Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Bringing together genetics from world-renowned strains both classic and modern, Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized fuses together cerebral head-highs with pungent citrus diesel flavors to...

Classic Cannabis Flavors & Cerebral Crescendos


Bud Basics

Bringing together genetics from world-renowned strains both classic and modern, Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized fuses together cerebral head-highs with pungent citrus diesel flavors to truly do justice to her Lemon Haze and Sour D parentage.


Drawing on her Sativa-hybrid cannabis lineage, Haze and Skunk aromas are easily recognized when breaking apart the buds of this herb, fuel-like and chemical before developing the citrus and lemon notes characteristic of her other parent.


Deliciously psychedelic, once combusted, this hybrid is a heavy-hitter at 19% THC, rushing the mind with a clarity-inducing mental high that builds to a buzzing crescendo before crashing into a body stone.


Unsurprisingly, the upbeat and uplifting effects of Lemon Haze Diesel are frequently sought out by the medicinal marijuana community to provide relief from psychological ailments across the board, but she’s also an effective pain reliever too.


Very much worth the effort she takes to cultivate, this herb does require an experienced touch to thrive, as she’s a tall lady with some big needs if you want big yields. All-fem seeds take some of the work out of her growing cycle, but she still needs pruning and trimming to keep her check, and ensure you get exactly the harvest you’re after.



Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized

When first breaking apart these tasty nugs, you’ll notice the unforgettable pungent, diesel aroma of Sour D, Lemon Haze Diesel’s parent strain.


A little overwhelming, when you light up, the diesel notes are pleasantly tempered by notes of citric influence from her Lemon Haze parentage, which nicely offsets the chemical aroma with a lemon flavoring.




Lemon Haze Diesel Fem isn’t an instant hitter, but she’s fairly quick off the mark and her euphoric mental high will swiftly work its way into the deepest recesses of your mind. Increasing in intensity, this pleasant clarity will build to a buzzing crescendo, filling you with swells of happiness and positivity.


This will continue to strengthen as you begin to feel her energizing effects, as Lemon Haze Diesel can boost vitality and focus in moderate doses - even heightening the senses so that sights and sounds seem amplified. This focus can be utilized as motivation if you so choose, increasing your productivity and encouraging physical activity.


In perhaps an hour or so, the Indica element of this high will begin to creep into your body, bringing with it a soothing, gentle sensation that holds you back from falling over the edge of her potent psychoactive effects, perfectly complementing her soaring cerebral head-high with a calming body-stone into relaxation.


There’s a possibility of adverse effects from Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized, as with most strains of cannabis. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common, as is dizziness - but an excess of this weed will heighten paranoia and increase anxiety, and is not recommended for newbies or those with low tolerances for THC.



Medical Uses of Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized

Any toker with an ounce of common sense could tell you that a euphoric high such as Lemon Haze Diesel Fem provides therapeutic benefits, since it wipes out stress and low mood within a few moments.


Less obvious are the potent psychological properties of this strain. Anxiolytic, antipsychotic and an antidepressant, Lemon Haze Diesel is more than just a stress-reliever. She can also ease anxiety, improve depression and provide clarity and stability for those struggling with bipolar.


Sometimes used to combat chronic fatigue, the energizing traits of these buds can lift up and give life to even the weariest toker, but is more commonly used as an analgesic. Patients suffering from migraine, muscle spasms, arthritis and cramps can all find relief in a few tokes of this herb.



Growing Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized Seeds

Naturally tall at around 200cm, Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized grows long-running colas and has well-spaced buds, with her fan-shaped leaves appearing far more Indica than you’d think.


As she grows, this plant will require more than the average amount of attention, largely due to her size - more than routine maintenance of her foliage is required to ensure optimum air circulation, light penetration and to reduce the risk of molds and mildews.


When you begin, consider the space Lemon Haze Diesel may require as she grows, as she can become quite tall. We’d also recommend a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup, since manipulating the branches of these plants to create an even canopy will ensure that equal amounts of light are provided for all of the bud sights, likely increasing your final yield.


Lemon Haze Diesel Fem is already feminized, so picking out the male plants is unlikely to be a concern to avoid pollination. She does, however, require a good amount of light to thrive, and a 600-1000 watt HPS/LED grow lamp is recommended if you want her final harvest to be the best it can be - usually about 500 grams of nugs per square meter following 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.


If you prefer to grow your ganja outdoors, then this strain will do well in a warm and sunny climate where she has room to grow - sometimes even exceeding 300cm in height. So it’s no real surprise that her yield is higher when grown this way, averaging at 500 grams per plant come mid-October.




A premium pot strain that combines classic flavors from Sour D and the heady aromas of Lemon Haze to create ganja that goes above and beyond - sound too good to be true?


Lemon Haze Diesel Fem brings together the very best of her parentage to create incomparable head-highs that focus and clear the mind to make way for blissful euphoria, all while energizing you from head to toe. At least, ‘til the body-stone hits.


Medical consumers can find relief with a hit of this herb, as she’s effective at reducing the pain of mild to moderate physical ailments. However, Lemon Haze Diesel really shines as an anxiolytic and antipsychotic plant, boosting mood and wiping away negative thought to provide clarity and positivity for consumers.


If you’re looking for an easy grow, look elsewhere - this mama is massive and requires a firm hand and plenty of experience to cultivate correctly. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure a healthy yield, but expend a little effort and she’ll reward you grandly.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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