’ll find in other natural remedies to treat anxiety and stress, like jasmine and lemongrass.

With this weed strain, you’ll get a strong THC buzz, but not one that’s just right to avoid anxiousness. 

You’ll enjoy refreshing flavors of lemon with spicy undertones, and this is often said to be one of the most delicious puffs around


Wave goodbye to anxiety with cannabis

That’s it, folks: The best strains for anxiety whether you want to chill out and sink into the couch or enjoy a family get-together without feeling anxious. 

We know managing feelings of anxiety can be challenging, but trying medical marijuana can be a great help

Ensure it’s legal where you live and get in touch with your doctor to see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card

Once you get the go-ahead, take your pick from our best weed strains for anxiety to see what they can do for you. You’ll find these delicious varieties and loads more on the Seed Supreme online seed bank. Happy shopping!

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