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Critical 47 Feminized Seeds

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Critical 47 Feminized takes all the best traits of her famed AK-47 meets Critical Mass parentage to deliver a potent, flavorful and energizing experience that’s as...

A Marijuana Meeting of Legends


Bud Basics

Critical 47 Feminized takes all the best traits of her famed AK-47 meets Critical Mass parentage to deliver a potent, flavorful and energizing experience that’s as ideal for recreational users seeking an afternoon pick me up as it is for therapeutic tokers.


In a true one hit and quit AK-47 style, this perfectly balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid hits you hard and fast with a supercharged cerebral shot capable of uplifting any mood and stimulating inspiration - a huge consideration for all you creative types looking for your marijuana muse.


On the growing side of things, Critical 47 Fem takes largely after her Critical Mass lineage, presenting explosive growth patterns with a tendency for being something of a tricky strain for novice cultivators to get their head around.


You’ll be better off finding an easier strain if this is your first cannabis crop, however, those with at least some growing experience behind them can expect a swift and bountiful harvest of high THC nugs likely to feel like Christmas come early.


Careful though, while Critical 47 is capable of igniting that creative spark, these buds also come with one hell of a sedative kick which makes this a cannabis choice for the afternoon or evening, rather than as an up and at ‘em wake and bake strain.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical 47

The terpene profiles of AK-47 and Critical Mass come together in a delightfully harmonious union with Critical 47.


Most tokers will taste the fruitiness on the tongue, which is undoubtedly from the Critical Mass parent and her herbal, peppery profile which delivers hints of citrus through the combination of myrcene, caryophyllene and a dash of limonene terpenes.


Adding a sweet, floral nature to the mix is the AK influence, which, in the blend, seems to create a beautifully contrasting and complementary experience on both the tongue and nose - not too fruity, not too sweet, not too earthy, but just right.




Both legendary parent strains are again done proud by the effects of Critical 47, which gets to work fairly instantly in what can be best described as something of a rollercoaster experience.


While both parents and their pot progeny can ignite inspiration and a soaring cerebral high that dashes any negativity, the balanced Indica influence is an ever-present force of nature, dragging you into a sedative state that is far from ideal for getting through that to-do list.


This kind of balanced high lends itself well to social environments, enjoying with friends and copious snacks where you’ll be laughing for days without a care in the world, yet rarely sinking into that monged slump thanks to the strong cerebral surge.


Of course, it’s entirely possible to get swept away in the relaxed euphoria, especially if you’re enjoying a lengthy Netflix and chong session or prone to overindulging with spliffs even Bob Marley would have balked at. You’ll also find that the long-term effects of Critical 47 Feminized after many hours can make sleep and general sluggishness even harder to resist - but why would you want to?!


While that euphoric giddiness, giggle fits and bursts of creative inspiration can make this hybrid especially tempting, you’re definitely better off waiting until at least mid-afternoon before diving into the blissful weedy wonders Critical 47 has in store for you.



Medical Uses of Critical 47 Feminized 

Despite a low Cannabidiol (CBD) level of under 1%, Critical 47 is not without her therapeutic benefits, however, with an average THC of at least 20%, you’ll need a strong tolerance to cannabis’ psychoactive nature if you’re going to get the most medical benefits from these buds.


Thanks to the nigh-on instant cerebral influence when consuming this cannabis and the strain’s potent relaxation, anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties, any negative emotions, stresses or anxiety are quickly washed away, helping you ease into a state of mental tranquillity which can be a powerful tool in battling depression.


The strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents come into play as the full-body sedative effects take hold, helping to soothe physical suffering of everything from mild headaches to severe migraines, PMS cramps, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia (to name a few).


It’s entirely possible for those struggling with a loss of appetite to find their hunger and desire to eat restored through consuming Critical 47, and lastly, the long-term sedative effects are potent enough to lull even those with insomnia off to a deep, pleasant and rejuvenating night’s sleep.



Growing Critical 47 Feminized Seeds

Growing Critical 47 Feminized is not the simplest of cultivation experiences, and is, therefore, best suited to those with at least a handful of successful harvests under their belt. That said, those challenges are also nothing you can’t overcome with the right knowledge at your disposal.


Cultivating these beans, you’re in for an experience not too dissimilar to the Critical Mass parentage - which includes explosive growth and numerous budding sites (courtesy of the prolific Big Bud genetics in the background).


This propensity for huge production is absolutely a boon to your bud-gathering cause, but it also makes these plants more susceptible to the likes of mold if you’re not careful to avoid moisture build-up.


Opt for an indoor cultivation and you’ll set yourself up for a win here as your ability to control the temperature and humidity of the plants’ environment will make a world of difference to keeping mold and bud rot at bay.


Aim to imitate a balmy Mediterranean climate, with temperatures between 21 and 26°C - or, if you live in these desirable environments, treat these ganja girls to an outside grow and watch them thrive. Anyone in places like Spain, Italy, Australia or Cali should see insane yields come harvest time.


Wherever you grow yours, you’re also going to need to trim Critical 47 plants - a lot. This plant’s kind of exponential growth can get on top of more inexperienced growers, but if you’re able to keep those extraneous fan leaves and side branches under control then you’ll find yourself well on the path to maximum bud output.


Of course, such huge and numerous budding sites present additional challenge from a support perspective. Critical 47 Feminized plants again take after their Critical Mass parent with branches known to struggle under their own weight as the plants mature.


If you anticipate this and set your crop up with some stakes or trellises to help share the load of those enormous buds, again, you’ll be well on your way to those yields of epic proportions.


Screen of Green (ScROG) setups are also said to be a terrific way of increasing your bud bounty when harvest rolls around, helping plants to maximize all lateral space available and produce more bud sites.


Expect between 6 and 8 weeks flowering time before your Critical 47 Fem crop is ready to harvest and yield the indoor grower between 400 and 600 grams per meter squared. Outdoor cultivators, you can look forward to anywhere between 400 and 700 grams per plant under optimal conditions if you treat these ladies right.


One final note - these plants have a seriously pungent aroma courtesy of their infamous Skunk lineage, so consider carefully if carbon filters or other odor control measures might be a necessity for you.




When iconic cannabis strains meet in the breeding grounds, you tend to expect tremendous results, and with Critical 47 Feminized you get nothing short of what’s expected.


This hybrid packs a hefty THC and an even heftier yield potential - all in such swift times that you’d almost think you’re dealing with an autoflowering strain here (you’re not).


A little bit fruity, a little bit sweet and a dash of sour, this strain offers a delicious flavor profile and near-instant effects capable of clearing the mind, freeing you from any stresses or worries of the day, while stimulating your creative juices and locking you into a state of pure serenity.


While it may be tough to actually summon the strength to do much beyond a quality Netflix and chong session with your friends, there’s nothing not to love about the high Critical 47 brings. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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