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A strain that balances the delicate line of Sativa and Indica effects, Lemon Kush Fem’s delicacy ends there. Strong flavors of sweet lemon and citric tang almost overwhelm the senses...

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Bud Basics

A hybrid with Sativa effects, despite being Indica-dominant, this is a well-balanced herb with complex origins that are regularly questioned. Often purported to be the most fragrant and delicious strain available, Lemon Kush (also known as Cali Lemon Kush) boasts strong citrus scents and a sweet-lemon tang, underpinned with a spicy twist that’s unforgettable.

Usually considered to be the lovechild cross of Master Kush and Lemon Joy, still many breeders have created variants. No matter the specific strain origins though, this mysterious mama will mellow you right out, inducing feelings of bliss and euphoria that are uplifting and enlivening before gently bringing you down to earth.

That very same energizing and mood-boosting effect is what makes Lemon Kush popular as a medicinal marijuana (MMJ), as she’s a herb capable of easing stress and depression as well as a potent pain-relieving pot.

With entirely feminized seeds, growing this strain is simplified for even newbies - and those with little experience will have no trouble cultivating this cannabis. She’s a simple grow that requires a little love and a lot of light, and is high yielding to top it all off.

Flavor and Fragrance of Lemon Kush Feminized

It’s hard not to love the aroma of this strain, smooth, refreshingly sweet and lemon-scented as it is, thanks to the large amounts of D-Limonene in her terpene profile. With undertones of musky, earthen notes that call back to her Kush lineage, this combination works just as well as a flavor, too.

When smoked, the lemon taste of Lemon Kush is tangier than her aroma, and harsher on the lungs, but this stuff leaves behind a lingering citrus aftertaste that includes a note of spiciness for that extra little twist.


Very much a cerebral creeper, Lemon Kush Fem’s buzz can take from 5 to 10 minutes to set in, though since she’s potent at 26% THC, her high is very much worth the wait. Energy-boosting and revitalizing, the euphoric feelings induced by a few tokes of this pot come with added benefits - you’ll find yourself suddenly bursting with creativity, motivated and focused beyond the norm to get shit done.

More than just an ‘upper’, the deep body-buzz that comes with this herb is where her Indica side shines, though your productivity and positive vibes will remain while you chill, rather than gluing you to the couch, like many other Indicas.

What you’ll find instead is an utter lack of tension and cares, as your body lightens and is eased - making this an excellent strain for enjoying during the day, or for winding down of an evening.

Most tokers find Lemon Kush to be the ideal cannabis for encouraging the flow of ideas and creative juices, and she can be just the push you need to get through the day at work. However, some prefer to share this weed with friends, as she’s great for initiating a good old chill out sesh.

Since this pot is particularly potent, it should be noted that those with a low THC tolerance (or new to the cannabis community) should take care when consuming this herb, as the high can overwhelm the unseasoned smoker.

Medical Uses of Lemon Kush Feminized

A favorite in the medical marijuana community since the early 90s, this is a great strain to prescribe for pain relief, as Lemon Kush Fem can ease the symptoms of migraine, joint pains, arthritis and muscle spasms without any of the side effects associated with traditionally prescribed medication.

Due to her uplifting effects, this cannabis can be beneficial for those suffering from stress and depression, but is more often used for mental health concerns such as PTSD and bipolar disorder to alleviate symptoms.

Energy-wise, this strain can go either way - if you need a boost, then those with a fatigued mind find Lemon Kush to be therapeutic. If you’re struggling with insomnia, then the relaxing side of her high could help wind you down to slumber.

As with most strains of marijuana, there are potential adverse reactions that come along with these therapeutic benefits. Some consumers may experience headaches, dizziness and dry eyes and mouth, which can be rectified by staying hydrated. In more extreme cases, where users are sensitive to THC, there is a chance of heightened paranoia and anxiety.

Growing Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds

Lemon Kush Feminized is a great strain for those new to cannabis cultivation: her seeds are fully feminized, so the risk of pollination is low, and she’s a heavy yielder - meaning that though the experience is enjoyable, the results of your efforts will be all the more so.

Since this strain has Sativa lineage, she exhibits generally Sativa traits and is a medium-sized plant that will grow to around 4 to 6 feet tall - as such, if you’re growing indoors, make sure your plants have ample vertical room to stretch out their limbs, as they still holds the usual bushy, Indica shape.

Proper light management is key with Lemon Kush, so bulbs of a high wattage must be used indoors.

In the right environment, growers can enjoy the sight of this sticky specimen as she develops tiny, delicate flowers and dense, pale green, Indica-style buds, scattered with fiery pistils and almost white with frosty trichomes. Once harvested, you should find yourself with around 1.47 to 1.63 ounces per square foot - after 8 to 10 weeks.

Lemon Kush is (like most of us) fond of a pleasant, Mediterranean type climate, and will flourish and blossom best in plenty of light and warmth - though she’ll grow well enough regardless.

For these beauties to reach their full potential, and to really infuse that terpene profile, try organic soil to give this herb that little push - supplementing your plants with nutrient treatments such as vitamin B, humic acid and various enzymes where fit. Around mid-October, your crop will be ready for harvesting, and you can reap 15.8 to 19.4 ounces of tasty lemon nugs per plant.

It’s important to note that guerrilla growing is the best idea for outdoor growers of Lemon Kush - she’s tall and she’s pungent as hell, so cultivating this cannabis in the backyard probably isn’t the best idea. Isolation is key.


A strain that balances the delicate line of Sativa and Indica effects, Lemon Kush Fem’s delicacy ends there. Strong flavors of sweet lemon and citric tang almost overwhelm the senses even before the high even sets in - and at 26% THC, this weed is a one worth waiting for.

Enlivening the mind into a blissful state of euphoria, the head-highs of this mama are motivating and amazingly beneficial for getting the creative juices flowing - be that for a mundane day at work, or creating a marijuana-fueled masterpiece. Though her effects on the body are deeply relaxing, there’s no need to worry about couchlock here, as you’ll still have the ability - and inclination - to get up and go.

As a medical strain, Lemon Kush can relieve a variety of aches and pains with ease, and is a potent analgesic alongside treating symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder. Since she’s highly sought after for such reasons, it’s just as well that she’s so easy to grow, anyone can do it - and find themselves in possession of their very own stash. Organic soil, plenty of space and a lot of light, and you’ll be raking in those hefty harvests in no time at all.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)