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CBD Tangie Feminized Seeds

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With CBD Tangie Feminized, breeders have worked tirelessly on this multiple award-winning hybrid (and this writer’s personal favorite strain) to bring consumers a low THC high CBD variant of tremendous therapeutic potential...

The Tastiest MMJ There Is?


Bud Basics

Crossing the perennially popular Skunk strain with California Orange proved the secret to Tangie’s success, paying homage to the old-school fave Tangerine Dream in a 70% Sativa-dominant package with a potent cerebral kick that’s both creative and one of the tastiest specimens of cannabis in the world.


With CBD Tangie Feminized, breeders have worked tirelessly on this multiple award-winning hybrid (and this writer’s personal favorite strain) to bring consumers a low THC high CBD variant of tremendous therapeutic potential.


Tangie has lent her ever-popular genetics to countless cannabis hybrids of immense popularity over the years, but in the crossing of this icon with an unspecified high CBD strain, the unique results are something truly standout.


This sumptuous Sativa is surprisingly simple to cultivate - excellent news for quite literally anyone in the market for marijuana medicine… that also tastes like a gift from the gods.


The flavor and aroma of this stuff is truly exquisite, offering up a tangy zest that’s downright irresistible and delivers to the taste everything the scent promised and more, in true Tangie style.


While you can’t expect the same high experience with CBD Tangie Feminized as the famed non-CBD variety, the 15% average CBD content in these buds (sprinkled with a largely unnoticeable 1% THC) is still capable of inciting a highly desirable clear and focused state of mind that’s impossible to argue with.


With therapeutic benefits through the roof, a truly decadent, ‘indulge again and again’ kind of flavor, an aroma you’ll want to live in forever and a dead simple cultivation experience to boot, your path to a heaving bounty of delicious medical marijuana lies in wait with these feminized seeds.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Tangie Feminized

The way in which the myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene terpenes here blend to produce the outstandingly desirable tantalizing tropical sensations of CBD Tangie Feminized is a work of masterful cannabis craftsmanship, to say the least.


There’s a sweet and sour edge to these tangerines, harshened by the Skunk genes but every bit as refreshing and delicious as real citric fruits.


As far as citrusy strains go, Tangie is among the best of the best when it comes to both flavor and fragrance, and embodies the definition of unmissable in every sense. For a taste of tangerine-reminiscent tropical cannabis, it doesn’t get much better.




While in most areas, CBD Tangie Feminized is practically an exact duplicate of her non-CBD parent, here is where things take a diversion from the expected Tangie experience.


A plea to all you recreational tokers out there though - don’t let the 1% THC of these buds fool you, the ‘high’ from this hybrid may not be as exquisitely cerebral as you’re hoping, but it’s just as inspiring and invigorating.


Where the original zigs fairly instantly into a euphoric uplift backed up by a reasonably high THC oompfh, CBD Tangie zags instead, seeing you delivered swiftly into a state of pure serenity. Here, negativity is not just banished - it doesn’t even exist anymore.


Focus and clarity fill your mind, dusting out the cobwebs and flooding you with a warm sense of belonging. It’s not ‘high’ as the stereotypical stoner knows it, but nonetheless, it’s an experience that lends itself perfectly to introspection and accomplishment.


Thanks to the low THC levels, CBD Tangie Fem is never going to see you sinking into a monged state, swallowed by the couch, but neither will it see you bouncing off the walls like a caffeind on her seventh espresso.


If all you’re looking for is the typical stoned experience, look elsewhere - perhaps to Tangie herself, if the rest appeals and you’re mopping drool up at the mere thought of those loud terps. Otherwise, this CBD-heavy hybrid is one hell of a perfect way to try a different kind of high that’s also tremendously therapeutic.



Medical Uses of CBD Tangie Feminized

Despite enormous recreational popularity and high THC, the original Tangie came with some impressive therapeutic attributes - among those with a strong THC tolerance, tokers have used this strain for everything from a jolt of creative inspiration to a remedy for stress, physical pain and even appetite loss.


With CBD Tangie Feminized, breeders have succeeded in amplifying this hybrid’s already potent medical potential, enhancing the experience with up to 15% CBD content and drastically reducing the THC levels, making this a strain anyone seeking medical marijuana can fall in love with - given the taste of this stuff, that’s a given, believe me.


The clear-headed focus and clarity of consuming this cannabis has proven to be incredibly effective in helping to treat mental maladies, making it almost impossible to feel even remotely stressed, anxious or depressed with these buds.


Patients suffering from physical aches and pains of both muscular and joint-related origins can find solace from their ailments here too - many use CBD Tangie to treat headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis (to name a few).


You’ll also find these buds an excellent remedy for fatigue, feelings of nausea of lost appetite. And what’s more, because of the low THC levels, the chances of you succumbing to any of marijuana’s less desirable side effects are slim to none.



Growing CBD Tangie Feminized Seeds

Since the Sativa genes are dominant in this one, growing CBD Tangie Feminized is about everything you’d expect from a quality Sativa strain, though remains pleasantly simple enough for even novice growers looking for a bounty of therapeutic buds.


True to their origins, these plants can grow pretty tall and lanky, reaching well over 1.5 meters if given the chance and suitable cultivation conditions. This is generally speaking the only difficulty you might face when growing CBD Tangie - controlling or finding space for that height.


Brush up on cannabis plant training techniques and be ready to do some regular topping, fimming and pruning if your vertical space is limited. It’s also worth setting up a crop of these CBD-heavy beauties in a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup if you’re able to.


Beyond that, it’s smooth sailing to a healthy harvest of these lime green tangerine-scented medical dream buds. You don’t have to worry much about trimming extraneous leaves to help with light exposure or airflow, and you shouldn’t be concerned about common plant problems like mold or pests, given this ganja’s natural robustness.


CBD Tangie Feminized thrives best in balmy Mediterranean climates, so opt for an outdoor setup if you’re lucky enough to live in these areas, or make sure your indoor grow room is kitted out to mimic these climes with appropriate temperature and relative humidity (RH) throughout.


It’s worth considering your cultivation medium before you get started as this will help you get the most out of your crop. Organic soil tends to be the choice for most as it’s ideal for helping your cannabis develop maximum terpenes (which are responsible for that to die for flavor and aroma profile, and the therapeutic properties of the buds), but hydroponics works well if you’re just after the quickest harvest possible.


Overall, expect between 9 and 10 weeks of flowering time, after which the indoor growers can look forward to anywhere in the region of 450 to 550 grams per meter squared of these resin-coated nugs. Outdoors, it’s possible to score up to 500 grams per plant if you treat these beauties right.




A medical marijuana marvel with a taste that won’t quit and a remarkably straightforward cultivation process that even a newbie could see great heaping harvests from if they had one arm tied behind their back the whole time.


CBD Tangie Feminized has been designed with the medical marijuana market firmly in mind - an offering of truly delicious, mouthwatering buds that are far more than merely effective medicine for a wide range of conditions. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentMinimum (0-5%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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