CBD Mango Feminized Seeds

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CBD Mango Feminized Seeds

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CBD Mango Feminized seeds are the result of taking an established perennial favorite superstar specimen packed with tropical tangs and jacking up the CBD...

Medicinal Mango Marijuana Magic


Bud Basics

CBD Mango Feminized seeds are the result of taking an established perennial favorite superstar specimen packed with tropical tangs and carrying enough cannabis honors to fill the shelf, and jacking up the Cannabidiol (CBD) levels to create a sumptuous high CBD strain.


Of course, that superstar is the one and only Mango strain - famed for bringing one of the most intensely mouthwatering cornucopias of mango and lemon flavors to the palate with every toke. Mango already boasts balanced relaxing and energizing influences, alongside a range of remedial properties, though her high THC content ranging between 15% and 24% can place this fruity star out of reach for many medicinal-only users.


That’s where CBD Mango comes in, where the propensity for an impressive 15% CBD content serves to tame the THC’s psychoactive influence without nullifying the desirable relaxing effects of the original wonder weed.


Beyond being perfectly suited for the medical marijuana (MMJ) community, this hybrid strain is also renowned for being an easy one to cultivate owing largely to the feminized nature of these premium beans.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Mango

When it comes to CBD Mango, you can expect all the sensory delights tokers have come to recognize as legendary from the original Mango strain.


The Mango pheno beloved worldwide has been in circulation since the early nineties, however, the strain itself dates back to the swinging sixties. Packed with caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene terpenes which deliver the quintessential peppery, citrusy and herbal notes, Mango’s exceptional mango aroma and taste returns in spades with this high CBD variant.


Properly cured buds from a CBD Mango Feminized crop genuinely take fruit-flavored weed to new levels of delectable sensations you’ll not soon forget.




While this hybrid still packs around a 15% THC punch, the 15% CBD concentration acts as an ample counterbalance, offsetting the psychoactive nature with a mellow and restorative vibe.


First, you are guided away on a gentle cerebral buzz laced with tranquillity and known to be remarkably refreshing and uplifting. It’s not long before CBD Mango’s creative influence begins to creep in, and with it the subtle sense of sharpened focus - the knowledge of what needs doing and the drive to see it done, all in one.


It’s for this reason that creative types turn to this extraordinary specimen both as a wake and bake strain and as an all-day accompaniment to invigorate the mind, body and spirit.


Seasoned smokers seeking the most of this desirable creative canna-boost have learned to temper their highs through the likes of smaller hits so as to avoid the numbing relaxation of higher doses.


Regardless of your intake, be prepared for a serious case of the munchies with this girl!



Medical Uses of CBD Mango Feminized 

The far-reaching therapeutic benefits of the legendary Mango have only been enhanced with this CBD-heavy pheno, justly earning CBD Mango a spot of honor among the medical marijuana masses.


Whether a patient is suffering from physical or mental pain, a dose from this CBD champion could be just what the doctor ordered.


Serving similarly to how non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) work, CBD Mango can block pain receptors in the brain, helping those suffering with chronic pain conditions, everything from migraines to muscle spasmsmultiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Sufferers of depression and anxiety have found the restorative properties of this CBD-heavy strain capable of effortlessly enhancing moods and calming nerves, and those with any kind of sleeping disorder find a little therapy from CBD Mango the perfect alternative to sleeping pills and their undesirable after effects.


Last but not least, this strain is also a wicked appetite stimulator capable of putting an instant stop on nausea - yet another fine reason to sample this tropical wonder weed.



Growing CBD Mango Feminized Seeds

A blessing for novice growers hunting high CBD marijuana magic, CBD Mango Feminized is as famed for her ease of cultivation as her fruity sensations and medicinal benefits.


Truly, this is a strain capable of thriving regardless of your skill, and thanks to her hardy resilience, you’ll find these plants able to easily withstand unwanted disease and pest problems or sharp weather snaps.


That said, there are a few points of significant note when growing CBD Mango Feminized seeds.


Firstly, keep in mind these plants can quite effortlessly reach between 2 and 3 meters in height (there’s those Mangogenetics for you!) - so be sure you have adequate space earmarked for your crop! The Sea of Green growth technique can be particularly useful in curtailing that height by coaxing the plant to grow laterally instead, simultaneously saving vertical space and increasing yields come harvest time by exposing more bud sites to the light.


This can mean your plants find themselves in need of additional support to hold the weight of those chunky buds, so be ready on standby with stakes or trellises.


If you’re cultivating this cannabis indoors, it’s reported that using 600-watt HPS or LED grow lamps for between 18 and 20 hours each day will bring you the best results. CBD Mango Fem thrives at around 21 to 26ºC and with humidity levels in the 40% to 50% region.


Many growers using hydroponic setups have reported this growing medium helps counter the somewhat slow development of CBD Mango while in the vegetative stage


Those hoping to elicit this beautiful ganja’s full and glorious color spectrum should consider lowering the temperature to 18ºC at night in the final two weeks of flowering. Be wary, however - those purple hues may seem enticing, but this cultivation method can be dangerous if you’re not crystal clear on what you’re doing!


9 to 10 weeks is all the flowering time CBD Mango Feminized needs to deliver up to 250 grams per meter squared when grown indoors, or a whopping 800 grams per plant outdoors - yes please!




A satisfying treat for those who love a mild psychoactive high, a delectable fruit cocktail sensation on every toke, and a dose of high CBD therapy.


CBD Mango Feminized is a veritable superstar not only among the medicinal masses, but among recreational tokers as well. She offers an exquisitely balanced high that’s impossible not to love.


What’s more, this strain is especially approachable even for the novice grower, and highly desirable for the cost-efficient commercial or cannabis connoisseur cultivator, too!


Everything you love about the famous Mango strain, but with CBD turned up to 11.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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