Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized Seeds

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Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized Seeds

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A Sativa-heavy specimen combining award-winning cannabis icons into one best-of-both hybrid that’s beyond tempting in all conceivable ways...

Taking Wake and Bake Strains to the Extreme


Bud Basics

A Sativa-heavy specimen combining award-winning cannabis icons into one best-of-both hybrid that’s beyond tempting in all conceivable ways.


This top-shelf quality concoction delivers all the delights of Snoop Dogg’s favored Green Crack strain (aka Cush - and don’t worry, it’s 100% marijuana, we promise!) with the eternally famous AK-47.


From a decadent, lip-smacking flavor and aroma profile punctuated by tantalizing tropical hints to a high twice as powerful as your morning coffee, this energizing herb might just be your new favorite wake and bake strain.


Despite not being one of the most beginner-friendly strains on the market, Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized seeds remove the chances of male plants pollinating your crop, helping to ease the pressure off growers - and novices will find this stuff proves an ample test of your abilities, a fine hybrid for developing those green thumbs.


While an average of 17% THC might not seem enormous compared with some of the mind-melting modern marijuana strains out there, rest assured, these buds pack a notable punch that’s consistently productive, relaxing, and highly enjoyable.


Creative types on the lookout for motivational nugs, or those hunting a herb to get them through the day, Green Crack x AK-47 Fem is here to answer your pot prayers.



Flavor and Fragrance of Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized

The complimentary myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene and pinene terpenes at work within these buds translates to a flavor and fragrance the likes of which would make both parent strains (and their most die-hard of fans) proud.


A cannabis cornucopia of citric whiffs and tangs, this herb is a dream come true for any and all aficionados who love their fruity flavored ganja.


Some detect a hint of woodiness present on the palate which the nose never reveals, but otherwise, the taste is an exact reflection of the superbly alluring aroma - one certain to have you craving more from the moment of your first hit.




If you’re looking for weed that’s going to mong you out in a blissful state of couchlock, forget about it, look elsewhere, because Green Crack x AK-47 is about as far from that as you’re going to get!


Think of these buds as the perfect partner for your morning cup of coffee (one with enough energy to even replace that steaming mug of Joe, for those of a mind to), and you’re on the right train of thought.


The 17% average THC content of this herb wastes no time kicking into gear and flooding the mind and body alike with a palpable sense of motivation and the drive to get up and crush the day ahead.


Euphoria takes over after a few short hits, banishing negativity or self-deprecation and installing an unshakable focus perfect for getting shit done. Alongside that energy surge and social stimulation, you can expect an elevated rush of creative thinking, sharpened concentration and the physical fuel to back it all up with that ever-important action.


The quintessential wake and bake strain, and nothing short of it - don’t consume this cannabis at night unless you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, you won’t be sleeping.


While there’s certainly no traditional sedative influence to these buds, the relaxing properties of the Indica side of the genetics help soothe the body throughout the intense cerebral high, helping to balance the buzz with an accompanying sense of supreme calmness - no bouncing off the walls for you! This is like coffee without the jitters.



Medical Uses of Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized

Due to the powerful nature of the cerebral buzz these buds bring on, anyone with a low THC tolerance should consume this cannabis with care, in moderation - especially with such a delicious strain, it’s easy to overindulge and bring on bouts of mind race that can be quite overwhelming for newcomers.


For those able to handle a little THC therapy, however, you’ll find the medical benefits of Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized to be truly life-changing in the right circumstances.


Since we’re looking at a predominantly Sativa hit, the most therapeutic potential for this pot comes to those suffering from psychological conditions. Whether it’s stress (daily or chronic), anxiety, depression, PTSD or even general malaise, doubting your self-worth and lacking the motivation to make a positive change in life, a little of this herb goes a long way to overwriting that negativity and helping users find a renewed sense of purpose and drive.


This kind of mindset shift can (and often does) prove an essential starting point even for treatment of severe physical conditions, as without the correct state of mind, even many conventional therapies can fail.


Minor physical relief can be felt thanks to the natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in this pot, though this will mostly be limited to the likes of mild aches and pains - headaches, muscle and joint stiffness, etc.


Given the energizing nature of this herb, symptoms of fatigue can also be overturned with even the most modest of dosages.


Careful consumption is absolutely essential in those new to the effects of psychoactive pot, as the high THC content in this cannabis can lead to dizziness, dry mouth (aka cottonmouth) and bloodshot eyes - stay hydrated and avoid excessive use and you’ll be in for a purely enjoyable therapy.



Growing Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized Seeds

This hybrid has a few tendencies which take her away from the ranks of the ‘effortless growing’ ganja strains, however, while this means that first-time growers might want to look to other strains for their crop, newbies hoping to hone their cannabis chops can find that cultivating Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized is an excellent teacher.


Despite a Sativa-dominance, it’s typically quite rare for these plants to reach much taller than 1 meter in height, making these plants easy enough to manage - however, if you’re able to provide your crop with ample headroom, this is the best option and will allow your plants to stretch to their fullest.


Of course, with greater height comes more TLC - you’ll want to remain active in managing the growth of your Green Crack x AK-47 plants and should utilize a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup if you’re able to as this will go a long way towards the best possible harvest.


Much like the Green Crack parent strain, topping your plants (trimming the broad leaves to allow adequate light penetration and airflow) may also be required if you want to draw out that maximum potential.


It’s possible to grow Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized successfully outdoors, but you’ll need a consistent and warm Mediterranean-like climate for best results. Timing is critical too, especially for outdoor cultivators in the northern hemisphere - aim to harvest before September ends because the chill winds of winter and autumn will be too much for these beauties to handle.


For those without those idyllic and dependable tropical climes, opting for an indoor setup which mimics the Mediterranean is your best shot at a full and healthy harvest - this will also help mitigate the chances of mold or pests, which Green Crack x AK-47 can be quite susceptible to.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, after which the indoor grower can rake in between 500 and 600 grams per meter squared. Outdoor crops, meanwhile, can yield up to 600 grams per plant when treated to optimal conditions.




Born from legends to become a legend, Green Crack x AK-47 Feminized embodies all that’s best from both her esteemed parent strains.


Energizing to the extreme, this flavorful herb could either replace your morning cup of coffee or enhance it to levels of productivity you’d only imagined until now - you decide which. Just remember, this hybrid is not one for the evenings, she’s about getting shit done and loving every second of it.


Something of a challenge in the cultivation room, newbies will have their work cut out for them (but might also find this to be the perfect specimen for developing those green thumbs).

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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