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Take everything you love most about the globally acclaimed perennially pungent pot superstars Cheese and Diesel and cram them into one crazy cannabis cocktail and you’re left with Cheese Diesel - a sensory delight for all the senses...

An Aromatic Amalgamation of Ganja Greatness


Bud Basics

Take everything you love most about the globally acclaimed perennially pungent pot superstars Cheese and Diesel and cram them into one crazy cannabis cocktail and you’re left with Cheese Diesel - a sensory delight for all the senses.


These two superstar parents represent some of the finest marijuana specimens from European and American heritage, and their union brings cannabis connoisseurs the world over with one of the most aromatic hybrids imaginable.


Cheese Diesel comes at you hard and fast with a surprisingly sociable high, given that THC regularly reaches upwards of a respectably potent 22%. Say sayonara to you inhibitions and any sense of trepidation with these nugs on your side as this strain kicks your butt into overdrive, offering an unforgettable sense of euphoria to match those truly memorable scents and flavor.


If you aren’t swayed alone by the idea of this combination between champion cannabis strains of the stinkiest order, perhaps the fact that this is one seriously hardy hybrid will convince you - even the greenest of ganja growers can see these feminized beans to a full and glorious harvest of pungent delights!



Flavor and Fragrance of Cheese Diesel 

Cheese and Diesel neither sound like they should go well together nor be associated with cannabis in any way - at least, that’s what the uninitiated think.


We, on the other hand, know better. The dank stink of a truly remarkable strain is something which stays with you for years on end, and few ever forget the whiff or the tang of Cheese or Diesel.


In their Cheese Diesel offspring, these pungent parent plants elegantly blend their sweet and sour notes into a compellingly contradictory juxtaposition of chemically and cheesy notes which capture both nose and tongue immediately.


There are those who report hints of lemon, lime and tangerine in this potent cannabis cocktail, however, the sensitivity and attunement of your palate may well influence how much of the nuances of this hybrid you’re able to detect.


What’s apparent is that the myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpenes found in both Diesel and Cheese (albeit in differing levels) complement each other to perfection - it’s really as simple as that!


Explaining the appeal of this kind of flavor and fragrance profile to anyone who’s yet to sample these superstar parents verges on the impossible, but those who know, know (and those who don’t should go try immediately).




First up when Cheese Diesel hits is the very definitive influence of the Diesel genetics, leading the cannabinoid charge with an incredibly compelling bout of energy.


While the taste still lingers on the tongue, those uplifting vibes will be carrying all your stresses and worries away, boosting confidence in your place in the world and in any environment - which makes this hybrid especially popular in social situations.


Again honoring her fuel-toned parentage, Cheese Diesel continues modulating your mood, stimulating creativity and lateral thinking, which, when combined with the social and uplifting sense of energy, makes this stinky specimen great for getting through the day, smashing through to-do lists and unlocking the innovative mental breakthroughs you’ve been longing for.


When it comes time and the high has run its course, you’ll find the relaxed lull far from lethargic, rather a welcome state of sedation you’re likely to feel all too ready for. Even then, however, as the Cheese effects become more notable, this strain rarely crosses into couchlock territory.


Given how the high tapers out, this can make it quite simple to return to the crest and continue riding the Cheese Diesel wave, if you’re of a mind. And, if you’re careful and adept at controlling your dose, you can maintain that momentum all day without crashing.


Just be sure not to toke up these nugs too soon before bed, or you could find yourself up for hours!



Medical Uses of Cheese Diesel Feminized

While there are not an abundance of documented cases of patients using Cheese Diesel as a medicinal marijuana strain, this hybrid is not without her therapeutic benefits.


Typically, high THC strains with over 20% THC such as our girl here lose fans among the medical masses due to their sheer potency - it’s simply too much to handle for many non-recreational therapeutic tokers.


Considering Cheese Diesel comes with 22% THC and a mere 0.6% CBD, her lack of use medically makes a lot of sense.


That said, this hybrid earns tremendous merits for the states of relaxation and creative energy she’s able to bring on to those with a reasonable or high tolerance to THC.


If you can handle the psychoactive nature of these buds then the powerful anti-depressant, anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties all get to work, acting swiftly and simultaneously to the toker’s benefit.


Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD - these can all be mitigated thanks to this strain’s ability to restore mental balance. Those in need of effective and natural pain relief, from a minor headache or migraine to more serious concerns like multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia can also make highly effective use of Cheese Diesel to help them recapture some sense of normality where conventional medicines fail.



Growing Cheese Diesel Feminized Seeds 

When it comes to growing Cheese Diesel Feminized seeds, there is not a great deal of advice to give.


To some, that may come as a worry, however, in reality, the reason behind this lies with both Cheese and Dieselparent strains. The genetics of these famed strains bestow on Cheese Diesel a stability and robust reliability which lends itself beautifully to a surprisingly simple cultivation experience.


Of course, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and so it is with this hybrid - who’s not without a minor element of challenge. Rest assured, it’s nothing a little prep work can’t see you through.


Bud density is a blessing and a curse with this hybrid. You can expect multiple budding sites crammed tight with dense and crystal-coated nugs like frosted green and russet treats, however, that density can lead to a nasty case of bud rot if you’re not careful.


Bud rot happens if moisture builds up at those bud sites, but you can easily mitigate and manage any chance of that malignant mold by keeping the foliage thin and trimmed so that airflow isn’t interrupted.


The addition of effective ventilation fans can also work wonders to help prevent mold, as can maintaining a relative humidity (RH) level between 40 and 50%.


Beyond mitigating mold, there really isn’t much to successfully growing Cheese Diesel Fem.


Due to the insanely sticky trichome covering, you might find it challenging handling and harvesting these buds - a decent pair of gloves can help with that.


You also might consider using the Screen of Green (ScROG) technique to maximize the potential of your plants and boost the explosiveness of their already impressive growth patterns. Those who do will find their plants stand shorter than their typical 1 meter high presence, but develop wider statures with even more densely packed budding sites.


After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, Cheese Diesel should be ready to harvest (and kicking up a stink like no other - carbon filters are a wise idea with these ladies if discretion is called for!).


Indoor growers, you can expect roughly 600 grams per meter squared. Outdoor growers, if you’ve treated your crop to balmy Mediterranean-like climates with ample sunlight, you’re looking at potentials of 700 grams per plant!


Keep in mind, though, this is seriously one of the stinkiest hybrids you’re likely to lay hands on from the moment she starts flowering to the last bud is gone.




Simply put, Cheese Diesel has it all.


The only reasons not to try this exquisite hybrid are if you can’t stand Cheese or Diesel strains, or if your tolerance to THC is so low that your nickname is One Toke Tammy.


Even then, given the ease of cultivating these feminized beans, the generosity of the plants come harvest time, the 10/10 bag appeal and the unforgettably motivating and nuanced high of the cured nugs, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to give these babies a whirl.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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