Mochalope Feminized Seeds

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Mochalope Feminized Seeds

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Sweet, rich and earthy with notes of coffee and chocolate, this is a hybrid herb created to delight cannabis connoisseurs across the globe. Combining incomparable aromas with the most intense body-stone of your life, Mochalope Feminized is heavy on the flavors and the highs...

Chocolate Cannabis to Caress your Cares Away


Bud Basics

Mochalope Feminized is the perfect strain for a post-dinner joint, particularly if you’re prone to skipping dessert. Indica-heavy, this weed entices with a combination of rich coffee and intense chocolate scents and flavors as you break apart the buds and find your senses enveloped in earthen mocha aromas reminiscent of dense, moist chocolate cake.


These gorgeous ganja fragrances are the result of crossing a female clone of Oregon Afghani with Chocolope, which in turn has created a hybrid with superior genetics. Boasting a delicious flavor profile and a particularly inviting and body-numbing high courtesy of her whopping 24% THC content, this herb can clear away even the worst of worries for the most seasoned of smokers - and isn’t a weed to take lately, so newbies, be warned!


Alongside being a notably delicious strain, Mochalope Fem happens to be of high pharmacological value as a medicinal strain, and since she’s a whizz at sedating stoners, she’s ideal for easing and relieving chronic pains and psychological troubles alike - particularly anxiety and depression.


Since these all fem-seeds are a breeze to cultivate, cannabis growers will find indoor and outdoor environments work equally well for Mochalope. As rich in resin as she is in flavor, the right conditions for this plant will reward you nicely - and she responds wonderfully to training, to ensure you can keep on harvesting and building your stash.



Flavor and Fragrance of Mochalope Feminized

A delectable, delicious, dessert treat for the tongue, Mochalope is dense and earthy in aroma when you break open her buds, beautifully accentuated by notes of rich coffee and chocolate. These mocha flavors are underpinned with subtle sweet notes and a savory spiciness as she burns, reminiscent of Kush strains.




Very few people will fail to find the scent and flavor of Mochalope Fem appealing, but that isn’t always the case when it comes to her high. Rocking up at 24% THC content, she’s a potent pot that’s not for beginners and can even knock flat seasoned smokers. But that doesn’t mean this slow burner is anything less than well-loved…


A toke of Mochalope hits after a few minutes, beginning with a mildly euphoric feeling that lightens, overtakes and unfocuses the mind, providing soothing cerebral stimulation that gradually descends and caresses the entire body. As this sensation intensifies over time, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with an utterly numbing body stone that takes over every limb and ligament.


Tight muscles and tension give way to blissful euphoria as the body stone deepens further and stress fades away - along with any desire to get up and move. This is very much a strain for the evening or at night, as you’ll find even veteran smokers are couchlocked with this lady.


Total oblivion is guaranteed even in moderate doses, and many will find that the mind eases down into a hazed and meditative state while your physical counterpart is awash on a sea of calm.


As with many strains, there are of course potential unwanted side effects. Dry mouth and itchy, bloodshot eyes are common with most cannabis consumption, and with Mochalope you may experience mild headaches or some dizziness. For tokers who are sensitive to THC, be warned that this strain can easily overwhelm - especially newbies - and lead to heightened anxiety, so it might be best to give this one a miss.



Medical Uses of Mochalope Feminized

Many in the medical marijuana community are under the illusion that THC-heavy strains are to be avoided, and only high CBD strains can be of much benefit - but Mochalope Fem is a perfect example of why this isn’t the case. Low on CBD at 0.7%, instead, the THC in this strain is incredibly high, and yet her unique terpene profile makes her a potent medicinal strain for a variety of ailments, both of body and mind.


The calming, numbing effect of this weed will work wonders at clearing the head of negative thoughts, worries and stress, and can be beneficial for managing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and PTSD.


As a sedating strain, Mochalope is ideal for relieving aches and pains due to her analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which relax the muscles and spread a numb tranquility throughout the body. Perfect for managing cramps and inflammation.


This sedation can also be utilized by tokers struggling with insomnia, as even seasoned heavy users of marijuana will find this weed can wind you down into a restful and restorative slumber.



Growing Mochalope Feminized Seeds

Potent and full of flavor, Mochalope Feminized can also offer excellent characteristics as a strain to grow yourself, and cannabis cultivators will find her medium height (no more than 4 or 5 feet) ideal for growing indoors - even in grow tents.


Though hydroponics is a viable method for growing this week, the explosive growth that it results in is rarely necessary with this plant, as she’s already a naturally quick-growing specimen. Instead, plant these all-fem seeds in organic soil, as this will work a little magic and enhance the terpene - and therefore flavor - profile far beyond your expectations.


If you’re determined that an increased growth rate is your thing, then combine hydroponics with a grow lamp of at least 600-watts, so that she’s fed directly from below and above.


Either way, we’d recommend utilizing a Sea of Green (SOG) technique to set you up nicely with regular harvests  - and as an added bonus this will shorten the vegetative period by up to two weeks.


Flowering time using SOG stays the same at between 7 and 9 weeks on average, but will dramatically improve the quality of your nugs come harvest time - when you can expect up to 1.96 ounces of buds per square foot.


Should you prefer outdoor growing, like most strains Mochalope Fem prefers plenty of sunshine but with plenty of shade (it’s best to avoid overheating, particularly when the sun is at its highest). Harvest time outdoors should come in the first few weeks of October, and yield size is usually around 21 ounces per plant.




Sweet, rich and earthy with notes of coffee and chocolate, this is a hybrid herb created to delight cannabis connoisseurs across the globe. Combining incomparable aromas with the most intense body-stone of your life, Mochalope Feminized is heavy on the flavors and the highs, and more than capable of knocking flat even the most seasoned smokers.


Sedating in the extreme, this is a weed wonder that can marvel medicinal marijuana consumers with her ability to wipe away negative thoughts, anxious feelings and low mood. All the while, her numbing Indica effects and high THC levels get to work on soothing the most chronic of pains, before easing you into a deep sleep.


Growing ganja like this is as easy as pie, since she’ll flourish in the simplest of controlled environments, be it indoors or out. Early on in the growth cycle, the struggle of weeding out males from the batch is removed with all-female seeds, and Mochalope will quickly become your favorite strain to go as her heady aromas fill your grow room and boost your stash.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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