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Green Crack x Core Feminized Seeds

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An exotic, Sativa-dominant cross between two notable strains, Green Crack x Core Feminized beautifully blends the mood enhancement and energy bursts of parent Green Crack with the tamer, slightly more Indica effects of Core to create a truly invigorating hybrid...

A Dynamic Buzz of Body, Mind and Soul


Bud Basics

An exotic, Sativa-dominant cross between two notable strains, Green Crack x Core Feminized beautifully blends the mood enhancement and energy bursts of parent Green Crack with the tamer, slightly more Indica effects of Core to create a truly invigorating hybrid.


Green Crack - famously renamed by the rapper Snoop Dogg after he deemed her high so similar to the narcotic - is renowned amongst the cannabis community for her energizing and enlivening cerebral effects. Combining this with the lesser-known second parent, Core, has resulted in a marijuana strain that is pleasingly citric-sweet in scent and somehow calming in her energy.


Mixing notes of pine, earth and citrus to create a refreshingly smooth smoke, Green Crack x Core is best enjoyed using a water bong to avoid her acrid aftertaste.


Medical marijuana patients will take comfort and ease from a few tokes of this strain, as she’s particularly effective at easing the mind and soul into a state of calm, providing effective relief from a variety of mood disorders and mild PTSD among other struggles.


Cultivating this beuaty is a simple enough affair, particularly with all-fem seeds that mean growers need not worry about pesky males to remove. Her Core lineage makes for a strain with big buds and decent yields in an unusually short grow time, making her a great choice for newbies.



Flavor and Fragrance of Green Crack x Core

Refreshing and invigorating in flavor and effect, Green Crack x Core perfectly balances the tasty sour-sweet tang of citrus with a herbal, pine-like aroma that combines into a smooth creamy smoke to delight the senses.


A tendency towards bitter, acidic flavors in the taste of this strain can often leave an unpleasant aftertaste that may induce coughing. We would recommend using a water bong if this is the case, as such a method is likely to soften and smooth out the harshness of the flavor.




A swift-acting high, you can expect the sensations of Green Crack x Core Feminized to hit within a minute or so of your first toke, beginning with a faint tingling that begins around the eyes and face before settling into an energizing buzz.


As this energy spreads and intensifies throughout the body, you’ll find your senses begin to heighten, enlivening dull external stimuli until your interest is caught in the smallest of things.


Take a few moments to enjoy the improved mood and clear head that Green Crack x Core brings with her, as the rest of the physical effects will take some time to follow. When they do, you’ll find your extremities feeling looser and more relaxed, as her Indica properties soften the muscles and release the spirit, enveloping you in a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.


This can be an enlivening strain, but it all depends on the dosage. Keep it low, and you’ll keep your alertness and ability to move. Smoke a little more, and you might find your limbs growing too leaden and lazy to do much at all.


Overindulgence, it should be warned, could lead to heightened anxiety and paranoia in extreme cases. More commonly, you may experience dry eyes, cottonmouth or dizziness if proper care isn’t taken.



Medical Uses of Green Crack x Core Feminized

Capable of enlivening the mind and lifting the weary soul, Green Crack x Core is an ideal choice for medicinal marijuana patients who are looking for a strain to freshen up the brain.


By uplifting you from fatigue and tension, this wonder weed puts her 18% THC content to good use by clearing the mind and easing the body into a state of painlessness. Her mood-boosting properties are an excellent aid for traversing the rough terrain of anxiety, and the associated negative, intrusive thoughts - offering temporary relief and allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own head for a short while.


These same effects can be put to great use for patients suffering from mild PTSD, mood disorders or depression.


Her muscle-relaxant properties combine well with her inherent anti-inflammatory properties to create a compound that eases and soothes each and every part of the body, providing relief to sufferers of chronic pain, muscle spasms, PMS or migraines.


Green Crack x Core Fem’s high will last for several hours, allowing you a leave of pain-free time to relax and unwind before she lulls and sedates you into a night of deep, restorative sleep - a choice strain for insomnia.



Growing Green Crack x Core Feminized

Remarkably similar to her parent strain, Green Crack, the hybrid that is Green Crack x Core Feminized is arguably a tamer plant, and easier to grow due to her enhanced growth patterns. With a quick flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks - excellent for a Sativa-leaning strain - and a short to medium height, these ladies don't take up much space, and either way, they won’t be there for long with such swift flowering tendencies.


Growing her with hydroponics or organic soil indoors will boost yields and ensure that Green Crack x Core is provided with the correct nutrients to thrive. If you’re looking to maximize on space, a Sea of Green (SoG) setup is recommended, and you’ll find she’s a sturdy strain with generous internodal spacing, so very little pruning is required.


Light is important for this particular strain, and we recommended a 600 to 1000 watt HPS/LED grow lamp to encourage a harvest of between 350 and 500 grams per square meter.


Should you attempt to grow Green Crack x Core outdoors, you may find she flourishes and provides an even more impressive yield. Ensure your plants are exposed to plenty of sunshine, and you might find yourself with up to 500 grams per plant.




As full of promise and potential as she is potency, Green Crack x Core Feminized is a strain that perfectly walks the line between invigorating euphoria and intense relaxation by balancing the Sativa traits of one parent with the Indica traits of another.


A cloud of delightfully smooth smoke with a pine-like, citrus aroma that’s hard to resist, nevertheless, her taste can be a tad astringent and harsh on the lungs. This might be a bud that’s best consumed from a water bong if you don’t want to bring on a mild coughing fit with a toke.


Enlivening you within minutes, Green Crack x Core will soon intensify into a dynamic buzz of body, mind and mood before easing you down into muscle-softening relaxation and sedation.


An excellent and potent choice for those who are weary in body and mind, this hybrid is wonderfully effective at soothing away anxious and negative thoughts and replacing them with a clear head and an untroubled outlook. Patients with PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety or depression can benefit greatly from Green Crack x Core Fem, as can those with milder painful conditions such as migraines or PMS.


A strain of particularly good value, this specimen grows well for a Sativa strain, is of a small enough stature to be ideal for indoor growing, and flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks - altogether an impressive package. A little hydroponics or organic soil will give her what she needs to thrive, and with the right light, you can quickly find yourself with a healthy 350 to 500 gram yield. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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