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Critical Bilbo Feminized Seeds

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Critical Bilbo pairs a powerful body stone with an enjoyable cerebral uplift in a way that transcends most Indica-heavy hybrids. A surprisingly versatile strain with a long list of medical applications, this is one to...

Reinventing the Cigarette


Bud Basics

Often underestimated though always appreciated when tried firsthand, Critical Bilbo Feminized is worthy of a place in every stoner’s stash box. Despite leaning heavily towards the Indica side of the scale (70%), this herb is renowned for her beautifully balanced high with equally enjoyable physical and psychological effects.


Critical Bilbo is a Critical Mass phenotype and has the likes of Skunk #1 and Afghani in her direct lineage. Originally available exclusively in Spain, this hybrid has now gone well and truly international. This being the feminized version, all unwanted male plants are eliminated from the equation, ensuring maximum yields and the best possible ROI.


With THC content of approximately 21%, this hybrid is a heavy hitter that’s not to be approached without due care and caution. Though rather than completely knocking you off your feet, you’re more likely to be left feeling sociable, chatty and inspired.


The Indica effects of Critical Bilbo Feminized are pronounced to say the least, but complemented with an unusual sense of clear-headedness and sensory elevation.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical Bilbo Feminized

It’s impossible to liken the fragrance and flavor of Critical Bilbo Feminized with any other strain, as there’s nothing that quite compares to these buds. The fragrance is dominated by sweet and enticing aromas of fresh berries and honey, with plenty of wet earth and classic Skunk in the background.


More interesting is the flavor profile, which contains an unusual tobacco-like taste alongside those floral and fruity flavors. Not to such an extent as to feel like you’re smoking a cigarette - more the kind of warm, musky and aromatic hint of tobacco.


The smoke itself is sweet, rich and gentle on the airways, rarely inducing coughing. After which, the aftertaste that lingers indefinitely is dominated by a curious honey-tobacco combination, which is unlike anything you’ll have experienced from any other strain.




The genetic composition of Critical Bilbo Feminized gives a pretty accurate indication of what you can expect. As does the 21% average THC content, which is more than enough to have the desired effect. If not, take things a little too far for the uninitiated.


A couple of heavy hits and the mood-boosting effects of these buds becomes immediately apparent. The first sensation is one of complete and utter contentment - anything that may have been bothering you is obliterated from your mind and your memory entirely. The senses are fired up, creativity comes on in waves and you feel the urge to socialize with anyone within earshot.


Critical Bilbo has also been known to bring on borderline psychedelic experiences with heavy consumption, though in comparatively rare cases.


This initial sense of energized motivation is quickly overtaken by an extremely heavy (and usually incapacitating) body stone. Unless you’re extremely modest with your consumption, this cannabis almost always leads to prolonged bouts of couchlock. Though with the added bonus of a daydream-like state of blissful contentment and happiness throughout, rather than leaving you feeling like a stale vegetable.


Critical Bilbo Feminized can therefore be a great social strain at the right times and with the right people, though is perhaps best reserved for lazy evenings of self-indulgence.



Medical Uses of Critical Bilbo Feminized

The potential therapeutic applications of Critical Bilbo Feminized are primarily physical, as the body stone is much more powerful and long lasting than the cerebral effects.


That said, moderate intake can instill the kind of mood-boost needed to quickly and effectively deal with everyday stress, mild cases of depression and negative thoughts. During the initial stages at least, Critical Bilbo blasts negativity into oblivion.


On the physical side of the spectrum, this stuff has a long list of potential medical applications. Particularly those involving chronic pain, tension, stiffness and spasms, which are known to respond well to Indica-heavy cannabis.


A few hours into the experience, this strain moves away from laziness and graduates into hopeless drowsiness. - making this just the thing for bringing on a blissful night’s sleep, and great for dealing with the occasional bout of insomnia.


This is also a strain that has become famous (or infamous) for triggering the kinds of hunger pangs you simply wouldn’t believe. The munchies hit hard, fast and for the duration - great where poor appetite or nausea is an issue.


As with all strains that have a tendency to result in couchlock, Critical Bilbo is best avoided by those who are prone to panic attacks or paranoia. There’s a good chance you’ll be incapacitated for hours on end, so it’s worth considering beforehand whether you can handle it.



Growing Critical Bilbo Feminized Seeds

There’s nothing complicated about the cultivation process with Critical Bilbo Feminized, which in this guise comes free of any problematic male plants. If you’re simply out to produce as much quality cannabis as possible, opting for 100% female seeds is the way to go.


Once you’re up and running, you’ll find these plants more or less take care of themselves. Yields can be quite spectacular outdoors, though only where consistently warm and sunny conditions can be provided throughout. Otherwise, it’s best to set up indoors, where you’ll still be looking at up to 500g of quality cannabis for every square meter of grow space after eight weeks of flowering.


The only potential issue to watch for is the possibility of the plants’ stems and branches bending or breaking under their own weight. Keep an eye on things as your plants approach maturity, ensuring you provide structural support if necessary.


If you do plan on growing outdoors, aim to harvest early October, when you could be looking at yields in excess of 1.5kg of quality weed from each plant.




The fact that Critical Bilbo Feminized is a direct descendant of Critical Mass says all that needs to be said about this herb’s desirability. Easy to grow, perfectly potent and with a completely unique flavor profile, this is one you simply have to try out for yourself.


Critical Bilbo pairs a powerful body stone with an enjoyable cerebral uplift in a way that transcends most Indica-heavy hybrids. A surprisingly versatile strain with a long list of medical applications, this is one to set your sights on, if you haven’t done so already.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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