Blueberry x White Widow Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry x White Widow Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry x White Widow Feminized impresses all-round with her beautiful berry fragrance, fantastic looking flowers and a pine-fresh flavor that lingers for hours on end...

An Unholy Union


Bud Basics

There are some cannabis cross breeding experiments that simply cannot fail to produce spectacular results. This being a case-in-point example - the unholy union of the legendary Blueberry strain with none other than White Widow.  The result of which is the less than imaginatively entitled Blueberry x White Widow, which delivers everything you’d expect from this kind of superstar lineage.

Measuring in at approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genetics, this hybrid offers one of the most fantastically balanced highs you’re ever likely to experience.


A firm contender for the title of ultimate session smoke, Blueberry x White Widow tips the scales at approximately 15% THC, though can contain as little as 12% THC. The idea being that you can enjoy this stuff all night, without taking things too far.


Since this is the feminized version, unwanted male plants are eliminated from the equation entirely - replaced instead with 100% strong and sturdy female plants, which are comprehensively easy to grow from start to finish.


Blueberry x White Widow Feminized impresses all-round with her beautiful berry fragrance, fantastic looking flowers and a pine-fresh flavor that lingers for hours on end.


Perfect for newcomers and seasoned stoners alike, this herb is an enjoyable yet accessible strain for when you’re not simply out to get as baked as you possibly can.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry x White Widow

This is the kind of strain that gets your mouth watering before you even get close.


Along with being easy on the eye, Blueberry x White Widow Fem flowers emit the most beautiful blueberry-like fragrance upon reaching maturity.


When smoked, these buds explode into life with an almost sickly mixed berry flavor, with just the right amount of earthy skunkiness in the background. The exhale leaves behind a surprisingly punchy and refreshing note of pine, which lingers on the palate for hours on end. The smoke itself is comparatively light and rarely cough-inducing, yet deeply satisfying.




Despite erring very slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, Blueberry x White Widow Feminized has an effect that’s flawlessly balanced. The whole thing comes on in two very distinct stages, which in both instances are comprehensively controllable and never overwhelming.


The immediate sensation is one of energetic cerebral stimulation, fueling creative thinking and replacing apathy with motivation.


Blueberry x White Widow is a fantastic social strain during the early stages in particular, during which you’ll find it difficult to keep your mouth shut. You can also expect periodic fits of laughter as the ride plays out, eventually giving way to a more peaceful state of contentment.


Around an hour or so in, the body stone works its way into the experience. Never to such an extent as to be incapacitating, but more a case of warm and slightly weighty physical relaxation. Every last shred of tension and discomfort is melted away, gradually bringing on a feeling of laziness that lingers indefinitely. Again, not to such an extent as to glue you to the couch, but more than enough to discourage exertion of any kind.


Batches of Blueberry x White Widow Feminized with a comparatively low THC content are ideal for low-tolerance users, or as an enjoyable session smoke for anyone else. With a fabulous flavor and perfectly balanced high, you could happily hit this stuff all night and never get bored of it.



Medical Uses of Blueberry x White Widow

The balanced genetic composition and low THC content of Blueberry x White Widow Fem make this herb an exceptionally versatile therapeutic cannabis strain. Though the effects on body and mind aren’t particularly powerful, this is actually the primary point of appeal.


During the early stages of the high, the motivating and uplifting effects of these buds are fantastic for getting to grips with bad moods, bouts of depression and feelings of anxiety. Anything that’s playing on your mind and stressing you out is replaced with a feeling of optimism and confidence, never quite crossing the line into mind-altering euphoria.


Pretty much the same on the physical side of the spectrum, Blueberry x White Widow quickly gets to work on mild to moderate ailments. Headaches, muscle pains, recovering after a workout - this herb is a great choice for mild physical relaxation that will not glue you to the couch.


This is also a strain known for bringing on mild yet controllable cases of the munchies, which tend to be more enjoyable than regrettable. Or to put it another way, this strain is a sensible appetite stimulant that doesn't inherently lead to bad decision making.


Heavy consumption of this cannabis can eventually lead to the kind of drowsiness that brings on restful sleep. However, this isn’t the best strain to turn to for insomnia or sleep disorders, as it can fire up the senses in a way that makes it difficult to shut down.



Growing Blueberry x White Widow Seeds

As this is the feminized version of Blueberry x White Widow, you won’t need to worry about unwanted males creeping into your crop. Opting for feminized seeds is the way to go, if looking to produce as much weed as possible in the space you have available.


Like her parent strains - Blueberry and White Widow - this hybrid is far from the most challenging specimen to cultivate at home. She needs consistently warm and sunny conditions outdoors, but bring things inside and it’s relatively easy to keep these plants under control.


Hydro is an option, but a classic soil growing tends to be the preferred choice for most established and experienced growers.


Flowering times average around 8 to 9 weeks, after which indoor yields tend to hover around the 500g mark for every square meter of grow space. This can be more or less doubled with a successful outdoor grow, aiming to harvest at the beginning of October at the very latest.


Blueberry x White Widow Feminized is a relatively durable and resilient specimen, though benefits from the controlled provision of nutrients in accordance with each stage of its growth cycle.




Strains like this say all that needs to be said by way of their name alone. Combining two of the most legendary specimens in the history of commercial cannabis was only ever going to result in something remarkable. If you’re looking for a session strain that delivers the best of all worlds, look no further than this stuff.


Increasingly, ultra-high-THC strains are casting shadows over anything with a THC content of less than 15%. Nevertheless, there’s so much more to good weed than simply getting as high as you possibly can on a few heavy tokes. If you’re more about the enjoyment of the whole thing than just testing your THC tolerance, Blueberry x White Widow Fem takes some beating.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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