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Hektol Feminized Seeds

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Classically skunky in scent and flavor, this strain has undertones of citrus notes that add an extra depth to her moreish tastiness, providing much-needed refreshment...

Skunky, Sweet and Cerebral Seeds


Bud Basics

The Sativa-dominant Hektol Feminized strain is a triple cross hybrid of SkunkSkunk #1 and the more Indica-leaning Mazar, making for a pungent, earthy smoke that’s psychedelic and psychologically stimulating.


The double whammy of Sativa in this strain is what gives her a particularly potent cerebral high that delivers a gentle euphoria with high energy. Hektol’s Indica genes temper this down from hyperactivity, allowing the mind to wander freely and with clarity while the body-buzz soothes you all over.


Classically skunky in scent and flavor, this strain has undertones of citrus notes that add an extra depth to her moreish tastiness, providing much-needed refreshment.


Not particularly famed for her medicinal properties, nevertheless this ganja gal can pull her weight when needed, and is effective at easing symptoms of stress and depression with her head-high.


Growing tall and mighty, with a super-fast flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks, these all-fem Hektol seeds are an absolute breeze to grow, and a delight for commercial cultivators looking for a high yield. Previously available only in Spain, we’re happy to provide you with a bang-for-your-buck cannabis plant that matures well and leaves you with a plentiful supply of psychedelic highs.



Flavor and Fragrance of Hektol Feminized

With Skunk lineages comes the classic, pungent skunky scent. Hektol Fem’s aroma is strong and deep, but the skunkines is tempered with a sweet citric lemon undertone that complements the earthiness nicely.




Great for daytime or late afternoon use, Hektol is a strain with many psychoactive traits, and as such is great for enhancing the mood, provoking deep thoughts and inducing clarity of the mind with her enlivening, invigorating cerebral high.


By sharpening the senses whilst promoting an upbeat, cheerful mood, this stuff is a great companion on social occasions, inducing talkativeness and encouraging friendly discussion.


That said, she’s also an excellent choice for creative pursuits and is the strain of choice for artists and writers alike.


Gradually, Hektol will wind down with gentle waves of calm and relaxation, washing over the body like a hot bath while keeping up the mental stimulation.


Given her cerebral talents, caution must be advised, though - with up to 21% THC, Hektol can lead to some serious, deep, dark introspection if overconsumed, which will definitely kill your buzz.



Medical Uses of Hektol Feminized

Potentially beneficial for a variety of physical and psychological medical issues, Hektol Fem boasts such a calming, gentle cerebral high that she’s capable of uplifting the mood of any consumer. As such, those upbeat feelings can easily provide temporary reprieve from symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.


Though she’s mostly Sativa, so her analgesic and sedative talents are limited, Hektol has still been effectively used for mild pain relief from tight, aching muscles, as her relaxing buzz tends to soothe and ease out the kinks of the daily slog.


As with most cannabis strains, be cautious of her side effects, as Hektol Fem can leave you with cottonmouth, irritated, dry eyes and even headaches and dizziness. Since she’s also Sativa-dominant, overconsumption could lead to mild anxiety or paranoia.



Growing Hektol Feminized Seeds

Commercial cannabis cultivators are likely to be drawn to growing Hektol Feminized due to her incredibly high yield potential, and with all-female seeds that potential can be fully utilized.


She’s a strain that is most often grown indoors due to the pungent scent the plants give off whilst growing - if you’re looking for a strain you can grow subtly, look elsewhere, as Hektol’s scent is far-reaching if you don’t have a good odor control system in place in your grow room.


Unless you top the plant off early, Hektol Fem can grow to a whopping 10 feet, so unless you have a particularly large grow room, it’ll be necessary to keep her under control in the early stages of her life cycle (this is known as topping). A Screen of Green (ScROG) setup can be used to great effect if you want to stimulate her to grow outward rather than upward, and she responds well to this method.


Some support might be necessary for this strain, as her stems are narrow and thin, while her buds are heavy. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need trimming - Hektol will still require her leaves pruning back to improve air ventilation around the lower branches, which will control moisture better and reduce the chances of mold.


These plants have a notably quick flowering period and will be ready to harvest only 6 to 8 weeks after planting. When she’s good and ready, you’ll find she’ll leave you with a healthy yield of 2.13 ounces of tasty nugs per square foot. If you’re happier growing outdoors, Hektol Fem prefers a dry, warm climate and is ready to be harvested in the first week of October. The pay off for outdoor growing is an awesome yield of 26.4 ounces per plant.




Once upon a time it was difficult to find Hektol outside of Europe. Now, we can provide you with all-fem seeds that practically eliminate the male plants in your crop, meaning that her incredibly high yields can be fully optimized and enjoyed.


Boasting the classic and deep pungent aroma of skunk, this is a strain that lingers on the tongue long after you’re done, recalling sweet citrus notes and a cloud of smooth, tasty smoke.


A strain for philosophizing if ever there was one, overconsumption can leave you introspecting a little too hard, but in milder doses Hektol Fem is energizing, uplifting and great for encouraging creative thinking. An ideal companion for artists and writers, her Indica traits temper her energizing side perfectly, leaving your mind free to wander and enjoy the high, while your body buzzes itself into a tranquil, relaxed state.


A cultivator's dream, Hektol has a short life cycle of 6 to 8 weeks and in no time at all will leave you with a particularly high yield. She grows tall and strong, and with a little support and trimming from you, will reward you richly come harvest time - 2.13 ounces of buds per square foot if you grow her indoors, and 26.4 ounces per plant outdoors. Numbers like that just can’t be argued with.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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