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Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

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Kali Mist Feminized is a top 90% Sativa strain with effects that are a must try for any cannabis connoisseur - but her roots are shrouded in the, well, mist. Rumored to be a...

An Inimitable, “Mist"-erious Strain of Renown


Bud Basics

Kali Mist Feminized is a top 90% Sativa strain with effects that are a must try for any cannabis connoisseur - but her roots are shrouded in the, well, mist.


Rumored to be a cross between two landrace Sativa strains from the South East Asian regions, her lineage is something of a mystery, meaning those who have tried to imitate this elusive strain’s effects have struggled to produce anything quite like her.


This is cannabis of renown, with a lengthy list of awards that only goes to emphasize that fact: she won 1st place in the Hydro Cup of 1995, the highest distinction for a Sativa in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000, and third overall and in the Sativa division of the Cannabis Cup two years later, in 2002.


With a THC content averaging 16%, the absolute joys of smoking this strain can be enjoyed by both seasoned smokers and newbies alike, and both can unite in the euphoric, soaring highs and head-clearing energy this ganja provides. Even those in the medical marijuana (MMJ) scene can take advantage of her benefits, and this strain is ideal for uplifting the mind from stress, depression and many other psychological ailments.


Growing Kali Mist is a different story though - anyone intending to cultivate this cannabis will need some expertise in the area, as she’s a large lady that’s tricky to tame if you don’t know what to expect and how to handle her.


Since yields are hefty, you can proceed in the knowledge that your hard work and effort will be rewarded at the other end, though - it’s hard to argue with 1.63 ounces per square foot, especially with feminized seeds.



Flavor and Fragrance of Kali Mist Feminized

If you’ve smoked Kali Mist Fem before, chances are you won’t have forgotten her smell next time you come upon her. Potent and predominantly earthy, her scent is distinguishable by the herby notes of pine and fruitiness that underpin her aroma.


Once combusted, her smoke reveals a slightly different flavor, spicier on the tongue that you might expect and with a citrus, lemon aftertaste on the exhale that’s decidedly satisfying.




Kali Mist Feminized is one of those beautifully balanced strains that can clear your head and uplift your mind into a soaring, euphoric flight - and yet from the outside looking in, no one is any the wiser.


That clear-headedness is such that you can smoke a joint of this ganja and go about your day-to-day tasks with ease - even enthusiasm - as she’s a strain that knows just how to boost your focus and creativity and fill you with the energy you need to get shit done.


A few tokes of Kali Mist in the morning will lighten your mood and liven up your breakfast, her mental buzz creeping up on you but keeping you grounded in reality.


Smoking this strain, you’ll find your concentration improves, you’re full of life and vigor and your productivity will skyrocket - we have no qualms about calling this one of the greatest ganja strains for daytime consumption. Many reports have recommended this strain particularly for pursuits such as writing, meditation or yoga.


Given the brilliance of this hybrid’s effects, it’s understandable that newer tokers might be intimidated. Fear not, though! True, she’s hard-hitting and will give you the cerebral high of your life, but in low to moderate doses, even newbies can enjoy her unique brand of buzz.


Make sure you stick to one or two hits at a time though, as Kali Mist Fem can be quite psychedelic in higher doses, and she can cause dry mouth, eyes and headaches if not consumed with care.



Medical Uses of Kali Mist Feminized

Considering the dramatic effect Kali Mist Fem can have on the mind and the mood, it’s no wonder that she’s a strain well-loved by the medicinal marijuana community.


Due to the cerebral high and cheerful mood bestowed by a hit of this stuff, patients suffering from depression, stress, bipolar and PTSD have reported comfort and alleviated symptoms after consumption. Those with chronic fatigue have even reported benefits, due to the energy-boosting properties of this strain.


Many women have taken solace in Kali Mist due to the strain’s ability to soothe menstrual cramps and the symptoms of PMS. The herb’s analgesic properties have also been found to be beneficial for those struggling with migraines, arthritis and headaches, but she’s not potent enough to deal with any more chronic aches and pains.


As with many strains of marijuana, Kali Mist Fem has the effect of bringing on the munchies after a joint, meaning that those with a lack of appetite can find reprieve and a healthy appetite returned after consuming this cannabis.



Growing Kali Mist Feminized

Since Kali Mist Feminized has a flowering period that’s longer than many other strains, and she tends to grow quite tall (up to 10 feet), she can require something of a green thumb and a fair bit of expertise to thrive.


This hybrid flourishes indoors, particularly in a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup. For her to reach her full potential, it’s essential to prune and train the branches of this plant to allow light to pass in and her bottom buds to fully develop, and she’s fairly mold resistant. Plus, her height can quickly get out of hand if not maintained.


That said, the size of these plants makes for a hefty yield - though this is where your patience comes in, as you’ll have to wait up to 12 weeks before she’s ready to harvest.


Since these Kali Mist seeds are all-fem, there’s no need to weed out the males and worry about pollination, and growers can expect around 1.63 ounces per square foot from those gorgeous, female plants. Her buds are full and fluffy, and grow in dense clusters of pale green with plenty of wiry, amber pistils (hairs).


For those who prefer to cultivate outdoors, ideally keep this to locations with long, sun-filled summers and steady Mediterranean temperatures. If you’re lucky enough to live in an environment like this, you can expect to harvest up to 500 grams per plant, usually around mid to late November.




She might not be the easiest plant to cultivate, but Kali Mist Fem is a hefty strain with a huge yield and an even better high.


A hybrid that truly lives up to her reputation, you’d be remiss if you didn’t give it a shot with this strain, as her head-clearing, creativity providing, mood-boosting and motivating high is beyond compare - quite literally, no grower has been able to successfully imitate this cornucopia of effects.


Said effects make her popular with the medicinal marijuana crowds too, as the uplifting energy boost a hit of Kali Mist provides is enough to clear the mind of stress and worry, wipe away negative thoughts and even order the disorderly, making this an ideal strain for sufferers of bipolar disorder and PTSD.


Potent and distinguishable, a few tokes of Kali Mist will be hard to forget - or give up, for that matter. And why should you? Yes, you’ll have to work hard to keep this herb in check, but with a little love and expertise, you can have your very own crop of all-fem plants ready for harvesting in 12 weeks - patience is a virtue, after all, and oft well-rewarded.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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