Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized Seeds

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Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized Seeds

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A hybrid of flavor and not just parentage, Kosher Kush x Tangerine blends together the fruity mango and pineapple notes you would expect with notes of earth and pine, creating a complex and sophisticated...

Curiously Contrasting Citrus Cannabis


Bud Basics

Though boasting a lower THC content than her parent strains, Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized still holds her own in the THC arena, with levels of up to 18%. The lovechild of 2010 and 2011 Cannabis Cup winner Kosher Kush and the gloriously delicious ganja that is Tangerine, this herb has to be experienced for tokers to fully appreciate her contrasting but balanced head-high, body-high and flavor profile.


A hybrid of flavor and not just parentage, Kosher Kush x Tangerine blends together the fruity mango and pineapple notes you would expect with notes of earth and pine, creating a complex and sophisticated smoke and flavor that’s well-known and loved as one of the tastiest strains available.


Tempering the body-stone influence of Kosher Kush with the uplifting, cerebral bliss and head-highs of Tangerine, the effects of this strain might at first seem contradictory, and yet the tranquility of body and mind a joint of this ganja provides is undeniable.


For medical marijuana consumers, Kosher Kush x Tangerine can offer pain relief due to the intense relaxing properties provided and can calm and ease a stressed and troubled mind to boot.


Growing this herb is a dream, as she’s versatile no matter your environment and location provided you can keep her conditions optimal. Resistant to disease and pests, she’s a hardy strain that requires only some care and trimming to thrive, leaving you with a lovely 600 grams of dense nugs when the job’s done.



Flavor and Fragrance of Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized

Characteristic of her Kosher Kush lineage, the aroma of earthen, pine-like notes is notable upon breaking apart these nugs, which serves as a gorgeous base for the tropical citrus scents brought to the table by Kosher Kush x Tangerine Fem’s Tangerine parent, mixing mango, pineapple, orange and lemon flavors to accentuate her pungency.


Delicious as she may seem, the odor exuded by this strain can be overpowering and a strong scent that will carry. As such, if subtlety is key, make sure to light her up in an environment where her aroma won’t escape too easily.




The effects of taking a toke of Kosher Kush x Tangerine are curiously contrasting, and yet balance out beautifully to provide a high that’s intense and pleasurable.


She begins by ushering in a euphoric buzz that sharpens your focus and sends your positivity sky-high.


With your extra focus, you’ll find an increased sensitivity to your surroundings - colors will be more vivid, sounds louder and more intricate, affecting both visual and auditory functions as the energizing high invigorates your mind.


Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized will bring out your chipper, upbeat and social side whilst increasing your motivation for the even the mundane, making her a great strain of choice for the physically active or those with a heavy caseload of tasks.


As this mental stimulation settles in, your body will begin to settle down. Your muscles will soften, soothed of tension and stress until you’re little more than a puddle of profound bliss.


This - combined with the lack of couch-lock from this strain - makes her a great choice for finishing up the day, giving you that final burst of energy to get chores done whilst providing the unwinding, chill factor that makes for a pleasant and tranquil evening.


As with most strains, take care not to overdo it with these buds as their THC-heavy nature can bring on discomforts such as cottonmouth and bloodshot, dry eyes. In those with a low tolerance to THC or newbies on the cannabis scene, further effects such as headaches and dizziness can occur, and excessive dosages can lead to increased anxiety of paranoia.



Medical Uses of Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized

The euphoria and mood-enhancing properties of Kosher Kush x Tangerine Fem are an excellent antidote to stress, depression and anxiety, capable of temporarily alleviating symptoms  - especially once the relaxing body effects follow through. However, it should be noted that in larger doses, this strain can have the opposite of the desired effect, and actually increase anxiety.


Due to her potent painkilling properties, this herb is also an effective relief for aches and pains from chronic conditions, and is an effective, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of arthritis, migraines and muscle spasms amongst others.



Growing Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized

A slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid, Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized is a small to medium plant (no taller than 150cm on average) that is versatile enough to flourish indoors, in greenhouses or even outdoors.


Due to her Kosher Kush ancestry, and therefore her genetic link to the Hindu Kush strain of the mountainous Hindu Kush region, this little plant is hardy, resilient and resistant to pests and diseases alike - making her an ideal cannabis strain for those with less experience or new to growing.


Preferred for the explosive growth it can produce, hydroponics can be an excellent choice for growing Kosher Kush x Tangerine. Despite this, we’d recommend that the strain be grown in organic soil. This is because organic soils will allow the herb to reach the full potential of her terpene profile, allowing for better flavor and fragrance once dried and cured. As an added benefit, this will also make managing her pH balance simpler.


Once in the vegetative state, these plants will grow several branches that require adequate trimming and pruning to create the space for optimum airflow, which can be boosted by a fan or access to fresh air. Doing so will also ensure moisture levels stay within the correct range, reducing the risk of mold and strengthening the stems and branches.


During the flowering period, there’s no need to filter out the males from the batch with these all-fem seeds. Instead, we suggest focusing your energy on a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup that will help boost the final yield up to a healthy 600 grams per square meter after flowering for 9 weeks.


You can expect a higher harvest if you choose to grow Kosher Kush x Tangerine outdoors, with a yield of up to 700 grams of small, dense buds per plant.




The hybrid lovechild of opposing Indica and Sativa sides, Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized takes the highly fragrant and flavorful properties of both her parent strains and blends them into a blissful and complex cannabis that boasts the best of both earthy and citrus aromas, with an uplifting high and relaxing body-stone.


Capable of inducing an intense and pleasurable mood-boost, increased sociability and the energy and motivation to get you through the dreariest of days, Kosher Kush x Tangerine can also be wonderfully utilized as a medicinal marijuana. Due to the soothing and relaxing body buzz she provides, these buds can relieve pains and aches as well as easing stress and anxiety.


Growing this ganja has never been easier, since she’s a hardy and resilient strain with all-fem seeds - so half of the job’s done before you even get started. Throw in a little organic soil and some sunshine, and expect a gorgeous terpene profile and a plentiful yield. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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