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M8 Feminized Seeds

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A fairly rare strain, the THC levels in this herb can stretch from 20% to 23%, making her a psychoactive weed that’s more than capable of getting you high as a kite, and stimulating your mind in all the right places...

Tangy Terpene Therapy


Bud Basics

We might not know much about the origins of M8 Feminized, but what we know about her flavor and high is enough to convince most tokers that she’s worth trying at least once.


A fairly rare strain, the THC levels in this herb can stretch from 20% to 23%, making her a psychoactive weed that’s more than capable of getting you high as a kite, and stimulating your mind in all the right places.


Citrus sweet, M8 is balanced with earthy notes that temper her rich flavor down and refresh the taste buds even before the high hits. Once it hits, the energizing properties overtake the mind to send you skyrocketing into euphoria - your mind skimming the clouds while your body sinks down into an oddly energized level of relaxation.


By invigorating the brain, this strain ushers forth creativity and activity, and is likely to have you in fits of giggles as your mood lightens.


With a rich and bountiful terpene profile, M8 Fem is overflowing with therapeutic benefits ripe for the taking, and so the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community will rejoice at the capabilities of this weed. Mitigator of anxiety, stress, depression and pain, these buds can also induce sleep and hunger, when consumed responsibly.


Since M8 can be hard to find, growing her at home is a viable option, with feminized seeds simplifying an already easy job. Medium-sized and resistant to stress and pests, these beauties will flourish indoors and are stealthy enough for the backyard too, so you can cultivate a stash of your own in a few short weeks.



Flavor and Fragrance of M8 Feminized

Immediately refreshing and enlivening, M8 Feminized has a sweet, citrus flavor that’s balanced with earthy notes. Strongly flavored with lemon notes, the zesty tang of this strain is rich and stimulating in aroma and taste.




M8 Fem is a bud that’s intense and mentally invigorating right from the get-go, sending the mind soaring in a powerful euphoria that’s capable of stopping any negative thought or low mood in its tracks, uplifting you into a state of positivity.


While your mind is flying high, this weed will calm the body and loosen the limbs whilst keeping you buzzing with energy, which makes M8 an excellent daytime strain. This mental high and body buzz balances to allow creativity to flourish, pushing your mind to activity, whether it be professional or recreational - either way, your imagination and innovation can roam free with a joint of this ganja.


Light settings and social occasions are ideal with this cannabis, because she’s likely to induce fits of the giggles once you’re truly overtaken by the positive mood she prompts - and honestly, that’s not a good look for work.


Moderate doses of M8 are advised, and this strain is recommended more for seasoned users than newbies. At 23% THC, those with low tolerances won’t be able to experience this pleasure of this strain, as adverse effects such as dizziness, paranoia and anxiety will overtake them.



Medical Uses of M8 Feminized

Abundant with potent terpenes (terps), M8 Feminized contains enough limonene (an anxiolytic, antidepressant and antibacterial terp), linalool (another anxiolytic and antiinflammatory terp) and myrcene (the analgesic terp behind M8’s earthiness) to make her a potent and powerful medicinal strain.


The first effect likely to hit is psychological in nature - intrusive, negative thoughts are halted to prevent the development of anxiety, depression, stress and mood swings, making this a choice strain for those with bipolar.


Next to hit are M8’s physical traits, as this herb's antiinflammatory and analgesic properties provide potent pain relief, a viable natural option for alleviating the symptoms of migraines, arthritis, headaches, multiple sclerosis, PMS and fibromyalgia.


Since M8 Fem is an uplifting and energizing cannabis, utilizing this pot to fight fatigue is a great idea, as she’ll fill you with vigor for at least a few hours. Her munchies effect is ideal for combatting lack of appetite too, particularly for those suffering from eating disorders.


The anti-insomnia properties of the terp myrcene make M8 a weed that will ease you off to sleep, as the latter end of her high can be sedating and induce sleepiness.



Growing M8 Feminized

As a Sativa-dominant strain, you might expect M8 Feminized to exhibit the growth of a typical Sativa, but in fact, she’s more medium-sized and is only likely to reach heights of around 120cm.


She’ll grow well in most grow cabinets and grow tents, but will also blend in well with other plants in the backyard, if that’s more your thing - no guerilla growing needed.


M8 has fairly sparse foliage, due to her narrow leaves, so maintaining her foliage is a breeze. Speaking of, airflow is rarely a concern with this strain - and neither is moisture buildup, or light penetration. Your only concern is to ensure that branches are carefully trimmed if deemed inessential, and to prune away any dead or dying leaves, in order to make sure the plant’s energy and nutrients are directed to her bud sites.


In a controlled setting, comfortable temperatures of between 21° and 26°C are ideal. If you’re planning to grow in batches, we’d recommend a Sea of Green (SoG) setup to make the best use of your space and boost your yield potential. If all is kept up to scratch, each square meter should provide around 550 grams of nugs come harvest time, and you’ve only got 9 to 10 weeks to wait for them.


Outdoor growers will find M8 flourishes best in warm, Mediterranean climates (like most of us, then). Plenty of sunshine and a spot with a nice breeze will do the trick, but if your local weather is more on the temperamental side, we’d recommend sticking to indoor growing.


She won’t do well in cold, inconsistent climes. Outdoors though, the yield of these plants is more generous, and you’ll be able to harvest up to 1000 grams per plant in such places as Australia, California and southern parts of Europe. Harvest time falls around the middle of October in the northern hemisphere.




Boosting creativity, encouraging activity and stimulating your mind on a whole new level, the high induced by M8 Fem is a once in a lifetime experience - unless, of course, you choose to grow your own with these feminized seeds, so you can light up and toke this wonder weed again and again.


Fruity with strong lemon flavors and rich with earthen notes, lighting up this ganja will have your mind expanding upwards and outwards to new levels of invigorating stimulation, filling your body with a buzzing that’s both energetic and relaxing at the same time - quite a feat.


Brimming with medicinal benefits, M8 Feminized can be used therapeutically to ease mental health concerns such as stress and depression, and utilized as a pain-relieving strain for fibromyalgia.


Given the rarity of this strain, growing your own is a great option if you want to fully appreciate all that M8 has to offer, and she’s hardy and easy to handle, with hefty yields. What more do you want?

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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