Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Years of trial-and-error, relentless hard work and innovative genetic breeding are what it takes to make the very best hybrid strains available - and Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized is just that...

Rose-Colored Glasses for Body and Mind


Bud Basics

Years of trial-and-error, relentless hard work and innovative genetic breeding are what it takes to make the very best hybrid strains available - and Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized is just that.


With Jack Herer as a parent strain, the expectations were always going to be high. Though intense and uplifting, this famed parent was always somewhat complicated to grow, and combining her cerebral experience with Super Skunk was the perfect balance to temper the more finicky traits into a manageable plant that’s hard to find fault with, thus this marijuana mama was born.


Inheriting the huge colas of her Afghani and Skunk ancestry, Jack Herer x Super Skunk’s medium size makes for an easy to grow plant that thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments with a warm and humid climate. To top that off, she’s a high-yielding strain capable of providing you with 500 grams of nugs in just 9 weeks, and even more if grown outdoors.


Pulling Skunk and Haze like scents from her lineage, Jack Herer x Super Skunk is yet more complex and sophisticated, with an alluring smokey scent of pine, peppery notes and a citrus lemon tang that’s sharp and spicy at once.


Lightning-fast and heavy-hitting, the powerful cerebral uplift this herb can provide is both mentally stimulating for recreational consumers, and a potent relief for the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community, with THC levels of around 19%. Beginning with a blissful and motivating mental clarityJack Herer x Super Skunk Fem will ease out the kinks in your mind and in your muscles, soothing the body into a state of relaxation that’s impossible to resist.


This mental and physical relaxation is what makes this hybrid such a popular choice as an alternative natural medicine, as a joint of this herb can clear the mind of worry and anxiety, stabilize moods, dull pain and reduce swelling.



Flavor and Fragrance of Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized

Provided she’s properly dried and cured, Jack Herer x Super Skunk Fem has a lovely, sophisticated scent that’s reminiscent of potpourri - notes of pine, citrusy lemon and pepper are present beneath the stronger Skunk and Haze-like aroma.


Once combusted and inhaled, the citrus notes are amplified into a sweeter, orange flavor that’s sharp and spicy at once, revealing further Haze flavors as you exhale.




Potent, but not so potent as to be overwhelming, Jack Herer x Super Skunk Fem takes the very best properties of her parent strains and combines them into a hybrid that borders on perfection in a strain.


Almost immediately after inhaling her smooth smoke, this herb will have your mind awash with bliss, creating an uplifting cerebral head-high that’s much like rose-colored glasses. Everyday chores will suddenly seem like a fun task as your enthusiasm increases alongside your mood - and likely your productivity too. Jack Herer x Super Skunkwill also boost your creativity, so artistic types should take advantage of the mental clarity and motivation and get to work on that project - or maybe even brainstorm a better one!


Once the head-high begins to settle in, the munchies will swiftly follow with intense pangs of hunger. Stock up on snacks and nibbles before you roll up, and you’ll free yourself up to enjoy the relaxing body-buzz that comes next.


Soothing and subduing, Jack Herer x Super Skunk Fem eases muscle tension and fatigue, aligning mind and body in a state of uplifted freedom. Gradually, your limbs will grow heavy and you’ll find you’re more and more inclined to climb into bed, curl up, and drift off.



Medical Uses of Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized

In addition to being a delectable recreational strain, Jack Herer x Super Skunk also happens to be brimming with medicinal possibilities, offering potent therapeutic benefits for a wide variety of illnesses, both psychological and physical.


Smooth on the tongue, but heavy-hitting in her effects, these buds hit the spot fast, providing relief within a few moments of taking a toke. The cerebral high is an uplifting one, which makes this hybrid a great choice for those suffering from anxiety or depression, and she’s capable of clearing away negative thoughts and energy in a flash.


The calming and euphoric effect of Jack Herer x Super Skunk Fem’s high is such that this herb can have a stabilizing effect on mood, making her a strain of choice for those suffering from bipolar, or mood disorders.


As with many strains that boast similar THC levels, this stuff also has effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that make her an excellent remedy for a variety of chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, and a potent relief for cramps, migraines and sciatica. 


Since Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized will bring on a severe case of the munchies, she’s also capable of providing last relief for those struggling with lack of appetite, or some symptoms of eating disorders.



Growing Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized

With Haze anywhere in the lineage, most growers would expect Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized to be something of a challenge to grow - but fear not! Super Skunk in the genetic mix means that this plant’s expected monstrous height is tempered down nicely, and the strain is actually medium-sized: growing anywhere from 100 to 150 centimeters at the most, making her far more manageable indoors than her grandparent.


If that’s still too tall for you, employing a Screen of Green (SCroG) technique can help to control her height, and will coax lateral growth to increase her exposure to light - so you can expect your yield results to improve. If that’s still not enough for you, make sure you keep her bushy foliage pruned, as this will improve the air circulation your plants get while moderating humidity and preventing mold  - all of which will help when it comes to the size of that final harvest, which should be between 500 and 600 grams after around 9 weeks of flowering.


If you’d rather take Jack Herer x Super Skunk’s size outdoors, aim for a controlled and sunny environment with optimum temperature and humidity levels, and you can’t go wrong. The flowering process can be hurried along if you’re willing to try hydroponics, and you should be able to harvest before any early frost hits, around the first week of October. Outdoor yields are a little higher, reaching up to 700 grams per plant.


Since these seeds are feminized, just to make things a little easier, there’s no need to worry about pesky males in the batch. All-fem seeds mean that everything you harvest is female and ready for consumption as soon as it's cut and cured.




mostly Sativa genetic masterpiece brought to fruition by the rigorous and decisive back-crossing of landrace and hybrid strains, Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized is simpler to grow than her predecessors and well worth the 9-week wait.


Due to her superior bud quality, this herb produces resin with an ample amount of THC and a fast-acting high that’s capable of calming and collecting the most addled and anxiety-ridden minds, all the while easing the muscles of pain and inflammation.


Flavorful and spicy with complex pine and citrus notes, a joint of Jack Herer x Super Skunk is all you need to improve your evening. If you’re not too intimidated by the hard-to-grow reputation of her parent strain, you’ll find this plant will treat you right and you can have your very own supply with ease.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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