CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized Seeds

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CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized Seeds

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A beautiful and medicinally-charged hybrid crossing the famously fruity cannabis connoisseur’s delight Grapefruit with an undisclosed high CBD strain brings us CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized... 

CBD Cannabis Christmas


Bud Basics

A beautiful and medicinally-charged hybrid crossing the famously fruity cannabis connoisseur’s delight Grapefruit with an undisclosed high CBD strain brings us CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized - a strain which delivers exactly as advertised.


Taking all the fabulously moreish flavors and aroma of Grapefruit and re-packaging in a hybrid with 1% THC to a mighty 14% CBD has resulted in a superbly sumptuous specimen perfect for therapeutic tokers whose interest in psychoactive pot is non-existent.


It’s all about the terpenes with this herb, which boasts an insanely loud and prominent profile that’s downright delicious and incredibly appealing (even considering that low THC content, from a recreational perspective).


While these buds aren’t going to get you high in the traditional sense, CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized’s appeal is profound, nonetheless.


Abundantly effective marijuana medicine, unforgettable and decadent flavors and beginner-friendly cultivation experiences all come to a head in this herb - a specimen capable of instigating a sublime sense of serenity that’s ideal for those new to cannabis consumption, and well worth the attention of even recreational tokers.


Unless you’re only in this to get as baked as possible, this hybrid boasts considerable bag appeal for days, and is one of the easiest paths between where you are now and a heaving harvest of bright and bountiful nugs.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized

Inheriting all of Grapefruit’s (and grandparent strain, Cinderella 99’s) exquisite terpenes and translated flavor and aroma, CBD Fruit (1:14) Fem is a truly tantalizing tastebud treat of the tropics.


Citrus explodes from these buds in waves of grapefruit, berry and pineapple that come across as tempting and indulgent to both the nose and tongue - which tingles with every toke.


There’s a notable sweet and sour blend to the aftertaste, the likes of which completes the package to perfection, and will have any and every lover of fruit-flavored cannabis salivating like a cartoon character.




With 1% THC and 14 times that in the CBD department, you’re not going to get high in the traditional sense when consuming this cannabis. If you’re only in this for buds that get you baked out of your mind, look elsewhere.


That doesn’t mean there’s no recreational appeal to this herb though.


It’s possible that anyone new to the magic of Mary Jane will indeed feel a subtle sense of euphoria from that tiny dose of THC, which makes CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized an ideal first step into this weed world of ours.


Largely though, you’re going to feel these buds bring about a state of pure tranquillity. Calm and zen-like mind frames are this marijuana’s bread and butter, and a few short hits are all it takes for that strong CBD content to start doing its thing.


Stress and tension of both physical and psychological natures melt away, replaced by sheer contentment, making this CBD-heavy hybrid perfect for aligning your perspective and either teeing you up for the day or helping to get you through with focus and clarity - never letting the bad stuff in.


She’s an incredible specimen for weathering the storms of day to day life, and practically guaranteed never to bring about any adverse side effects.



Medical Uses of CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized

14% CBD doesn’t sound enormous compared with the high percentages that THC can hit these days, but stack CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized up against many other medical marijuana strains and you’ll find this kind of Cannabidiol content blows plenty of pot out of the water.


Perhaps most appealing to patients is that this hybrid’s low THC levels mean no chance of getting traditionally ‘high’, or of overindulging (which is likely, given the deliciousness of this stuff) causing the likes of dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, dizziness or paranoia.


Whether you’re suffering from physical or psychological conditions, these CBD-infused buds are capable of making short work of what ails you, ushering in a state of calmness that floods the mind, body and soul, leaving little room for anything remotely negative.


From common to chronic stress, clinical depression, or mild aches and deeply rooted, crippling physical pains, this is the kind of cannabis strain which can quite simply benefit anyone - even those without a diagnosed condition.



Growing CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized Seeds

The Indica-dominance of this hybrid and feminized nature of these beans go a long way towards making this a fairly effortless cultivation experience, meaning even those with less experience can succeed easily when growing CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized.


The plants remain typically Indica, favoring short and stocky statures that rarely reach taller than 1.5 meters as a maximum. You’ll also find these plants to be highly resilient when it comes to fending off common plant-related problems like bud rot, pests or disease. And, of course, being feminized means there’s practically no chance of crop-ruining pollinating male plants springing up.


Germinating these seeds is a simple enough process, but you’ll want to give serious consideration to your cultivation medium before planting these babies.


Using hydroponics is a surefire way to encourage explosive growth and race your crop to the finish line faster, but given the largely medical purpose of this pot (and the outrageous flavor potential), most growers opt for organic soil - this helps draw out the full terpene profile and deliver the greatest therapeutic efficacy, flavor and aroma in your buds.


If you’re able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, this will serve your CBD Fruit plants beautifully, helping your crop make full use of available space and maximize your bud output.


These plants can survive well outdoors, but they’ll need a warm Mediterranean climate for best results. While it’s possible to grow CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized outside in the northern hemisphere (aim for a late-October harvest if you do), you’re better off with an indoor setup that mimics this hybrid’s preferred balmy weather conditions.


Expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, after which it’s time to harvest. Indoor growers, you can look forward to up to 500 grams per meter squared for your efforts, while outdoor crops can yield up to 300 grams per plant of these fantastically fruit-smelling nugs.




With a 1:14 THC to CBD ratio and genetic ancestry including the globally adored Grapefruit and fabled Cinderella 99 strains, CBD Fruit (1:14) Feminized was born to be the best tasting therapeutic cannabis strain on the market.


It’s a bold claim, but one backed up by the insane bag appeal of this herb and a large pool of patients already benefitting from the wide-reaching medical efficacy in this stuff.


And as the icing on the canna-cake, she’s a super simple strain to cultivate too - one even novice growers can see hefty and effortless yields from in a few short months.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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